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  1. Maybe Costa could take this "flogging a dead horse" theme and turn it into a meat dish onboard.
  2. There is no start or end to the Smeralda cruises, they are a 7 day loop (going round and round and round). Passengers can embark and disembark in Savona, Rome ( Civitavecchia ), Mallorca, Barcelona or Marseilles.
  3. Check your travel insurance policy. Costa's cancellation policy varies according to where you or your TA bookedthe cruise.
  4. The Costa Venezia which sailing Chinese cruises is be held in the Chinese port of Shenzhen with a suspected coronavirus case onboard, also 148 passengers from Wuahan (where the outbreak first occured) are being isolated for more medical checks. Must be some cheap Chinese cruises going.☠️🙊⚕️
  5. Reports are coming in that the Costa Smeralda is being held in Civitavecchia with two possible caes of the Coronavrus: https://www.schiffe-und-kreuzfahrten.de/news/costa-smeralda-coronavirus-verdacht-in-civitavecchia/196657/
  6. The EU program is called "ETIAS – European Travel Information and Authorisation System", here is the website: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/etias/ As staed by @steamboats above, this comes into effect 2021. It also looks like British Passport Holders will also have to apply after the Brexit Transistion period.
  7. Why should Costa look at these reviews or CC forward them, these reviews are just a very very tiny fraction of the two million passengers that Costa carries each year. Costa must be doing something right with so few negavtive comments, so why should Costa change just because of a few negative reviews, the vast majority of their passengers enjoy the product as it is. From your ongoing comments I see you have already made up your mind about the future Costa cruise. Cancel and go with an American cruise line. Maybe Costa should carry a health, safety and risk notice:
  8. I was just testing to see if anyone actualy reads my links.🍻 The actual dates are: 27.11.2020 - 06.01.2021 26.11.2021 - 06.01.2022 Here is the new link, scrill down to Advent and Christmas in Český Krumlov http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/en/atr176.xml PS. Český Krumlov , is a fabulous place, especially in winter, but it is worth visiting anytime of the year. We were there two weeks ago for a family outing, will be there again in March. PPS. No we are not on two Danube cruises, we live near Passau and it is only a two hou
  9. The Christmas Market is open 29th. Nov 2020 - 6th. Jan 2021: http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/en/atr784.xml
  10. Best way to travel is by train, have a look here: https://www.seat61.com/ or https://www.bahn.com/en/view/index.shtml
  11. It's an Italian cruise line not American. Best advice is too cancel. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max file size 511MB
  12. It's an Italian cruise line not American. Best advice is too cancel.
  13. It is all mineral water that comes with and without gas (the bubbles) so you order what you want. TIP: If you can only get "with gas" water, there is a quick remedy. Take one of DW stockings and run the water through it, the stocking will filter out the bubbles.🍻
  14. Thats why it's called a Tomahawk Steak - you need an axe to dissect it, not to eat it but to carry out a post-mortem examination.
  15. One thing I learned a long time ago, NEVER order a steak in an Italian establishment (including Italian cruise ships). Pasta is wonderful, steak is like eating the sole of your shoes. Save your money.
  16. Depends on how much the ship is rolling.
  17. Not about communication but about treating people as equals. The butlers are there to make sure things run smoothly, not running around pampering to some "entitled" person as if they were in Downtown Abbey.
  18. Is the world going backwards. I thoght the slave / master era was long gone.
  19. How disrespectful can one get by wearing an American flag as a pair of swimming trunks. Show respect to your flag and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice by returning home in a flag drapped coffin.
  20. Time to setup the offical various river threads for 2020.
  21. Happy New Year, Dinner for One, can confirm I have never see it screened in England even though it originates from an English script with well known English actors, but was filmed in Germany about 1962 by NDR. Saw some interesting facts last week, the number of cruise ships have doubled in Passau over the last 9 years and there has been an eight fold increase over the last 30 years. Is there an end in sight? The Passau Council has published a Cruise Manual, unfortunately I have not found an English version as yet: Happy New Year to all Ocean &am
  22. See if your hotel has a website in English / Arabic, search for the address / location in English then try to find the same information in Arabic, if successful print out the information. If not emal hotel and ask them for directions / address in Arabic, print out.
  23. Do you want to meet English Speakers or North Americans?🍻
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