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  1. Has anyone been in one of these cabins or have any pictures of this category cabin? The website notes it's a family oceanview stateroom. Thanks in advance! Kerri
  2. Thanks I may just end up sticking w/the inside cabin.
  3. Trying to decide if we should stick with our Cat4a cabin or bump up to a Category 11 on the Inspiration? Is a suite really alot bigger and worth the extra $$? If we bump up we'll be paying an extra $1,000 for the Cat11. We are travelling with our 1yr old daughter. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all of the info! The pictures helped and knowing that the ships crib will fit in an inside cabin makes me feel better. I just don't want to be too crammed into the room with no walking space. Will the cruise ship allow me to bring babyfood on board and formula? I have to get this through the airport as well I guess. Hoping to have no issues. Thanks again!
  5. Our daughter will be 1yrs old when we travel and I was concerned about having enough space in the room to walk around without having to jump over a pack-n-play. I've been on the Legend with an inside cabin and it was small and not sure how we would fit a pack n play in there.
  6. Hi - We're travelling on the Inspiration and are wondering if the inside cabins have enough room for 2 adults and a 1yr old? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the info. I think we'll just go w/the 1A - it's a great price and we're hardly in the cabin. :o)
  8. If we book a category 1A is there a good chance we'll get upgraded as I see there aren't that many 1A's on there? On the day of the cruise will they upgrade if you ask? Thanks!
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