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  1. Deck 10 from the railings that over look the Lido pool starboard side up to and including Churchills Cigar Lounge there is cover outside Churchill's and amidships by the Grills entrance with a Powered Door so if he uses a Wheelchair its easier
  2. zider

    Which would you do?

    Not P.P.D £1200 each
  3. zider

    Which would you do?

    I have booked a 2 nightery this Nov/Dec on the Q.E in a Q1 to try it out and I paid £1200 p.p.p.d Soi if you can get it at a better price than that go for it, This is a price guide not a recommendation to book a QI.
  4. zider

    Queen's Grill Mini-Bar Question

    They are replenished when needed,
  5. zider

    Cunard price increase on drinks and corkage?

    I suspect that post that you saw was from someone who is confusing Spanish V.A.T which is added when in Spanish waters
  6. zider

    Booking Balconies on QM2 and Victoria

    The 2 Ships are completely different the Q.M2 is a real Liner and is very confusing to those that have Not Sailed on her as she is built completely different to any ship that you will ever go on, Now the Q.V even though Cunard insist that she is a Liner in reality she is a Cruise ship and is much easier to find your way round easer for your Mother I recommend Balcony Stateroom Midships on deck 5 or above .
  7. zider

    World Club Login?

    Reference my earlier post, The use of the word World implies that everyone that is a member of the World Club will need to update their details no matter of where they may be
  8. zider

    World Club Login?

    The reason could be the Email Cunard sent me asking me to update my preference's on the World Club site. All members have to update otherwise your cruise history will be lost and you will lose any World Club benefits and you will start again at Red Band level Go to cunard.co.uk/myaccount and either log in or create an account, go to My Preferences and tick the box which says you want to remain/become a member of the Cunard World Club. There are a couple more boxes one can tick and an update of your details and that's it. If you don't confirm then you won't be receiving any of the benefits offered to you as a past passenger.
  9. You will have 3 Formal nights so not completely informal as you believe.
  10. You will have a Long wait, Bag drop starts at 10.30 and they start boarding at 11.30/12.00
  11. zider

    Any advice

    Never seen a Double bunk bed on any Cunard ship. Upgrade the cabin to at least save the money already spent as she will not get her money back
  12. Have you booked a Adapted Cabin as normal cabins do not allow access as the doors are to narrow for chairs that do not fold down and their are steps into the bathroom. Queens Grill cabins doors are wide enough & you can turn a chair in Q.G rooms which you can not do in a normal cabin. Disabled passengers & accompanying Adults have priority boording
  13. On the Q,V last month and my wife smokes and I do not she Is a Wheelchair user. Now there is a notice that Cigarette users are not allowed You have the whole of the starboard side of deck 10 for Cigarette users, But they do allow them to use Churchill's in foul weather as Churchill's although close to the Commodore Club is not n anyway part of it. As for dress code its the same as the Commodore Club Formal on formal Nights and Informal on informal nights, Don't fret of smelling of smoke between 20%/30% of people smoke that's 600/700 on-board.
  14. What ship will you be Traveling on Cunard has only 3 ships but has different rules on all 3 ships on where and what you can smoke
  15. zider

    The Coffee Card

    I was surprised that the Coffee card has changed Now its $8.50 per day for all hot drinks as many as you like. You get a sticker on your room card saying hot drinks Just like you get for the soft drinks package.