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  1. This was announced Wed 9/15. Our TA sent us a new booking confirmation showing the new date.
  2. @njkruzer Supposedly all Oct - Dec 31 cruises have been moved to 30 days out. "An email update was sent to travel agents on Wednesday advising them of these changes. The time needed to make final payment for a cruise has been pushed back, a change the cruise line has not done throughout the global health crisis. The final payment due date on sailings departing between October 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021, will now have until 30 days prior to sailing to submit full payment."
  3. Hello all! We are on the Dec 23rd Allure cruise. Our final payment was moved to 30 days out - Nov 22nd. According to the Royal App, check in opens for me November 8th. I assume I need to be paid in full to check in. Is my thinking correct? Thanks in advance!
  4. Is Allure one of the ships that you need to insert a gift card size card into a slot for room lights to come on? TIA
  5. Right now, all Labadee stops have been cancelled due to political unrest and earthquake in Haiti
  6. When booking Izumi online, should I book for my 11 yr old daughter as well or add her onboard so we don't pay adult price?
  7. I think they are safer releasing only for the first half - then they don't need to back peddle. News is coming out everyday on if and when to get booster shots and I have also seen that Pfizer may have emergency auth for 5-11 year olds in October....
  8. We are on the Allure for Christmas this year - Dec 23-30th. Currently, the itinerary is 12/24 - Nassau 12/25 - Sea Day 12/26 - St Thomas 12/27 - St Kitts 12/28 - Sea day 12/29 - Sea Day Has anyone had them change Nassau to Cocoa Cay? Just wondering what makes them choose to do Nassau over CC. I would much rather go to CC - we will most likely stay onboard that day. Thanks!
  9. Anyone used it yet? Are they charging the $1.99/person/day? I saw somewhere that you need to be at least 13 to use it. Anyone successful using it for those under 13? I guess we could always use one of our logins for her..... I don't want her to have internet access this trip and we have never bought wifi package. She was able to use chat on Disney cruise at 8yrs old.....
  10. And who knows when Labadee will be safe to visit with the unrest and the earthquake damage
  11. Hi All! Currently booked on the Allure for 12/23-30 for my 11 yr old daughter (not vaxxed yet - not sure if it would happen by Dec or not) and my husband and I. Trying to decide if I should change to a spring break cruise. There are 2 options: Harmony out of Port Canaveral to St Johns Antigua, St Thomas and Perfect Day. The other option is Oasis out of Miami going to Puerto Plata DR, St Thomas, San Juan and Labadee. I'm leaning towards Harmony as I like the itinerary better. Thoughts?
  12. If I cancel before final payment what happens to the amount of the Non refundable deposit?
  13. @soozles - will your pediatrician's office do it?
  14. Folks - the new law for the Bahamas and St Thomas says that anyone 12 and over must be vaccinated. Children that are not eligible for vaccine yet can still go - just more testing involved on RCCL. NCL is only taking vaccinated passengers 12 adn up.
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