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  1. Good grief 🤦‍♀️I just noticed your location! Are you in Ottawa too?
  2. Thank you for your thoughts on the situation. I'll take calling in to a supervisor into consideration. Regarding the box store, I spent some time yesterday afternoon on their travel site and found it very easy to navigate. I really like that the room options are easy to see or change and that it's easy to add a second room to the booking. I was also pleasantly surprised to see though the price was almost the same as the HAL site, I would receive the promotions HAL is offering plus $645 US OBC on the Koniningsdam option or $380 on the NS option. That's an incentive in itself. I really ap
  3. Thank you for sharing your personal situation with us. I am very glad you have a PCC who gives you excellent customer service in the manner you request! Coincidentally, I have hearing loss and severe tinnitus and that is one of the reasons I too prefer email. I also just like the paper trail.
  4. Just to clarify, I hadn’t utilized this PCC for our Koningsdam cruise in March. For that cruise (our first with HA) I just called the 1-800 number and dealt with an agent who answered. I was subsequently assigned this PCC and started receiving all of the HA emails with her signature line. Thanks for for the invite! Your holiday plans sound wonderful. There was so much we liked about our time on Koningsdam that we know we’ll enjoy sailing her again. You typically wouldn’t think an 18 yr old would have loved it but she is adamant that it was her favourite cruise (out of @12).
  5. I agree and based on the other responses feel a tad validated in my dismay at her response (or lack of). I guess my intention in starting the thread was to see if I was expecting too much or if she just wasn’t what most experience. Thankfully for others, they seem to get excellent service! I will keep looking for someone who wants to book our annual vacations ⚓️🏖🍾
  6. I don’t think I’ll go as far as reporting her. I guess at the very least she was honest by saying she wouldn’t do what I asked 😲 I also won’t “hold it against” HA. We will still keep those two cruises as very promising options. She just won’t see any commission from our cruise ( 2 cabins with 5 people still totals a hefty sum in my world). Her loss.
  7. It sounds like you are in excellent hands with your PCC. That’s very reassuring.
  8. I was wondering if it was a hesitancy to be held to a given price quote. But, without being too harsh, I think it was just laziness. A disclaimer on a quote something to the effect of “subject to change at any given time” would free her or HA from a price guarantee.
  9. That’s exactly what I did. Very politely just said that I guess I misunderstood her role and I’ll research on my own.
  10. Thank you, we really hope to make it work. We did a Christmas cruise a few years ago and loved it! We happen to be at one of those pivotal moments as a family when everything is about to change (one son is getting married in May and another son is headed to RCMP training and will be posted somewhere else in Canada). So, it is a milestone Christmas.
  11. Good question Roy. I’m not opposed to the idea I just haven’t found a travel agent. We go on one or two cruises a year for the last 10 years and all except one I booked online or by calling into the cruise line. There was a recent & long thread debating using a TA or going on your own. I learned about trying to use a TA who is part of a President’s Circle (sorry, that title may be wrong). At that time I googled it and searched but came up empty. I wish we were allowed to recommend agents but I respect the CC policy.
  12. So, this interaction happened this week and it has me going hmmmm 🤔 We are intending to do a family Christmas cruise this year and have it narrowed down to 3 options, 2 of which are HA (Koningsdam & NS). We sailed K at spring break in March with our 18 yr old and loved it so it’s the leading contender. We intend to book in a week or 2 once we confirm our 3 young adult children can all make it and hubby can get the time off work. I have always booked our cruises directly to retain control but I receive all of these emails from an assigned PCC and thought - let
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