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  1. Peabody04

    Who uses Spark People?

    I have been on Spark People since 2004 and it was still a paid member site. It is an awesome site and I use it regularly. I wish I had stuck to using it more regularly and maybe I wouldn't have so much weight to lose (again). I am following the South Beach diet while using Spark people. I am in week 1 of the SB diet, so I won't know how well it works for me until weigh-in again Monday. I use the same log-in name on Spark People as here, so look me up if you want to on that site.
  2. Peabody04

    South Beach Phase 2

    I bought and read the South Beach Diet book yesterday. I was surprised that he did not mention in the Phase 1 about diet sodas (though he did briefly in Phase 2). Are they allowed during Phase 1 or does he prefer we don't drink them?? :confused: Also, he mentioned we could use a low sugar prepared salad dressing, but he really doesn't say what "low sugar" is. I have never done Atkins or anything similar, so I'm kind of new to the low carb thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :o When you eat a salad out, he said to steer clear of the low fat dressings, but how do I know which regular dressings are good???