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  1. With which Costa site or TA did you book with. You probably have no recourse, even if you booked with Costa EU site, you entered into a contract and accpeted also were happy with the price they quoted. This is not only a Costa "problem" but applies to all cruise lines, just look at American cruise lines in the Caribbean, what US citizebs pay and what Europeans have to pay (double). Don't hold out much hope. Which cruise Mauritius or Mumbai. We have done both, both are fabulous, we found Mauritius just a bit better. Have a
  2. There is always the old Btitish tradition of teatowels with the name of the place visited, or as DW does the tea spoons with crest and name. We put upmagnetic strips and DW arrangesthem in chronological order. I personally collect beer, but because of the weight and security aspects I had to disposed of them locally.🍻🙈
  3. So glad you had a great trip and thank you for support thr local econonmy.
  4. I'll beleive when I see it. Off to get a beer (bio since 1516 Reinheitsgebot) 🍻 (maybe two)
  5. OK. If you run short you can always get to an ATM, plenty of them about. There are apps that show the nearest ones. Have a great cruise.
  6. The jeeps are equipemnt to deliver babys. What part of "not suitable for pregnant women" do you not understand? The excursion provider has far more experience than yourself so just follow his rules. Pregnancy is a joyous time, why risk your baby's life, you have your whole life before you to do a jeep tour. Why not do a 100 meter bungy jump.
  7. Everyone who has any common sense knows never to book an inaugaural cruise or cruises aftera ship has been in dry dock. The island is know different - except it is permantly in dry dock. Ship or island just enjoy it, the island is not going away (sorry could be if it gets hit by a hurrican).
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-50403268 🚬
  9. Don't forget to get your genuine fake Rolex and Tag Heuer watches in the markets. Also don't forget to ask for the guarantee / warranty card for worldwide coverage.🙈🚢
  10. Silversea has a ship visit in March 20 Seven Seas 20 & March 2021. Regent Seven Seas has a ship there in late November 2020.
  11. Checkout the videos of the Iron Gate on Youtube. They will give you a good impression of what to expect, approaching from each side.
  12. It is thought this is the original Bavarian man, why because he was still wearing his Lederhose and still had whats in the photo below hanging around his neck.🍻 The human like creatures are still around, especially at chucking out time at the Oktoberfest.🙈
  13. On ocean cruising, you hear about passengers missing the ship, or the infamous pier runners videos on Youtube. But has anyone missed their river cruise boat? With the Christmas Markets, just around the corner, a couple of good glühweins (white) could be like having a good time at Senor Frogs in Mexico. I would not recommend doing a pier runner in Passau - what with all those cobbled stones
  14. What updates are you looking for? Christmas in Germany is still on schedule, so are the Christmas Markets.🍻 The Main levels are tightly controlled by locks, with hardly any low levels as suffered by the Rhine and Danube. It's looking very good. Have a great cruise.
  15. Take the middle route and you get to see red footed albatrosses.
  16. Which year?🚢💥🍻
  17. So ALL contract questions should be addressed to your goodself.🙈
  18. Bo was talking about the saying "Winner winner, chicken dinner" not being understood/ translated in England.
  19. Just seen a report where the Celebrity Xpedition has run aground in the Galapagos Islands, all 46 passengers were evacuated. Celebrity Flora is on it's way to help. All pessengers are on their way to Quito. https://www.schiffe-und-kreuzfahrten.de/news/celebrity-xpedition-ist-auf-den-galapoginseln-auf-grund-gelaufen/191954/
  20. Has Costa renamed the Smeralda?
  21. What help do you need? I see you have already started a rollcall.
  22. Have you looked at all 3 ferry operators? There is a 16:00 ferry back to St. Maarten on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  23. Have a great cruise. Are you flying BA direct Hong Kong - Newquay?🍻
  24. I can't give you any recommendations, as I live in Passau. But a tip, if you have time arrange a visit to Český Krumlov (in German Krumau), beautiful place and well worth a visit.
  25. Basically the same - Italian (chaos) cruise lines. When one of the them has a new feature or function the other one wil follwo suit. Costa has become much more conservative in it's cruises, whereas in the past it was much more adventureous in opening new markets - alas no more. It has become a cruise bus line, there will be another along in five minutes. Costa has become the poor relation of Carnival Corp, it's getting new ships (all out of the same mould) and the smaller beloved ships are being sold off. Why? Costa has to try and maintain it's customer base by limiting the number
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