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  1. We always use the first night "Buy One Specialty Dinner Get One Free on the First Night" and the "Free Bottle of Water in a Specialty Restaurant" offers.
  2. What am I missing? When I click on "Plan a Cruise -> Find Cruise" I get the old page. I'm using Safari. I wonder if the message at the top of the screen indicates anything relating to this topic.
  3. I can make coffee, pretty much it .... haha The only thing I know is the crust needs to be thin and a little crisp. Any of the places commonly mentioned in the "best" pizza lists in the New York area tend to follow this pattern. However, there are many other factors and styles which are important and great.
  4. Michael, Next times you guys are in the NY area look me up. We'll answer your question first hand. I will tell you this, it ain't necessarily about the toppings. 😉 Hope all is well.
  5. Everything Keith said is very accurate. We tend to be Deck 14 aft devotees, all for the same reasons
  6. msmoger


    Yes, 2 the last time we sailed.
  7. The Crown docked at Havensight last April.
  8. You can't do it online. You'll need to call Princess.
  9. I mean no disrespect, but you will find cruising has many of these types of limitations. If not being able to have your favourite drink will cause that much distress while on holiday, perhaps cruising is not your best option.
  10. You are correct. They will automatically be deducted from your OBC, along with any other on board charges.
  11. You can use your OBC to pay for excursions booked online. As long as your OBC shows up on your Personalizer you will be given the option to use it to pay for the excursion.
  12. Actually, they are port hole ocean view cabins. 😉 The one thing I'm not crazy about concerning the R746 balcony is that you can pretty much look right into the R742 balcony. I say this as someone who has been the recipient of that sightline. 😀
  13. I'm with the girls. 😉 You'll all be much happier. Otherwise at least go with a mini suite.
  14. When we went to Sabatini's in late March on the Crown you could order an appetizer, appetizer portion of pasta and a main. This is what our experience has been on every cruise where Sabatini's had the old menu.
  15. We're thinking of doing the same thing in October. You might find this thread useful. It looks to be fairly easy and luggage friendly. It's also a major bargain.
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