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  1. Look forward to hearing from those who disembarked the June 12 sailing. Welcome home. Know about the two cases on board. Would really appreciate hearing from folks re on board activities such as trivia, karaoke, dancing, etc. Where all of these allowed? Any other insights you can provide as to how things were similar to past cruise experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. :-)
  2. Has anyone had 2 points posted to their tier level for the PUP activity on April 14 re Apex and Millie?
  3. Don't think I post from any other website but if you do a quick search on the internet you will see a few videos and recipes for Aspen Coffee. Think of checking out a site that has the word "you" in it. :-) Enjoy and pretend you are on the ship.
  4. Definitely call back and speak with another agent. If you get the same type of answer I would ask again to speak with a supervisor. We all know that Halifax is in Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia IS in Canada. Obviously the agents manning the phones have not been given the correct information. I'm not sure that anyone will be able to answer your question yet. I am not sure as to whether or not a TA crossing's requirements are for a port in Canada. Good luck. Please come back and post the information you receive. Thanks and happy cruising.
  5. Absolutely appalling. I cannot believe that someone would do this. I know you are being calm about the whole situation. I on the other hand would be in touch with Celebrity Captain's Club and advise them accordingly. This is plagiarism. There are quite a few CC Members who do not participate in social media. I would certainly never stoop so low to steal someone's photo for points. You have published her name (rightly so) and Celebrity can retrieve her file and remove those points. I am confident that they would not be happy with this situation at all. I say give you the point
  6. Sadly I agree that some guests will not reward the crew with extra tips.
  7. Perhaps those of you who are reporting "appreciation gestures" from Celebrity can confirm if you are all from Australia. Perhaps this is a marketing tool that is only being used in a particular country. As well, if you would be kind enough to advise what loyalty level you are at. It's hard to assume that you are Zenith or Elite Plus or what level you are at presently. I think it would help a lot of people to understand how these "thank yous" are happening. Any other feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated such as number of cruises, how long you have cruised with Celebri
  8. Thank you wrk2cruise. I assume that you have been a loyal supporter based on your comment. I agree with you 100%. Feel as though "I am being taken to the curb to go out with the trash". Folks: Please don't bash my comment. This is MY personal opinion and I feel as if I'm being discarded, hence my comment using the word "trash". I feel my loyalty is not valued at all.
  9. Could not agree with you more. Now that is my personal opinion so for those reading this and don't agree please don't bash me. You are more than welcome to state your opinion here as well.
  10. Based upon all inclusive rates and new options being introduced I assume that they are just changing prices accordingly and the cruises will appear on the website again once the pricing has changed. Good luck to all of you who are waiting to hear whether or not you are cruising or not. That is not a sarcastic comment, I truly mean I wish you well and hope that you are on your upcoming cruises.
  11. Welland


    Thanks to LGW59 and Jeremiah 1212 for the info.
  12. Welland


    Just trying to figure this out. Could you please include a link or reference as to where this was posted on today's date, the date of your posting......October 26. Checking the CDC site I see nothing that is recent. Thank you. Hope the tone of this message is appropriate. Just would like to read the full article myself. :-)
  13. I believe though that these short cruises are for residents of Singapore only. That's not to say that one could not be affected however there will be no guests on board from other countries.
  14. Thanks so much. Met a few Zenith guests last year. For clarification they said they are not allowed on the Retreat Sun Deck on any ship.
  15. I guess I have the wrong idea in my mind. I thought that part of the Sundeck was being utilized for the Retreat Suite Sun Deck. Do we know for sure that the whole area is going to be only for suite guests?
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