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  1. What is the current reservation timeline for show reservations? I have heard 90 days before sailing and that reservations must be made once on board. If we all line up to make show reservations on board that seems to go against any covid restrictions.
  2. I'm beginning more and more why we do business with Royal. We continue to have problems and Royal doesn't work to fix them. They obviously don't care about customer service.
  3. Once we get started cruising again, shortly I hope, anyone know if they will use the same reservation for the shows on the large ships? We are on Allure in November and have paid final payment. We don't see the option on our reservation to make reservations for the shows yet.
  4. It looks like Blue Lagoon has changed quite a bit since we were there. Has anyone been on their tour lately? It is no longer listed as an excursion option on the ship so we would have to go private. Has their timing been reliable lately? Just want to make sure we get back to the ship on time, of course.
  5. I was looking at this as well. It appears you get a different area of the beach, reserved chairs and an upgraded lunch.
  6. Does Freedom of the Seas have the Freestyle drink machines?
  7. Question: You said you booked through the casino. We have never done that. How do you book an upgrade through the casino?
  8. We are planning to just rent a car and drive to Maho and around to the flea market in Marigot and some other stops. However, I'm a little nervous about traffic. We sure don't want to miss the ship. What can we expect for traffic?
  9. We will be on St. Maarten/Martin in November for one day on our cruise and would like to rent a car to drive around the island. Is the only location to pick up cars at the airport? I was hoping to pick one up at the cruise port to save a little time. Thoughts?
  10. I am going to try using the cash account because we have a debit card and want to avoid the high hold they place on a debit card. Planning to go down the last night and pay off any charges with the debit card. I assume they would then charge any 'late comers' to the debit card after that point, but it would avoid the big holds.
  11. I know Freedom is one of the 'smaller' ships but I wish they would get it moving for all the ships. We are going on Freedom in a couple of months and would love the app features if they worked.
  12. I booked through a TA this time because I 'won' this cruise at work. They gave me a gift certificate good at a travel agency and the amount was almost enough for the entire cruise. I just paid the last few hundred dollars. This will be our 28th cruise and I've always booked them myself. Control freak I guess.
  13. I'm not a fan of the new website. I booked a cruise through a TA, which I don't normally do. Final payment has been made but I can't find in my account payment information on the cruise. Is there a way to see that information so see what was paid when? Is it just because I booked through a TA and only they get the itemized invoice?
  14. I'm on RC cruise leaving from San Juan but haven't heard anything about embarkation port changes yet. We'll need to make flight arrangements, hotel, etc. if we're going from a different port. Hoping this quiets soon. I do applaud the cruise lines for skipping the port to protect guests and staff.
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