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  1. Thanks EHFL, it is apparent that you are either a Nuclear Engineer or Rocket Scientist. You made my day, I really enjoyed your sense of humor!:D
  2. Must you have the commemorative cup to obtain the fountain Coke at a bar or is just having the logo on your Sea Pass sufficient? Also, does Visions of the Seas have the Freestyle machine yet? Thanks, Signed "A Coke Addict" :D
  3. Has anyone seen guitar player Ian Millar (of the Irish Rovers) recently on Royal Caribbean?
  4. Greetings, We are in the process of purchasing a balcony on the June 3rd Westbound or possibly the June 1st out of Germany. But I do not know what Flash is..... would someone be so kind to explain? Thanks, Linda
  5. What wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing them. Absolutely Breathtaking.
  6. Greetings ChipLondon, Are you also sailing on Saturday, September 5th? and Greetings to Garyorient, Which of the excursions did you go on in Gerainger? Several look good and haven't purchased one yet. Also, how was the entertainment?
  7. While I do not have an answer for you, I would like to add to the question... We will be on the Vision in September in Northern Europe. Does anyone have information on the charges from that area? Thanks. Linda
  8. Does the Empress have a published itinerary that they use should Bermuda become Canada? Bermuda / Canada, aren't they both under British rule? Can't we get afternoon tea in both places? Since we're cruising in hurricane season, I would like to prepare myself with some knowledge of the other ports we would possibly visit.
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