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  1. They always are. I used to be a fan of Enterprise until a fiasco in Dallas. We had to switch to Avis, we haven't looked back. The last two times we rented in Anchorage, it was from Avis at the Airport. The 2nd time we rented, I was able to return it to the facility in downtown Anchorage. Did you return yours in Anchorage or Fairbanks?
  2. That's what I'm finding out "after" I looked at Avis. Their prices are far more reasonable, so the self-driving tour is back on track for now.
  3. That sounds like a great route for another trip. You can never have too many trips to Alaska.
  4. We're looking at taking 6 days to get there, I'm not sure if we'll overnight in Talkeetna as of yet. I'm thinking we'll stay overnight in Anchorage for a day of laundry, so we may just have to stay a night in Talkeetna. I'm looking at 2 nights in Denali so we'll have a full day in Denali. We'll go in as far as we can go this time. That's how long we stayed last time, but on that trip, our tour only took us to the stop where you finally get to see Denali, then we turned around. Then I hope to spend at least 2 nights in Fairbanks. I have a 2nd cousin who lives there and I'd really like to spend time for a meal with him. Maybe take a flight to the Arctic Circle and hopefully drive to the town of North Pole. If we do this, we may have to plan on staying another night or two. These plans right now are contingent on car rental fees, and those currently are too blasted high! at $500 per day for car rental, the land tour option sounds REALLY GOOD right now. Hertz will rent the car 1-way, but this rate really is a but much.
  5. I hear you. Being a truck driver by trade, I'm not afraid of a little driving. I think it would be nice to stop where I want along the way should I see something cool that needs to be looked at. And the activities we did when we did this route as a pre-cruise tour we don't really need to do again. And I do understand that the inland tour rates have dropped. Even so, I'd like to wing it one time on my own.
  6. My DW and I have booked a northbound cruise from Vancouver to Seward. We have done this itinerary as a southbound three times already. On our 2nd time, we also booked a pre-cruise tour by rail which took us from Fairbanks to Denali to Talkeetna to Anchorage and finally to Seward via bus. On our 1st and 3rd southbound cruises, we flew into Anchorage 3 days early and did our own tour of the peninsula prior to our cruise. There are certain activities which we do not want to do on this upcoming cruise, so we have decided to make the trip to Fairbanks via rental car. I have already found an agency in Anchorage that advertises that they will rent us a car for this type of travel. My question is this. Have any of you done this? We would like to do our transfer to Anchorage via train as we love the ride and the scenery. Is this possible? Thanks!
  7. Thanks! Knowing where both locations in Anchorage are brings out the truck driver in me which sees the airport as being the better option as opposed to the depot. I'll check with the agency that I plan to rent from as well as look at the land tour packages again.
  8. OK, thanks! The airport is what we'll be shooting for.
  9. We stayed a Sophie's Station. Some people we were with thought it was dated. The room was nice and clean though and we had no issues.
  10. You can't go wrong with the Deadliest Catch excursion. I'll offer no spoilers here. I have a friend who lives in Juneau and he says the very best thing to do there is the helicopter ride. Yes, it costs a lot, but you only live once.
  11. We're planning on doing a northbound cruise which will terminate in Seward, AK. I would like to take the train to Anchorage from the ship. From there, we are planning to rent a car and travel self-paced to Fairbanks. Where will the train drop us off at in Anchorage? The Airport Spur or the Depot? Many thanks!
  12. Does Royal not do that already? I know that Holland America does, or at least used to. I'm assuming all cruise lines do this.
  13. Thanks! I obviously don't understand this cruise line's scheduling. I figure that's one more thing I'll need to learn.
  14. Wow! Thanks for the link to Hurtigruten! Unfortunately, the sailings don't work with the time that I have allocated to take off from work. But that's a great line to remember!
  15. Which cruise line goes to Norway? I'm trying to find one for the last of July 2020 and I'm not having any luck. I'm thinking the corona virus may have scared everyone off for the season.
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