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  1. We are on the Reflection on the New Year Eve cruise. A question for those that have previously celebrated New Years Eve on a Celebrity ship. Celebrity has basically done away with formal night replacing those nights with chic nights. Do some people dress formally (i.e., tux/suit, etc) on New Years Eve or do they normally follow chic night standards. My suspicions is that you will see variety of outfits, but would a person be out of place if they opted to dress more formally? .
  2. We must have been standing next to each other when we both took pictures of Mr. Curard
  3. Turtles06 - I hope you don't mind me adding a few comments on Halifax. Great review and thanks for all the details. I'm sure we passed each other somewhere along the way. In Halifax we did a few different things that you probably did on your previous visit. We originally planned on a private excursion, but cancelled it after some tour concerns. We ended up booking HOHO through Princess since it included entrances to the Citadel and Maritime Museum. We spent over 2 hours at the Citadel reading a well documented history of the Citadel and Canada's involvement in conflicts around the world. We exited the HOHO at stop 11 to stroll along the waterfront boardwalk back to the Caribbean Princess shuttle stop. Along the boardwalk are a number of restaurants, shops and metal sculptures depicting Halifax historical events and personalities. After lunch of another lobster roll (Peake's in Charlottetown remained in first place) we headed to the Maritime Museum. The museum contains a history of Halifax maritime activities including the disastrous 1917 maritime explosion that wiped out part of the City with heavy casualties. Luckily we were running out of time so the ladies didn't have time for heavy shopping. A fun day that was too short with our 4PM departure. Thanks again for the great review.
  4. Summit shadowing Caribbean Princess in Bay of Lawrence. Agree with your comments on Sydney. We again walked the town and found it to be lacking of anything of interest. You did the right thing getting out into the countryside. I really regret not trying a BeaverTail. My wife kept talking about carbs.
  5. We were on the Caribbean Princess that Turtle mentioned. Basically the two ships shadowed each other from Quebec City back to the States. We had a different experience in Charlottetown. We basically self toured the town and saw a couple of interesting churches, some historical markers, good shopping (wife made significant deposit) and good local restaurants. Of all the stops we made, the lobster rolls at Peake's Quay won our best prize nomination. Thanks for the detailed write-up - brings backs a lot of trip memories along with the evolution of the Summit. We were on her just before she went through her update.
  6. just to add to the discussion. We took the bus up and the train down. On the bus up sit on the right side (train up you should set on the left side). On our specific trip it really didn't matter since we had rainy/cloudy weather.
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