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    you might want to check out the message boards under ports of call. you can also get info on the "other" cruise site cruisemates.com
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    Average age....

    You'll fit in just right. However, if you are really big on late night partying, you will probably be closing the nightclub with maybe just a few others.
  3. Don't know anything about thermal suites. Lap pool is free. Exercise room has treadmills, free weights, weight machines, exercise balls. Didn't really use it, but went in for a quick tour.
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    In Huahine, definitely go with the Motu picnic! It is great. We did a swim, learned lots about the island and best of all, had a picnic in the water. The best. If you will be on Moorea for several days, take one and do the 4WD -it's a beautiful ride -not too rough - and the vistas from the pineapple plantation, the hills, etc are just stupendous. These are ship tours. In Papeete you can check out Patrick's tours -and independent tour. He is a great tour guide. Josie
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    Some questions about Tahiti/cruise

    I would suggest spending more time on Moorea. It is a beautiful island. Much more so than Tahiti, I think. I just found out about this website when on board the Tahitian Princess last month. I wish I knew about it before I left for my trip! Josie
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    ScholarShip at Sea...Anyone Participated?

    I would seriously recomend the computer classes. I was on the Tahitian Princess in September and I loved the computers at sea classes. I never thought I'd take computer classes on a cruise ship! My instructor was really a sweetheart - her name was Jeana and she said that this was her first asignment as a comp instructor on the ship. You wouldn't know it. I am now a powerpoint expert and my husband is a photoshop guru! Josie