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  1. Our first cruise was on the S.S. Volendam out of Miami to Jamaica and Haiti November, 1979. We were hooked. Did have to pay an extra $40.00 each for fuel surcharge due to the situation in Iran. It cost us $350.00 for the both of us (plus the surcharge)for a 5 day cruise. Here we are soon going on our 45th cruise on Celebrity's Reflection and after that HAL's Nieuw Amsterdam. I guess you could say we like cruising......... Phil......floridacruisers
  2. Dig the Jefferson Airplane song(I have it on vinyl from when it came out).... would like to know what they're smoking these days in Miami so I can have some. Like....wow.... I'll need it in order to book my 25th Celebrity cruise! Phil......floridacruisers
  3. If HAL is getting rid of the YYM they might as well change the company name to "Generic Cruise Line"!!!! Phil.............floridacruisers
  4. The M.V. Zenith came into Celebrity's fleet in April, 1992. We were on the third sailing April 18-25, 1992. It was our first of many Celebrity cruises. I was fortunate to have video taped our entire cruise with my new 8 mm Sony camera. Looking back at it makes you long for those days. You are right. Who needed a veranda with all the great food and service we experienced. The MDR food, IMHO, came between Blu and the specialty restaurants of today. Guess I was a very early foodie since I taped almost every meal. Also, my ears weren't assaulted by loud obnoxious music everywhere we went. We had plenty of good disco music, but where it belonged, in the disco. The shows were fun and well done. At least I can look back and say "The good old days". Do miss them...... Phil.........floridacruisers
  5. Going on Reflection this winter. Last Celebrity trip was TA in 2017 on Silhouette and the burgers were included. What's the status now??? Thanks, Phil...........floridacruisers
  6. I know that Apex is the next one out the door. I think the next three Edge class ships should be named MOE, LARRY and CURLY... JMHO....... P.S. We'll go on the Edge as soon as the price is closer in line with the "S" class ships. Phil.....floridacruisers
  7. Have to make more suites for all those millennials clambering get on the Edge and soon the "revolutionized" S class...😒 Phil......floridacruisers
  8. Phil.... when I first saw the" Lanai cabins" it made me think of the red light district in Amsterdam where you could look in windows to see a "show" I wonder, at night can non lanai passengers turn the chairs around and watch the cabins going-on Might be better then the theater shows. Hawaiidan......Now that you mention it, it does sort of look like Amsterdam's red light district. However, given the average age and looks of HAL's passengers, I don't think I would watch the goings on. Something once seen can't be unseen Phil........floridacruisers
  9. With the lights on inside the lanai cabin and dark outside, can you see anything in the cabin from the outside? The mirror is supposed to block out all view of the inside of the cabin or are they translucent vs opaque? Phil.............floridacruisers
  10. Incredible beauty of a ship. Nothing like that around today. I wonder if she hadn't burned and sunk would she still be around. Phil.....floridacruisers
  11. Does this mean my support pit viper will or will not be allowed on the ship next time? It does a great job of clearing out chair hogs. What more could you ask from a support animal... Phil.............floridacruisers.. P.S. When it dies it will make for a nice pair of shoes
  12. We just got off HAL's Oosterdam last month and are now 2 star Mariners. However, we are Elite+ on Celebrity so here's my take on the two. I would sail either one without any hesitation. FOOD.. I found HAL's MDR to be a bit better than Celebrity. This might be different on the Edge so I can't comment. The buffets were on a par with both being very good. Specialty restaurants vary with both. Murano's on Celebrity is very good as is Tamarind on HAL. SERVICE... Great on both with a touch more warmth with HAL probably due to the country of origin of the crew members. SHIPS.....Quite different. HAL's are more of the classic style which we like and Celebrity ship are more modern which we also like. We're happy with either. SHOWS....Been there, done that and find both about equal. Don't do many shows nowadays. Do like HAL's B.B. King blues club and the new Classic Rock Club. The BIG difference between the two is volume in the different formats. HAL's is reasonable and Celebrity's is ear splitting. That's important to me since something so loud can mess up your ears. It's the main reason we have done more HAL cruises lately. PRICING...That is a big bugaboo I have with Celebrity. It is all over the place. We are currently booked on the Reflection in Aqua Class at $1199.00 each for a 7 night cruise. I have to watch Celebrity's pricing constantly. My last check showed the same cabin for $2299.00!!! HAL is more reasonably priced and yes, they too play with pricing but nowhere near the level of Celebrity. I do miss my bennies on HAL that go with Elite+. I am willing to forego some of those for a much more reasonable price. Celebrity's bennies are better than HAL's. So what does all this mean??? Try both and see what you can get that YOU feel is the best value for your dollar. You can't go wrong with either one of them IMHO. Phil..............floridacruisers
  13. We're booked on the Reflection for Jan. 03-10, 2020. Talk about a bouncing price structure! We have an Aqua class cabin for $1199 with $400.00 OBC. We normally don't get drink packages since we're Elite+. Didn't start out that way so I watched every week for the price to drop from the original $1499.00 fare. The price as of today is $2449.00. That's double where we are now. You have to check weekly for such changes. I know there are apps for that, but I like to check first hand... caveat emptor Phil.......floridacruisers
  14. I'm not going to worry about my mortality or irrelevance. All I know is that I have never seen a hearse with a luggage rack! So acruising I (we) go. We are Elite plus on X and just got off a wonderful HAL cruise. The reason for HAL is simple. I want to save my hearing and enjoy all the ship has to offer without having to buy hearing aids when I get off. IMO, the food and service on HAL are at least the equal to X and a bit better in many areas. We really like X, but the volume of their shows and in general is ridiculous. That is sad since we like our X cruises and the bennies we now get as Elite+. I don't go around doing comparisons that blah blah is better because of whatever. Will we ever go on the Edge?? Probably not but never say never. Maybe someone in corporate will realize that people enjoy their hearing and turn it down a bit. Don't hold your breath for that...... Phil........floridacruisers
  15. Thanks to all who responded... Phil...............floridacruisers
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