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  1. When I booked my cruise, I did not get anything from Royal. I had to call and ask for an invoice. The rep seemed very annoyed that I would ask for such a thing. I found it very odd that they were so hesitant to send me confirmation of what I had booked. I had to pretty much demand that he send me something. What he sent me was a Cruise Vacation Receipt. Royal ain't what it used to be...
  2. Thank You for the recommendations! I cant wait to go!
  3. Thanks so much for the report! It sounds like we will be ok. I had the Punta de Vista as a possible place to go to, so I appreciate the recommendation. I think we will have to go now! I hope you had a great cruise. I can't wait to follow in your footsteps! Thanks again!
  4. I did see some of those videos! It looks great, but I always wonder if it is as great in real life (maybe I'm a skeptic). I would love the hear about your experience when you get back. Have a fantastic trip!
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any recent experience using Island Buddy Jeep Tours in St. Thomas. Another company, Sunfari, was recommended to me, but they are booked up for our date. It looks like Island Buddy may offer a similar tour. Has anyone used them? Do you recommend them? TIA Lorie
  6. I won't be there until late June. I would love to hear about your experience there. Thanks! Have a great trip!
  7. I was wondering if anyone has stayed at the Fortaleza Suites Hotel in Old San Juan. We are booked there for 3 nights pre-cruise and are wondering if anyone can share their experiences there. Was it a good location? Decent place to stay? Etc. Thanks in Advance!
  8. I just used points to put $1200 toward the payment of my upcoming cruise. I will pay the balance of the cruise fare using my RCCL card and get another $150-$200 of OBC. For me, it has been a good card.
  9. Did you go to my high school? The seniors always tried to sell freshman tickets to the pool on the fourth floor. There was no pool. Only the dormitories for the nuns.
  10. Hello, Has anyone ever been able to get lactose free milk or ice cream on RCCL? We are sailing on the Freedom this summer and I was wondering if anyone knew if RCCL can provide lactose free milk with advanced request. A few years ago we sailed on Princess Cruise line and I was able to get lactose free milk. It was such a treat to be able to have real milk in my coffee and such. I will drink soy if that is all there is, but real milk is so much better. Thanks in advance! Lorie
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, but, this was just looking too tricky, so we are opting to take a different flight that will get us in at 9:50 the night before. We just booked an extra night at our hotel. At least now we can get a decent amount of sleep and spend the whole day enjoying San Juan.
  12. Thanks for the heads up! I just saved $160 on drink packages and internet for my June 2019 7 day Southern Caribbean Cruise on the Freedom. Can't complain about that! 👏👏👏
  13. Any chance you can post pictures of the wine menu? I'm trying to do some research (tasting) before my cruise. 😁 TIA!
  14. Hello, We are sailing on RCCL out of San Juan and will be arriving two days early to spend some time in San Juan. We have a cute apartment style hotel reserved in Old San Juan. Our problem is it looks like our flight will arrive at 5:15 a.m. Our hotel does not have a 24hr reception area, and won't have anyone to let us in and hold our bags until closer to 9 or 10 a.m. Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do or where we can go with our bags while we wait for the hotel reception to open? TIA
  15. Can you order a bottle from Vintages and take it into the MDR for dinner?
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