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  1. A DSLR is most certainly cumbersome, especially when you've forgotten to remove your lens cap and forgotten to turn the blasted thing on!
  2. We did Larsville on our 1st Alaskan cruise. I agree on it being hokey. However, it was allegedly the last stop for supplies as the early prospectors headed up into the Yukon, so what can you expect? As for the gold panning, it is very hokey indeed. The pans are seeded (That means they've already put a few flakes of gold in the "ore") and the majority of the soil in the pan consists of a few course pieces of sand. You don't really need to work hard to get the flakes out into your sample bag.
  3. I booked my flights for my next cruise through Cruiseair. That way I won't have to pay until final payment for the cruise is due and if the cruise is canceled before final payment, it's on the cruise line. What I dont like is that I only had 1 choice for airlines. The 2 that I would have rather flown had nothing available. The good side of this is that I was able to book business class for all four flights at a rate that I felt was a bargain.
  4. We love whale watching excursions in Icy Strait. The first time we went out, there was a little chop in the morning, but it settled down a bit towards the end. The 2nd time we went out, it was glass smooth all the way. Both times, I got great pics and video clips. The 1st time we went out, I took Bonine all during the cruise. The 2nd time, I went cold turkey having suspected a side-effect of Bonine being causing depression. I'm in Alaska! The last thing I need is something to cause me to be depressed. I never had an issue with motion sickness either time.
  5. A float plane can cover a lot of scenery quite fast, so you have to keep your camera ready so you don't miss a photo op. Our flight landed us on a high lake also. Major plus! As a previous poster mentioned though, flights are limited by weather. Out of a 365 day calendar year, Alaska gets 475 days of rainfall. If you book the flight and it gets cancelled, it would be good to have a boat that you could fall back on just in case.
  6. On our 1st cruise to Alaska, when we were returning through the inside Passage, a large pod of Dahl's Porpoises followed our ship through the passage, leaping in the wake the ship created. This was the only time I've seen such a large pod rear of the ship. They may very well have been feeding. As for the question originally posted in this thread, my TA has always recommended the port side. We have sailed on both sides and as previously mentioned wildlife doesn't care which side of the ship you're on. You may find yourself viewing from the top deck on many occasions after all.
  7. @crystalspin We've sailed on the Millie once, we were gonna do the Maasdam last August before Covid hit, but you know what happened. Never have done a Princess yet. Our main lines are Celebrity and RCL.
  8. Living in the Texas panhandle, It makes no sense for me to drive to catch the ship for my next cruise. Especially since I'll sail out from Vancouver, B.C. We've already booked our air travel through Cruise Air.
  9. Vaccine or no, I'm not staying cooped up in the house. My DW and I made a 2-week road trip here in the US ranging from Texas to Indiana to Florida and back along the coast to Texas. We masked, stayed caught up on our meds and vitamins, social distanced and made it home without incident. When the plague first hit, I tried rebooking on different cruises 3 times before all cruises were called off. Currently, I've booked a back-to-back to Alaska for August 2021. Vaccine or not, we're going as long as we are allowed to.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm new to this thread and given the inactivity on the two roll calls I'm currently in, I'm hunting for other areas on CC to spend my time and gain insights on. I recently turned 64 myself. My DW will be 70 this coming May. We plan on cruising until I retire. If the Lord provides a way for us to go on cruises after I retire, I'll not argue the point. Our current favorite cruise destination is Alaska. My DW would love to cruise Ireland, I'd like to do a trans-Atlantic to Copenhagen. If we are unable to afford cruising after I retire, there are still plenty of wonderful vacation loc
  11. Thanks for your reply. An overnight is not an option so I guess I'll have to fly AA.
  12. The only thing I left out was my origin. Nonstop from Amarillo, Texas ain't gonna happen. The route I'd prefer to take would be from here to Denver, then fly on up to Vancouver, B.C. I'd prefer the same routing for the return trip. I'd also prefer to fly either United or Alaskan Air and book through Cruise Air. Currently, no airline is offering flights with the routing I prefer, which is why I brought up DFW. And thAt's the only reason I'd consider DFW other than I absolutely do not want to fly from Amarillo to Houston, which is my other airline suggested connection. For the return
  13. I've booked a back-to-back from Vancouver, B.C. to Seward, AK and return. In searching for flights to and from YVR from DFW, it appears that my choices are limited to United and American. What happened to Alaskan Air? Also, when returning from Vancouver, it seems that United cannot fly out of Vancouver without using Jax Air. This confuses me because if United has jets flying in to YVR, they must fly back out loaded or they lose money. That is unless United is using those jets to fly somewhere else besides returning to DFW.
  14. I know, it's a stupid question, but I'm long overdue on asking them. We will be visiting Juneau in late August 2021 on the Celebrity Millennium. It looks to me like we will arrive at 9 AM and depart at 9:00 PM. During that time, are there any excursions that will take us up Tracy Arm Fjord by boat from Juneau?
  15. They always are. I used to be a fan of Enterprise until a fiasco in Dallas. We had to switch to Avis, we haven't looked back. The last two times we rented in Anchorage, it was from Avis at the Airport. The 2nd time we rented, I was able to return it to the facility in downtown Anchorage. Did you return yours in Anchorage or Fairbanks?
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