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  1. JimmyVWine Also, if you start to feel ill on the first full day of your cruise or early on the second day, it is equally likely that you were exposed at an airport, in a plane, or at the boarding terminal as it was that you were exposed on the ship. Pretty much a 50/50 proposition. And consider this. If you were exposed before boarding and brought the virus with you, you could have been the "alpha" passenger that got the other 250 people sick. No way to know. And of course, if you boarded before exhibiting symptoms, you would have no way of knowing so no one can blame you. Illness happens Edited 8 hours ago by JimmyVWine In answer to your post....We live in Fort Lauderdale, 10 MINUTES FROM THE PORT, and when we arrived we walked DIRECTLY ONTO THE SHIP and I am convinced that my SICKNESS was a direct result of SOMETHING I ATE...
  2. Let me qualify, we are "experienced" cruisers having been on over 20 in the past 10 or so years. We've been on Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity NCL and MSC. This cruise was a disaster for me, in the early morning hours of Tuesday I got violently sick, just making it to the toilet and throwing up...till 8 the next morning. I spent the next few days in the cabin on Chicken broth and crackers....Wednesday I went to the Medical center and tried to tell the doctor my symptoms, I said I thought I had food poisoning....he told me that HE is the DOCTOR and that I did not have food poisoning......but that I was to stay I my cabin for the next 24 hours and that they would "sanitize" the cabin, which they did....what a joke...2 guys came in and in 1 minute they "swiped" the wall sink and desk top... Later on in the cruise when I was feeling well enough to leave the vicinity of the cabin, we had dinner in the MDR, I had chicken breast...and more of the excellent chicken broth, this time with "alphabets"...finally by Friday I was recovered enough to feel "safe" wandering the ship. We noticed at that point that the servers were now handing out plates and cutlery, rather than picking it up yourself. (And nothing on the tables...salt and pepper etc) The Captain at that point made some announcements that there were 'LESS THAN 10% affected (what 250 people ?) So, in general this cruise has TURNED ME OFF cruising for a while...... WATCH OUT FOR THE CAESAR SALAD..... ps....we opted NOT to go on the Bar Hop...too chancy ...
  3. We've been to CUBA twice on SKY....excellent cruise...would do again, but we would like to get to more ports... Unfortunately this past cruise (April 7 to 14) on REGAL has put me off cruising for a while....I got either food poisoning or a stomach virus on Tuesday early morning....violent vomiting....was sick till Thursday...we were told that under 10% were sick.?????....(more bout this in another post)
  4. We are on REGAL this week end (April 7 to 14 from FLL) Lately we are finding that Celebrity has been getting into more and more "petty" charges....we find that the set up of the Princess buffet works better.
  5. One time DH and were told the seats were being saved and we sat down anyways. The people never showed up! Good for you, I LOVE it
  6. Any of the above would work...
  7. YES.....Move your feet loose your seat... No leaving towels, books shoes etc to reserve a lounge... Unless SOMEONE IN YOUR PARTY IS THERE saving seats is not accetable.
  8. We were on the Original Cosumel Bar Hop..and are doing it again April 12...great fun....
  9. We almost always have breakfast in the MDR, never a problem...love sitting a being served...don't care how long it takes...we are ON VACATION
  10. If you think "those things" are a problem on a cruise ship....you've never been to DISNEY, "they'll" kill ya' there.
  11. We are on REGAL on April 7, and I am once again reminded about the "HOGS" who get up at the break of dawn and "reserve" lounge chairs...(not any of "US" do that) but I keep thinking that one day (HA HA) the cruise line will implemint a REAL policy of stopping this practice. Well, anyway..............Anyone going on the BAR HOP April 12 (2019)
  12. Anyone going on the BAR HOP April 12 (2019)
  13. daka

    Bonaire must do

    We decided to just go North and see the beaches, salt mine, Flamingo's, (just a few, not flocks like I expected), and the SOROBON Beach "resort" SORONAT Bar ... you could do both, but we will go south the next time... We've been on a lot of Western, and Eastern Caribbean cruises, but the Southern (A B C) is the best cruise, we are going to go just there from now on, Curisau and Bonaire are the best
  14. Different tastes, I found it bland and there seemed to be nothing to it...I did enjoy the crust! The meats were so good we (I) i overdid it..... Hopefully Princess will get the message and continue with the great meals....(to me the food is more important than the stateroom)
  15. Yes RARE Steak, Beef wellington, and Prime rib...(Just about .."knocked on the head" and served I have no Idea what Pittsburg black and blue is ?? I like rare inside and crust outside...that is what I got. Entree's were also very good...excellent dressing on Caesar, (always available) as I noted the only items I did not care for were Curtis Stone (crap), and the "everyday Chicken ...just dry, but the vegi's and baked potato were all I really needed (plus about 5 lb. at that point and we stopped ordering deserts, all were..."just have a taste"...nah, ate it all...) Enjoy your cruise....
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