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  1. magoky

    Review of Emerald Jan 15 and Feb 4 sailings

    I hope he gets on with another princess ship, he was really nice and funny.............and not bad to look at too!!!lol
  2. magoky

    Live on the Emerald for Jan 15 to Feb 4

    LOL now why was everyone taking pics of me going to the washroom, thats too funny Vickie post one of me on facebook already, I think its funny, just as long as yours is as clean as hers then it should be ok! In my eyes it was the best thing to do as we were on a cliff and not flat ground!!! Hope all is well, hope your not getting nasty weather!! Laurie
  3. magoky

    Live on the Emerald for Jan 15 to Feb 4

    It was nice meeting you and your wife, thanks for setting up the meet n greet at the beginning!! Hope I wasnt to crazy on the tour, loll !! As a matter of fact I didnt feel like i was the youngest one at all, you are all a blast, see you all soon I am sure!! Laurie and Warren
  4. magoky

    Live on the Emerald for Jan 15 to Feb 4

    I had a blast with everyone on the cosol tour, thanks guys for the laughs!! to bad i cant say good things about the flight home though, I will post my horrible experience later, how did youguys make out pudgy?
  5. magoky

    Live on the Emerald for Jan 15 to Feb 4

    OK I have a bone to pick with group that was with me on the tour, vivkie, humming bird, larry and all the others, when I got back to my room I had at least 5 empty beer bottels in my bag,.............. I couldnt of drank that much I KNOW i didnt drink that much..........so who was Humming bird was it you, vickie???? or was it the other alberta couple????hummmmm Anyways I had a blast with you all, even if it meant peeing on a mountain side with all of you looking and laughing at me from the van!! Cheers COSOL rocks!! Laurie and Warren!
  6. magoky

    Live on the Emerald for Jan 15 to Feb 4

    [quote name='vickie_bernie']hi everyone, We are sailing towards Grenada, the island of Spice, they say you can smell the spice as you come into the harbour, we'll see. Last night we ended up in the dining room and we are glad we did. We sat at a large table with many other people (9 in all) and one of them was Al Kantz the comedian from the night before. We laughed all night long... we commented that we didn't get to see his show the night before as all 3 were packed and we couldn't find a seat. But told him we will see him on our second sailing next week, and he asked us to join for dinner again next week. After dinner because it was allready so late we went straight up to the Sun Deck to enjoy Movies Under the Stars again, tonights showing was Hairspray. When we got up there many of our new friends from the Roll Call were there and we had some fun before the show started. Again it was very windy but very muggy. Because we are not arriving in Grenada until 12 we and I think the entire ship slept in, when we went to get breakfast at the buffet it was very busy and this was 9 am. Today we have an independent tour booked thru Mandoo, I originally signed up for it and then about 50 of our Roll call friends did too, I think we have the entire tour to ourselves. Bill and Cathy are here from our roll call too... they went to the German Night buffet last night and it was so good and they served German beer, genuine German Beer. They then attended Motor City and that was very good. They hit the casino and are commented that the first few days was good but have been loosing lately, but only down $50, the ship is sad they want more. They are begging them to spend more so they don't need to do any cut backs. :rolleyes: They snorkeled with Renee yesterday in Bonnaire adn can't say enough good things about her, she even identified all the fish. The underwater camera they sell on board is $20 and is reusable, 27 shots 800 speed, and has a flash and is reusable. You can buy it up by the photo place. That is the tip for the day from Bill & Cathy. We've just signed up for the On Deck for the Cure which is $15 and is happening on the last sea day. Vickie[/quote] what does on Deck for the Cure mean?
  7. magoky


    Does anyone know if we can bring booze on the ship, like put it in our luggage before getting on, we are going on the Emerald ship this thursday and was going to buy some before boarding
  8. magoky

    Live on the Emerald for Jan 15 to Feb 4

    It sounds like your have a great time, can't wait to meet everyone!Thanks Vickie for getting me on this roll call thing!! Even if I am the youngest, it sure sounds like i will have fun no matter what!lol
  9. magoky

    Anyone ever see any celebrities on cruises?

    I saw Rod Steward?? i think thats how u spell his name he was on the Navigator a few years ago, with his family...poor guy always had tonnes of peps around him and his family
  10. thanks the pics are nice, can't wait to get back there!
  11. How did you guys like Coral world? what exactly was there?
  12. Hi there, we are going to be seeing Godfrey in Jan on our stop there! Is there anything that we can bring him that he would like or need?? Is there people/kids there that we can give out school supplies and stuff? or is that not recommended? I cant not wait to do this tour I have heard so many good things about this guy! cheers Laurie
  13. magoky

    RB's Daily WW Chat

    well I am still a young chicken as so I would like to think I am, but I always remember what my parents taught me when things of not nice comments cross my mind...........treat others as you would want to be treated!! Honestly I was one of those girls that was skinny allllll my life and could eat any thing till i hit 30 then things went south, west north and east!! Even when I was skinny, I got picked on and teased and that hurt and had comments like oh your finally eating and trying to put meat on those bones of yours, and now im getting the oposite oh your NOT eating to get that meat off your bones!! I just take it in and think karma will hit you in the ass some day, smile knod and always say something nice!! hope this makes sense, huhhhh i had to get that off my chest!
  14. magoky

    RB's Daily WW Chat

    So are you going to do that 7 day veggie soup? I am going to try that, next week i think! I just worried I wont have any energy and fall off the wagon and ruin my weight loss so far!! How did others feel?? please do keep me posted, i am very interested in doing it!
  15. magoky

    RB's Daily WW Chat

    well i weighed in today and lost 1lb i guess i can take that, i really thought for some reason i would of lost more, damn biggest loser show!! Guess i have to eat more soups!! oh well i still have 80 plus days to go before i leave for my cruise!!