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  1. DW and I are cruising on the Crown Princess February 05 cruise. According to the Princess Cruise Atlas, the Ocean Medallion is in use on the Crown Princess, but the question when talking to Princess on the phone, they said that the Medallion is NOT in use on the Crown Princess. Does anyone know if it is in use or not on the Crown Princess. Thank you
  2. Does anyone know who the cruise Director will be on the January 19 sailing of the Royal Princess??
  3. Why is the 'Best of Bangkok' excursion considered "strenuous" .?? Thank You
  4. Does anyone know why the Princess 'Best of Bangkok excursion is considered 'Strenuous'???
  5. Does anyone know who the Sapphire Meet and Greet coordinator is and how do I contact them?? Thanks
  6. Thanks to all. I am actually the person that's going to set it up for our Roll Call and I wanted to know the procedure. My only question is that we are still 3 months away and have around 40 people, so i font have the foggiest what the final number will be. Can only guess!!.
  7. We will be sailing on the Sapphire Princess in March. My question is where and when does the Meet and Mingle meet?? Is it for the people in the roll call only,bor is it for anyone on board listed in the Princess Patter?
  8. I was unfortunately on the prior cruise that had the water leak causing the electrical malfunction. The problems were in the front quarter of the ship only, and began around 7:17 - 7:30 the night before debarkation. We were all in the the Tropical Theater waiting for the 'farewell show' when the lights went out. CD John and Katrina did the best they could, but after about 20 munutes or so of jokes they said that there was a electric failure and to quickly and in an orderly manner to leave the theater. Once we left and went to our stateroom we noticed that everything in front of the fore elevators were pitch black. Our room was down the lighted hall about 10 rooms from the outage. I do not know how or if the passengers were able to use their pass card to get in their room, or if they could do anything once they got in. Also during thi first hour or so, all air conditioning did not appear to work anywhere, but that was remedied. The television never worked after that. Later that night the captain announced that the problem was more severe than originally believed and said it would take awhile to correct but the ship had power to enter the mississippi to NO. That was the last announcement we heard. In the morning everything in our stateroom was still workiing and when we checked out, the front was still pitch black. No one seemed to knw what was happening at that time.
  9. Does anyone know when the Serenade departed on 01/24. I ask because there was a power outage as we were ready to enter the Mississippi coming back from the prior cruise and was off until sometimes after our debarkation in NO. It looked like it may taks awhile...
  10. Just off the Serenade and were told by them, that the cruise starting this week (Jan 24) will be their last week on the Serenade. After some time off, they will be put on another ship later.
  11. I believe the Hampton Inn Convention Center has a free shuttle to the Port.
  12. I have done a lot of reading and have come up with 2 that I am definately going to eat at: "Chartres House" and "The Original Pierre Masperos". The best part of it is that they are only one block away from each other on Chartres St near Jackson Square.
  13. Thanks everyone. We are boooked at the Hampton Convention Center. Looks like it has a lot of ambiance.
  14. Thanks everyone. I definately will try a Po-Boy.
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