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  1. Maybe Costa could reinvent itself with Coffee Toga: Notice the footwear:
  2. MY favourities are: Mediterranea - Just about the right size for a 3 week cruise, sadly leave for new pastures soon. Europa - Elegant liner of days goneby, the first time I saw her in Savona from the Allegra ahe seemed enormous. Allegra - Cosy small ship, you knew everyone by the first evening. Favalosza - Best of the rest Costa was fun while it lasted, but now there is anew generation of cruisers.
  3. Have you tried tripadvisor?
  4. We used it last year, went very smoothly. As we disembarked we decided to take a taxi because of all our (ha DW) luggage, taxis are still cheap. When you disembark there is a counter (manned by Hong Kong Tourist Agency), they will ask you where you want to go they will then give you a note with your destination address in chinese (most taxi drivers do not speak English) and approximate cost. Taxis do not take cedit cards. Then you join the taxi queue, first off you will think OMG how long, but it is very well controlled and moved quickly, we only waited 20 minutes.
  5. Riana, beauty is in the eye of the beholder- I'm a great beholder.🙈💥🍻
  6. Sophia Lauren will NOT be the Godmother. I have it on good authority that Sophia Loren will perform the christening.
  7. Don't think so. Have a look here: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Discover-MSC/All-Inclusive-Packages.aspx https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/MSC-Drink-Packages-10-2019.pdf https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/MSC-18-095 Drinks On Us flyer_new.pdf
  8. As it was such a beautiful sunnyday along the Danube, we went to our favourite fish restaurant in Jochenstein, with our table looking out over to Isa (lovely girl), the real thing is better than Wikipedia anyday:
  9. Sadly this was dropped some years ago, was only in the Caribbean and TA back to Europe. As you said was great fun wearing the bed sheets as a toga, as the CD used to say "send him to the lions". Those days are gone forever.
  10. Could split America in North and South.
  11. There are five ships in the World Class - missing MSC Oceania.
  12. Welcome to CC. I can only say about Vietnam, we did last year and the cruise line supplied the visa (actual called Landing Card) that covered all ports of call there, if you are planning an overnight in Hanoi then another type of visa is required. This visa was also covered by Celebrity, Landing card visa was $6 p.p., overnight was $28. I would also suggest you post this question on the Princess Board https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/119-princess-cruises/ Also on your cruise rollcall https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/rollcalls/?crui
  13. Have you asked your cruise company if they will supply the visa for Zanzibar?
  14. Medicines is a very wide spectrum from aspirin to CBD oil, prescribed or not prescribe, taken daily or only on hand if needed. Be more specific.
  15. Time is very short for the OP and it would irresponsible for anyone to try to give advice where time is paramount. Go straight to the horse'e mouth.
  16. As time is passing, instead of waiting for a multitude of answers from different countries, why not contact Costa direct or TA if booked via them.
  17. The zoo is a zoo as anywhere else, I don't think anyone has really looked at how the animals are affected by the Night Safari - how would you feel having tourists walking through your kitchen while you settle down to a plat of grits. Singapore has so many things to do and see - one never has enough time.
  18. Ask the ship's reception to book you a taxi for the time you need to leave. The ship has the connections, experience and telephone numbers. The reception can always inquire as to the status and where it in the middle of the night. Would you be able to do that if booked a private transfer. Just do it via the ship, just to save on the stress and worry about the transfer.
  19. Wouldn't it be sensible to nick the kitchen rolls to use as toilet paper, especially on American cruises? 🙈💣🍻
  20. I personally would not book a cruise on a new ship for at least 3 to 4 months after delivery / christening, why: - the Smeralda has the new LNG power units, still very new Aida NOVA has problems - not everything will have been found during the sea trials - work could still being carried out around passengers - new crew have to molded into a happy team I also do not book the first 3 cruises after a drydock refurbishment, same reasons as above. Also I do not book the last 3 cruises if a ship has been sold, things are run down and not every
  21. IntrepidKiwi, first off welcome to CC especially River Cruising forum. First off best to decide which area takes her fancy, Danube, Rhine, Phone, Seine Douro, Volga, this will also have an impact on what type of weatherNext length of holiday, being down under is a very long flight probably 14 days +, next which season - spring, summer, autumn or Christmas Markets. What is Mum interested in, churches, food, wine, sightseeing etc. this will have an impact on which river is best. Also what is included in the cruise price, drinks, tips, excursions, air travel, tranfers etc.
  22. We will have to wait til tomorrow to see which which one went down the fastest: Titanic or Pfelling.
  23. Is there one lost & found office in each embarkation/disembarkation port or a centralised one in Miami? Is there just one lost/found software in use worldwide (helpful if multiple locations), hopefully not written by the same person as Celebrity Web site.
  24. It's not the opinions which everyone can express - but the tone that sets the music. In this case the writer not expressing their own opinion but commenting in a very agressive way. From your message it seems it seems you have not much knowledge about MSC and this forum. Whereas others are a walking MSCpedia.
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