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  1. msmoger

    Princess website still down?

    You're welcome, Happy it helped.
  2. msmoger

    Princess website still down?

    I also have a Mac and was having issues. It took me a while to figure out how, but one I cleared out my cache for the Princess website, everything worked again. The procedure is not all that intuitive, in my opinion, but try this. Click on the Safari menu. Click on Preferences. Click on Privacy. Click the "Manage Website Data" button. It may take a while for all of the websites to load. Once they load, scroll down to Princess.com and click the "Remove" button and you're done.
  3. msmoger

    Princess website down AGAIN

    I'm getting this message.
  4. I thought I had read a post sometime back that the Vista Gaming Lounge on the Majestic was being converted to a Crooners type bar once the ship transferred to the Australia / New Zealand market. Am I dreaming? 😉
  5. msmoger

    Beach time in Huatulco

    Yes to all. There a multiple restaurants on the beach, all more than willing to sell you whatever you want. 😄
  6. msmoger

    Crown Club Class

    DaVinci, Deck 6, starboard side.
  7. msmoger

    Princess website changes

    My experience has been to receive the upsell offer from Princess as a forwarded email from my TA (not big box). I have never received an email from Princess directly. The forwarded email has always been sent relatively quickly (i.e. within a half hour of the TA's email receipt).
  8. msmoger

    Gratuity and service charges

    Thanks for confirming. Michael, same here. We leave Tuesday for Rome and are taking a Med cruise on the Crown Saturday. This will officially be my "Retirement" cruise. Given that, I suspect there will be more future opportunities to sail with you. ;)
  9. msmoger

    Gratuity and service charges

    I thought I read somewhere that if you book an Australian cruise from the U.S. you still pay the daily hotel charge. Is this not true? Also, is the rule the same for a cruise from New Zealand to Australia?
  10. msmoger

    Princess website challenges? Again?

    I'm getting a sign-on error.
  11. msmoger

    Currency Exchange on Board

    Try to use an onshore ATM. You'll get a much better rate than the ship.
  12. Probably not related, but this is currently on the website.
  13. msmoger

    What is the Wine Maker's Dinner?

    On our Regal TA last year it was offered at least 3 times. It was great, with the exception of the ignorant obnoxious drunk at the other end of the table. :cool:
  14. Our experience on every Princess cruise we have taken also.
  15. msmoger

    Brooklyn terminal in NY

    Used them twice out of Brooklyn and no problem. However, if a car service failed to pick me up I would spend my money elsewhere. ;)