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  1. basser

    Cruise guide

    Thanks. I was thinking of the Companion.
  2. basser

    Cruise guide

    I seem to remember that years ago Princess had a sort of guide book with a map that was keyed to places and locations along the Alaska cruise route. Is this still available?
  3. Can anyone recommend a car or van rental place in Skagway Alaska?
  4. basser


    Thanks everyone.
  5. basser


    Thanks Glaciers. I have been to Potter Marsh once. Unfortunately we are flying in on the day of the cruise and we don’t have time to go there.
  6. What's the name of the car rental firm in Skagway that rents the older cars?
  7. basser


    Do you really have to take your prescriptions in the original containers?
  8. basser


    Thanks Mapleleaf.
  9. basser

    Getting to Whittier

    Thanks everyone. I ended up using the Princess shuttle.
  10. basser

    Flight times

    Thanks everyone. It’s all moot anyway. Our flight home isn’t until 11:30 PM. Now my Delimma is to find something to do all day in Vancouver without spending any money.
  11. basser

    Flight times

    Thanks, that’s about what I expected.
  12. basser

    Flight times

    We will be arriving in Vancouver at 7:30 AM. What is the earliest we can realistically get to the airport to catch a flight?
  13. basser


    has any one birdied the cruise ports on your own? Are there places to walk to?
  14. what are the choices for getting from Anchorage to Whittier?
  15. Thanks. I thought that was what I had heard.
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