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  1. In the UK you lose your deposit no matter how far out your cruise may ,I believe that you have booked a Fly cruise package if with Cunard then the total price includes the flights as that package not as separate items
  2. 13.30 is to early for a International Flight you have to be at the Airport 3 hours before flight other flights 2 hours before flights
  3. Trains from Southampton Central go to2 London Stations both may involve a change of trains as its a Sunday Waterloo and Paddington are the London Stations trains from about 0950 cost £25 single tell the Taxi to drop you at the London side as its a walk up down a lot of steps if you are in the wrong side
  4. Well the machines on Cunard are a very BASIC and certainly no way near Grills standards
  5. They are cheap for Q.G Staterooms when you are paying top Doller IE,$1,500per person per night NCL has the same type of machines in there balcony staterooms But when you have a Haven Suite you have a proper coffee machine that is plumbed in with a Steamer and 6 blends of Coffee in fact a large drawer full of refills Its simply not good enough for Cunard's image and standards to be paying 1st rate prices for bottom rate goods.
  6. Coffee Machines are only available in Grills Staterooms and they are cheap and nasty no steamer very basic the kind that you can get at a very cheap market.
  7. Wheelchair assistance is also available at Southampton, Go to the Pursers desk a couple of days before you are due to dock tell them your needs travel arrangement's etc they will then tell the arrangement's made for you Weather in the UK in Aug is normally sunny about 70/80f
  8. I received the Cunarder yesterday with a Seasons greetings card and today received the Cunard Yearbook .I used to get it regularly until last year then it stopped, The only clue to why it has resumed is that Cunard UK has just had a clear-out of World Club members for UK members. and others have not.
  9. Which Ship the Spa on all 3 ships at the moment have different Franchises with different Companies
  10. How are you getting from London to Southampton , Any chance that its by Train if so Majestic wine is right over the road from Platform 4 , Get your wine get a cab to the terminal.
  11. zider

    On board QE

    Just of the 2 nightery and apart from new carpets all-round visually nothing has changed, They have a new spa Franchise and the new Shops are the same apart from the staff in some of the shops which now are Chinese and their understanding of English is not that good, The Grills top Terrace the padded Chairs some of the covers are badly stained and some very Frayed and the paintwork is a disgrace chipped paintwork on the stairs to deck 10 ,Bars out of stock of everything or still in bond New Carpets still bedding in lots of fluff everywhere.
  12. zider

    QV Grills

    My Advice is Look at youtube Cunard's Q.V Q1 REFIT .
  13. 2 years ago my wife had to be airlifted back to the UK from St Martin via new York from the Q.V COST $156,000
  14. I am on the 2 nighter and I am sure we will Depart from the Mayflower Terminal as your cruise will.
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