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  1. I would think so too but that is what we were told!
  2. We used Rome airport.net last week and they were wonderful! Just the two of us with a 2 hour tour. We were picked up just past the door. They were waiting with a sign and whisked us away for our tour. We were able to spend between 20 to 30 minutes each at Trevi foundation, Vatican square, Parthenon, the collisium, Spanish steps. It was amazing how close they were able to get us and the luxury of ship pick up and airport drop off was an awesome way to end our trip!
  3. Husband was called out as a problem on our second formal night on Emerald Princess last week. He had on black dress pants, black dress shoes and a striped collar shirt....which was not button down. After a few moments of discussion we were seated in an area where we would not upset other guests....seriously that is what he said, he did not want complaints. He has plenty of button down shirts far less attractive than this collared shirt....guess they will make the trip next time since the lack of buttons were mentioned. By the way, same dining room, same cruise, same outfit no issue on the
  4. We will see you there, give a wave! Soooooooooo excited!
  5. I actually think the ships built as mega passenger ships are designed and handle the crowds pretty well. There will be times when it is crowded but less than you would think. The problem ones in my opinion are those where during a refurbish public spaces are replaced by cabins picking up several hundred more passengers. Since the other public spaces were not built to handle the additional folks plus now public space has been removed...they in my humble view are worse than a ship designed and built for a larger capacity.
  6. My dear grandma was 95 lived a rich full life when she passed, my awesome mom her daughter was a young 65 when she passed two weeks later. There are no guarantees just chances to make decisions that bring joy and happiness whatever it might be. We continue to try to find balance in the wants and needs. What was a want in the past sometimes becomes a need as life changes and health, family and finances change year to year. Right now at this point in our life, travel, time with family, new sights and experiences make the priority cut. I don’t want to rush my life away but time is precious and fl
  7. Thank you for sharing a very balanced review! There are always good and not so good points to every cruise and you did a great job sharing the points of concern and the highlights!
  8. Hello while certainly not an expert....we cruised MSC Seaside this winter and found it a beautiful ship. The entertainment was top notch although very similar night after night. The Michael Jackson show was especially good. The food was different...gelato to die for, pizza very very good the rest was ok some better than others. It is different and sometimes seems a work in progress deciding how to best meet the new market. After the shows around 10 ish I like to have a cup of tea and a cookie nevertheless an issue on any other line on MSC there was no such option and I tried night after night.
  9. Bundled packing is my new favorite! I was a confirmed roller now all about the bundle!
  10. I would say to look at what you like to do to make the decisions, do you zipline need the gym or lots of pools, it makes a huge difference. All the major lines including Princess have things they have down to a tee, top notch and some that are less pleasing. We love Princess but always like to switch in other cruise lines, new entertainment and menus and variety in the experience. We did the same summer time cruise last year and it was great a younger mix more family groups than normally on Princess but a really fun trip! I would not count any line as out of the mix...price, ports, extra perks
  11. We used to pack large suitcases and many too many outfits...fast forward and now not so much. Hubby will have on long pants and a collared golf type shirt every night. I have a long black skirt and a few tops nothing fancy. We will be in the main dining room, there have not been any issues the last few years regardless of cruise line. At the risk of being flamed big time, post dinner we change into shorts for the rest of the evening even dare I say it on formal nights! It is my precious vacation and I am going to do what makes it perfect for me! I no longer have the need to impress
  12. Perfect time to grab a drink and people watch if there is a wait! I have found that most evening there is no wait except on formal nights!
  13. Funny! Maybe I can get some family members one if that truly works!
  14. Hello, I would start with what is important to you and your travel crew. DH and I are doing beginner Europe in two weeks on Princess. We were lucky price with air was amazing but tour prices were much higher than Caribbean trips more like Alaska. DH had one request a line he would be happy with food and a comfortable bed and not feel obligated or like he was missing something major on a fancy new ship. I am excited beyond belief and hope you enjoy the planning process!
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