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  1. This is excellent writing. Sheer joy to read your posts. Was it a ladybug? Cause I hear they're good luck. 😝 Still waiting for a picture of LIONESSS and DH if you must
  2. The pic of BRANDON and Christina (great though it is) keeps showing up in this thread...but we need a pic of you Lionesss! (OK and DH if you must) At a slot machine, in CK, I'm not picky. 😝 Best of all would be you and a famous Pinnacle member, both of you smiling!! LOL
  3. Sue, really enjoying your posts! And your writing style. So refreshing. Can't wait to hear about stowaways.
  4. Can you point me to that? i couldn't find it on their site. I found only this on CC: The Persian Garden features a contemporary design in cool tones of green or blue. It has an age requirement of 16 or older and guests must wear a bathing suit at all times. ETA: Never mind, I found this on the X site: Q. What is the minimum age for Canyon Ranch® Spa admission? A. Persian Garden guests must be at least 16 years old. Canyon Ranch® Spa welcomes guests ages 13 - 17 when accompanied by a parent or guardian; inquire about our special teen services menu.
  5. $50 pp, 7-night cruise. So cost to me, about $17/day.
  6. Since I'll be with her the whole time, the chances of that are near zero. Not to mention she can handle herself.
  7. We've been offered an upgrade to Aqua Class. DD will be (barely) 15, but she is often mistaken for 18. Will she be denied access to the Persian Garden, if we go together? (rules say guests must be 16)
  8. We were just on Allure, and since we had a CP balcony, we got a free lunch at Giovanni's (sea days only). The lunch menu we were given was vastly different from the one we could see on our stateroom TV. The TV version had spaghetti carbonara, Wagyu hamburger, pork belly as an appetizer, etc. The restaurant one was very stripped-down, with fewer appetizer and entree options. I ended up with a seafood pasta, one of three non-vegetarian options. It had 2 shrimps and 1 mussel. Could this menu be because it was a free lunch? Is there a different lunch menu for freeloaders?:) Or is there a different lunch menu on sea days? (The TV version I looked at was not the dinner menu btw--for example, the TV dinner menu had steak, TV lunch did not)
  9. Is this the same picture that you mentioned that melody had in her review? Because the 5-night package is showing online (no discount) at $125 per person. Not sure what RCCL means by a 40% discount. Also, can someone please direct me to melody's review? I can't find it. Thanks!
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