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  1. I number of years ago I had my bag not arrive when I got to Europe. I do not even remember which airline it was with. I was to fly from Philadelphia to Washington DC then on to Brussels. The flight from Philadelphia to Washington DC was cancelled which meant they put us on a later flight that afternoon. I missed my flight but they booked me to London then on to Brussels as I kept asking about my luggage each step and was told it is with you. Well no luggage when I arrived so the bus took us to Antwerp where the ship was. I had a change in my carry on so I was able to shower on the ship and change. The next day just as the ship was about to leave the dock so it would make an appointment with one of the Locks on the river my luggage arrived. They were suppose to take it to my room but it went somewhere else and it took over 3 hours on the ship for them to find the crew member to received and ask him what he did with it.
  2. The Kappele a church on a hill facing the Marionburg Fortress is interesting to see but it is a long way up to it.
  3. I am enjoying reading this post and will look forward to the next section of it.
  4. I have taken 4 river cruises with Grand Circle as a solo with 3 times being matched up with somebody and the fourth time the other person had passed away before the trip so I got the cabin to myself with no extra charge I never had any problems with sharing a cabin but then maybe i was just lucky. I enjoyed all the trips with them but then that was about 10 years ago and I understand that river cruising has become much more crowded now. I had a trip planned with then last fall but it was cancelled because of the low water problem.
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