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  1. No, you're all in tzhe Brexit boat.🍻🚢😍
  2. This smells of entitlement and elitismus, I've done this and I've done that so everyone should dance to my tune. Forget it - all men are created equal, the ladies are way above us, the dear Wife not following His Master's Voice recommendation about the "gummi adler" (German slang for chicken). I was a bit disappointed, nowhere was the hydrometer mentioned when testing the alcohol content. This letter could go down in history and have a greater impact than Lincoln's Gettysburgs Address. May even start the impeachment of Celebrity's senior management rolling.
  3. There must be a Swiss Army Knife with a Zoe Removal Tool available.
  4. Just go in your birthday suit.🙈
  5. Maybe some of the over crowded river ports could follow the example set by Amsterdam: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4812/
  6. There have always been accidents with river traffic, but because it was nearly only cargo ships involved it was hardly worth mentioning. With the explosion in river cruise ships, accidents have increased and also more reportsing where passengers are involved.
  7. If you do head out to the airport, instead of left luggage why not check in your luggage, this can be done upto 24 hours before your flight. Check here to see if your flight is included. http://www.changiairport.com/en/airport-guide/departing/checking-in/early-check-in.html Have a great cruise.
  8. Heard that Celebrity will be in stalling floor mirrors to the entrances of all restaurants. This is to check what a kilt wearer has underneath, no undies - your out.
  9. If your embarcation port is Vilshofen, then either Prague which is a 3 hour drive away or Munich and all its palaces about 2 hours away. Or on a smaller sacale Passau which is 15 minutes away.
  10. In Google just type the cruise company and then "Career", most c ruise lines have their own career website. Entertainment staff, singers and dancers come from a professional background. The activities / animation staff, are yolung with some experience in that field, so speak different languages and come mostly from country where the cruise line is based, i.e. Costa / MSC from Italy, AIDA from Germany. The hospitality staff would have had some form of hotel management train and will have to speak several languages (tell that by the flags they wear on their lapels).
  11. Pfelling is now at 284 cm. Should have had rain today, but no sign of it just very foggy. The Passau Christmas Market opens today at 17:00 and continues until 23rd. December. Here is a link (in English) to the Market. http://passauer-christkindlmarkt.de/en/ PS. Anyone who is missing their ocean cruise can see Ice Carving / Sculpture in Passau on 3rd. December 17:00 to 19:00. Enjoy your cruise or if at home happy a glühwein can be drunk anywhere at anytime.
  12. The white glühwein is much lighter, not so much sugar, doesn't give you a headache.☕ The long sausage and baguette is called "halbe meter bratwurst" so 50 cm long, here every Christmas Market (even the smallest village) sell them, it's a tradition. The bratwurst is like a Nürnberger or Thüringer wurst. https://www.haxenhaus.de/eng/menus/the-best-homemade-bratwurst/
  13. A motorway bridge was washed away near Savona during heafy rain fall. The motorway in question is the A6 that links Savona with Turin. No one injured. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-europe-50536502/floods-cause-chaos-in-france-and-italy https://www.rte.ie/news/world/2019/1124/1094873-bridge-collapse-italy/ So anyone who is driving to or from Savona should check their route to see if the are affected, if so look for an alternative route. Good luck.
  14. The Christmas festivities have begun, with the visit to the first Christmas Market of the year. The Danube level at Pfelling is like the white glühwein, both are going down.
  15. Sturm, Süsser & Raucher are local regional terms used, Süsser and Raucher are also used for the various stages of the Frankfurter Appelwein. Federweisser most well known (national and international) term that is in use today.
  16. The TGV line Paris to Lyon is one of the more frequented services of French Railways. Check this website to find your most suitable connection. https://www.seat61.com/
  17. I think member "gam888" is talking about a message that he has posted on another board.
  18. Thank you for a most interesting review. One question what were the embarkation and disembarkation ports? A tip for yourself or other passengers that have complaints, writeup your list of problems and resolution if any (either hand written or typed on computer), then I make two copies. I then ask guest relations to pass one copy to HQ and the other to aclnowledge that I have handed it in (not signed to say they agree with my complaints.
  19. No one can predict what the Danube levels will be next April. The main low bridge on the Danube is the suspension bridge in Passau, when the Danube is running high then any level abobe 630 cm then the larger boats will not have enough clearance to pass under it. Photo is from the last flood of the century in June 2013,m showing suspension bridge.
  20. Some of the beef I've had oboard were made from old boots.
  21. You will have more success by posting on the Costa roll call forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/381-costa-cruises-roll-calls/
  22. The only time I got bitten was in the market in Saigon. The second Rolex fell apart before we reached the ship.🙈
  23. The Costa Deliziosa was due to dock in Venice tomorrow, but due to the high water situation, this is now cancelled and she will dock in Triest instead. Costa are laying on shuttle buses for the embarking and diaembarking passengers, Venice - Triest, Triest - Venice. https://www.schiffe-und-kreuzfahrten.de/news/costa-deliziosa-kann-venedig-nicht-ansteuern-bettenwechsel-in-triest/192534/
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