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  1. What is the latest time slot you can get off as we have a later flight.
  2. Roger – thank you for all the information you have given us on Mallorca!! You’ve been a great source of information!
  3. Do you know what an average taxi fare from the train station in Palma back to the port should be?
  4. Still looking for an answer on this.... has anyone done a taxi recently from Monte Carlo to Eze?
  5. We cannot get TRAIN tickets at the tram station, correct? It’s my understanding we have to wait until we get to the train station in Soller and that the ticket counter doesn’t open until about 15 minutes before the train leaves. Is this correct?
  6. Roger... Since I think we're going to go to Valldemossa, to Port de Soller, tram back to Soller and then try to catch the 2pm train back to Palma. So as we're not getting a round-trip train ticket in the morning, what are the chances of getting a ticket to get on the 2pm train?
  7. I understand there is a monopoly in Monte Carlo, so there's only one taxi company. Ubers are not allowed. I'm there in June on a cruise and was wanting a reasonable taxi instead of getting Bus 121. Does anyone happen to know an approximate taxi rate from Monte Carlo Port to Eze?
  8. When taking the train back into Palma, is a cab recommended back to the ship or is it a pretty walk? (I was trying to find a decent map, but haven't had luck yet.)
  9. Thanks so much for this. I had missed that there was't much to do in Port de Soller. So I'm putting Valledmossa back in and think I have a schedule. Transport to Valldemossa, stay for 1 hour or a little longer. Then continue to the Port de Soller and try to be dropped off 1/2 way around the bay. Walk to far end and get the tram back to Soller. Walk the small streets and then sit by the Cathedral for lunch. 2:00 pm train back to Palma. Does this sound like it will work? Any good recommendation for someone to provide transport?
  10. I had read that you need to be at the train station at least 1/2 hour early in order to get tickets. So in Soller if we want to get the 2pm train, then we have to be at the station at 1:30pm. Is that about right? Also, 1/2 hour walk along the bay is about all the time needed there? (Plus time to stop for coffee, pastry.) I was afraid if we didn't have 1.5 hours we would be cutting ourselves short of the experience. What is there in Soller? I have looked at YouTube videos and it basically shows small back streets and the main square by the Cathedral. Am I missing what else may be there?
  11. Roger, I have put some thought into our day and think we'll take Valldemossa out of the equation. At first I was thinking there wouldn't be enough to do in Soller and Port de Soller. If we take a taxi first to Soller and go to the train station there, are we able to purchase the ticket from Soller to Palma that early. We would be getting there around 8:30-8:45 and the time for the train back to Palma that we would like is 14 (2pm). If we could do this, we may avoid the 20-30 minute wait closer to 2pm. Then we could visit Soller, tram to Port de Soller, have lunch from 12-1:30 and then taxi to the train station in time for the departure. So in order to make this plan work, buying the tickets early would be helpful.
  12. You've been very helpful. Another question: I believe I saw pictures of a small village near the Port of Soller. Would you happen to know of the name of the village and the best way to get there from the Port.
  13. Other crazy question, the train come back to Palma. Correct? Would there be less crowds to taxi over to the Port De Seller, tram to Soller, tain to Palma?
  14. Awesome!! Do you recommend buying beforehand or at the station?
  15. Love all your information!! I put Port De Soller to Palma in and the range is 28-56 Euro (33 in the middle). Is that about right? I'll look up the Train Station in Palma. Is it close to the cruise port? About what is the train fee? Tram fee? How much time on the train? How much time on the tram?
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