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  1. Hi all, Thank you so much for all this information, SO helpful. As a result: 1/ We will do a "dry run" to check out the parking so as not to run into a problem the "day of". 2/ Had no idea of the $5.00 a day for parking, so not as great a deal, but not a deal breaker. 3/ Thanks for the app info, I have Lyft, but will need to add "Pay by Phone". 4/ Looking forward to a great ride to begin the celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary!! Thanks again and smooth sailing for all!!
  2. Has anyone taken the Brightline from West Palm Beach to the Port of Miami? They offer a train to port service on their website and I would be interested in hearing about the experience. Thanks!
  3. Add this to the equation: 5429 guests and 1,413 crew (many of them officers or not front line). We sailed for our 3rd time on MSC in September. 1st time great, 2nd time o.k., 3rd time awful. We're done.
  4. We've not sailed HAL in a while, but have an Oosterdam cruise scheduled for November. When we sailed with HAL in the past, we loved that they had a section in the Lido buffet area cordoned off that had tablecloths which made for a nice ambiance when one did not want to get dressed up for dinner in the main dining room, but wanted a nice dining experience. Do they still do this??
  5. What is the corkage fee and is it charged upon boarding or when the wine is uncorked in the dining room? Thanks
  6. My husband and I were on the same cruise and agree with ALL of Morgsmoms comments thus far. Inconsistent and just bad service offered by sullen, overworked employees does not make for a relaxing cruise experience. This was our 3rd MSC cruise, so not newbies - but also our last. Hopefully you're idea of going all out will mean you booked the Yacht Club, otherwise Morgsmoms review is a cautionary tale.
  7. Thanks!! Did that last night after my "car rental" post. Got a great rate at a Hilton between Greenville/Spartanburg and Atlanta for Thursday night. Called Hilton Honors today to check on whether they are waving penalties in the event we are unable to reach the hotel. They confirmed they are waiving penalties for the States with declared SoE's. Checked the prices again to today and they've gone up a bit, but nothing major. Hope everyone gets where they want to go before they need to be there!! ;)
  8. Thank you - I should have mentioned I am airline personnel, so all the changes revenue passengers will be making limit our options. So, we'll hop in the car and make it an adventure and hope that the return is more orderly, with no storms on the horizon. (yn)(yn)
  9. Just rented a Toyota Camry for pickup in EWR on Thursday AM and drop off at MIA on Saturday at 1:00 PM for $85.00. We'll fly home.
  10. We're not far behind and have never had an issue. ;)
  11. Like the other person who posted, there is no 11 day cruise on the Edge departing on 09/30/19. There is an 11 day cruise on the Edge on 09/23 and the pricing on a large cruise travel agency based in NH during their Labor Day Sale is $3499 for an S-2 suite with all 4 perks, including the premium drink package. This travel agency collects a deposit (not sure how much), but the final payment is not due until June 2019. They charge a $50.00 PP penalty for cancelling a cruise, but will waive it if you book a different cruise at the time you cancel the original cruise. Personally, I would be reluctant to "pay in full" so far out because, as we all know, stuff happens. Before booking, you may want to call a few well-know and frequently used online companies to get their pricing and perks - including onboard credit - and then do a comparison. Best of luck!!
  12. Concerning FLVOL77 comments about upselling. I have to agree completely. On our May Equinox cruise there was intrusive upselling. In the MDR at both lunch and dinner there was a "salesperson" going around to each table hawking the specialty restaurants, AND in the bar and lounge areas. It was really over the top and exceeded the specialty dining "opportunities" at the entry to the buffet area. The first couple of times we were approached, in the first day or two, we smiled and declined. But it was so persistent and annoying, as the cruise proceeded, that we were put off by their efforts. Added to that, even if you wanted to take advantage, the only reservations available were at 8:30 or 9:00 p.m., all desirable hours are reserved for suites (as it should be for those fares). ;)
  13. We did "status match" on MSC a couple of years ago and received "Black Card" status because of our Celebrity Elite status. We have sailed with MSC on two other cruises and have been happy with both. We just booked a Bella balcony on the Seaside with a 25% discount offered to Voyagers Club members and were awarded a nicely located balcony cabin on the 14th deck within two days of booking. We're very happy with the location and the perks.
  14. I asked the same question on another thread. Never got an answer. Maybe the wine offerings are so bad that just returned cruisers can't remember (or don't want) to go back on CC to post what MSC is pouring. :eek::mad:(n) :p
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