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  1. Because this cruise is right after Thanksgiving and I would be using AA miles for the tickets to either MIA or FLL, there are zero award seats available at a reasonable redemption level. Like the costs to buy a ticket for flights that weekend, the award miles needed have been jacked up also. Plus AA is saying that because their vaccine mandate for employees goes into effect Nov. 24, AA's Thanksgiving holiday flights could be all messed up too. Cheapest I can find to buy a 1 way MCI- MIA on Sunday, one day before the cruise is $331 each on AA.. On Saturday, 2 days before the cruise, it is $190, but I would have to pay for 2 nights in a hotel. The main I reason I booked this cruise is I found very cheap and free fights that coincided with the cruise. With all the changes Celebrity is making to the itinerary I am not that enthused about the whole trip, I can take it or leave it. If on Monday Nov. 22, Thanksgiving week, the airline situation looks to be still messed up, I will just cancel everything. Don't know what I'll do with the Celebrity FCC though. Unlike many here who haven't been anywhere in almost 2 years, I have been on 2 stateside National Park vacations and 2 international vacations. If I go great, if not I'll find somewhere else to go to in December or January.
  2. The CSO expires Oct. 31. Has anyone seen anything about it being extended again? I have not. After Oct. 31 cruise lines can do whatever they want.
  3. United just added a slew of TATL routes they did not fly before. I just booked a J award on AMS-MUC-DEN -MCI, new route MUC-DEN, very easily for a return from Europe cruise next August. Right now there is lots of availability for biz class awards on these new routes. grab them while you can.
  4. Buried in the current sail safe document document is this regarding masks onboard. Oceania doesn't make you wear a mask onboard except when they do. Does this apply while sailing in international waters? Are people currently on European cruises having to wear masks on the ships at all times? At this time EU regulations currently require all guests to wear masks onboard while indoors except for when actively eating or drinking or when in their stateroom or suite.
  5. Some ships you can get off on your own, some you cannot. You likely won't know the situation until the day you get to Nassau. No one knows in advance what the policy for Nassau is as it seems to change daily.
  6. Right now my SW flight to MIA is the day before the cruise, a paid ticket that is refundable, $109 per person. My return from FLL is on AA with award points, so free, also cancelable getting miles back into my AA account.. I looked at Celebrity air coming in the day before, it is $377 per person. Way too expensive. I want to go on this cruise, but not that badly.
  7. It is a way off, but I am factoring the flight disruptions and cancellations on Southwest in deciding whether or not to preemptively cancel my cruise on Nov. 29, Millennium from FLL. I am scheduled to fly SW to MIA on Nov. 28 and return on AA Dec. 9. Both airlines may be having labor shortages that could cause many flights to be cancelled.If you were to miss your flight to Florida already past the 48 hour cancellation deadline there would be no refund for the cruise. I will closely monitor airline chaos and disruptions, but predictions from the airlines themselves is that things are going to get worse in the short run due to staffing issues.
  8. Because I am getting conflicting answers. Some Celebrity ships let people off on their own and some do not even when the ships from the same company are there the same day.
  9. It will be a port stop so Old Town. Very good news indeed.
  10. Apparently you got lucky in Nassau to be able to exit independently. People on the Edge who were there same day as you 10/9 were not allowed to DIY there. Very bizarre to have different policies on the same company's ships. Perhaps the captain gets to decide on the spot. Now I am back to being unhappy, especially if I am forced to do a ship tour as there are only 2 offered for my cruise and both are lame.
  11. The other person was on the Equinox not Edge. Very odd that Celebrity has different rules for different ships.
  12. That was someone else who answered my question, not M&J. I wasn't paying much attention to which Celebrity ship the person was on, apparently he/she is also on Edge.
  13. My cruise is scheduled for a port stop in San Juan on Dec. 2. There are 2 docks there, one within walking distance to Old Town and one, Pan American, across the harbor requiring a cab ride into Old Juan. Any one know which of the docks Celebrity tends to use? Last time I was there we were at the Old Town dock, but that was a Windstar very small ship.
  14. When you were in Nassau, were people able to get off the ship on their own or limited to Celebrity excursions only? Inquiring minds want to know for our future cruise stops there later in the year.
  15. You are very lucky that you will get reimbursed by your insurance. If it's anything like fighting insurance companies here in Missouri I wish you good luck.
  16. Yes, travelwide, I am satisfied now. This is the kind of first hand information I was looking for. Now celebrity needs to update this information o their web site. What did you do in Nassau with so many businesses closed? Did you find a local tour or a beach to go to?
  17. This is from X web site. Nothing about the antigen test being proctored. Both PCR and antigen can be done at CVS or Walgreens. The meaning of a proctored test is the ones done at home with the telehealth proctoring. All vaccinated guests 12 years and older must present a negative Covid-19 test result taken as either as an Antigen or PCR test conducted within two days of embarkation and complete a health questionnaire prior to sailing. The test must be supervised by a health professional, such as a doctor, pharmacy technician, public health worker, or telehealth representative.
  18. It must depend on where you live. I can make appointment now on a Sunday for today. I have a choice of locations and times at both CVS and Walgreens. I will be cruising on a Monday so I will test on Saturday before I fly to FLA on Sunday afternoon.
  19. All this self home testing could get very expensive. Rapid antigen tests at CVS or Walgreens are free.
  20. When has Oceania ever dropped prices? I have been sailing with them since 2006 and have never seen sales or discounts. Even now with most cruises over the next 6 months lightly sold except for the upper priced suites the prices are staying the same as when originally announced. I have been monitoring constantly.
  21. A rapid antigen test is accepted now. It does not have to be PCR or proctored test which is a rapid test.
  22. And there very few excursions available. My cruise only shows 2 X tours. If you want to take a cruise that goes to Nassau you may want to go with a line that allows you off the ship on your own. All of the others do except Celebrity.
  23. I understand that different countries are changing the rules all the time based on conditions on the ground. If the only port available as a sub for Puerto Plata is Nassau, then so be it. But to go to a port that Celebrity won't let people off the ship without one of their excursions is not right. This comes across to me as a money grab by Celebrity. If the Bahamas was not letting anyone from any cruise ship off on their own I would be more accepting. But Celebrity is the only cruise line doing this in Nassau. My flexibility may come with my cancelling the cruise altogether, which I will wait until the very last minute to do, 48 hours in advance.
  24. Has anyone seen cruise ship pax getting off in Nassau on their own last week? Celebrity is telling their guests that this is a Bahamian rule, that no one is allowed off of a cruise ship without a ship excursion. I call BS.
  25. Until thousands and thousands resume Caribbean cruises in November. It's not just Celebrity that is cranking back up. Look online at how many Caribbean cruises from Florida are scheduled for November and December.
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