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  1. I agree that everyone needs to make their own decision based on their circumstances. We have a cruise planned on the Indy (3/30) and are in the "lets wait" stage. We are not scarred of getting sick ..but the quarantine has us concerned. My husband owns a business and it would be difficult to be away that long. The issue for us is that we are part of a group so I need to find out how the cancellation works for that. We were advised by the group organizer yesterday that they were planning to sail as long as RCCL sails at this point. There was no mention of the cancellation policy for members of the group. This somewhat surprised me because the group is mostly made up of business owners.
  2. We ate in Jamie’s on our October cruise on Harmony. It was wonderful!
  3. Enjoying this report John, thanks for the great review. Tell Laura not only is there a Lilly store on Park Ave in Winter Park but a new Gatorlilly’s on the North end of Park Ave. (This is the second Orlando area store of this name, look them up on the web)It is a consignment store...DO NOT think goodwill but very high end. Many of the items I have bought from them are new and still have the tags on them but are 40-50% off retail. Well worth a day trip from CB.
  4. Yes. This is what we take. It rolls up easily, stores in a sleeve for transport and is very light. It inflates with 15-20 puffs of air to provide enough cushioning for comfort and I place it under the mattress pad that is provided. I find that it helps greatly to cushion hips and back from the hard mattress and I sleep much better. When I ordered I purchased it in green...they were about ~$20 each. MOON LENCE Sleeping Pad with Camping Pillow for Camping Backpacking Ultralight Compact Air Pad Inflatable Lightweight Sleeping Mat Portable Outdoor Hiking Mattress
  5. Happy Birthday John.!!! Today is mine also. (and the late Lucille Ball's, too) We are looking forward to our Harmony cruise in October, so thank you so much for sharing your sailing with us. Enjoy.
  6. We have booked our shows for this 10/6 Harmony Cruise this past Tuesday.
  7. Following along. We leave in 105 days on the October 6th saling. We have booked the dining package for 3 nights. I know you will not be dining in the MDR at all, but if you can tell me which night is the Italian night in the menu rotation I’d appreciate it. Thanks and enjoy!!!
  8. We have packing cubes that we purchased from travel guru, Rick Steve’s site years ago. We use them every time we travel(especially cruising) by packing our clothes in the cubes by rolling them... by doing It that way it takes up much less room, clothes come out less wrinkled and store easily in the shelves or drawers onboard inside the cube.
  9. Hello, Looking for some help from those of you who are casino goers and Blackjack players. My husband has a few specific questions about the Blackjack tables(specifically on the Indy as that is the ship we’ll be sailing on 3/23, if possible)that he is hoping that someone might be able to answer. 1. Payouts at tables if the player hits a Blackjack? 3-2, 6-5? 2. Number of decks used? 2. Doubling after splitting allowed? 3. Does the dealer need to hit on a soft 16? Thanks for any help you can offer. Diane
  10. Thanks for the information. How did you find the drink prices? How about service at the bars?
  11. We have used "forgotten" chips the next time we cruised at the table with no problems
  12. I was surprised at how fun it was to make a piece and watch others make their’s. Having grown up in NY state we were close to Corning Glass so I saw glass blowing there and have also been to Venice so I thought, “nope, not for me.” . Funny how preconceived thoughts can be incorrect. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the time with your daughter making memories together.
  13. I believe in my opinion, that Keto, like any other lifestyle diet choice is up to the individual. I follow WW( in maintenance now) but I know what and how much to eat and I pick and choose based on that. I suggest you might read the menu and choose accordingly and do the same in the buffet. You do not have an allergy or a dietary restriction that needs special attention. But again that’s just how I work it.
  14. Curious, what does the * by cabin # 1601 stand for? I have this room booked for 10/15 sailing.
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