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  1. Thank you. I should not have posted this here. My mistake, I thought I was in my roll call board, but thanks all the same.
  2. I asked my TA and I asked Azamara how much or how often we could bring bottles of wine onboard. They both said there is no limit. And on the website, unlike Celebrity which specifically states "2 bottles fine wine per cabin," Azamara says nothing about limits. We like wine. Fine wine. Has anyone had any experience bringing a couple of bottles on board an azamara ship from port? When in France do as the French do...and the French drink wine.
  3. Hi the link to the spreadsheet does not work for me. We're on the 7 night France Intensive on April 13. We are booked in a club veranda. I'll post our bid and results once the bidding is complete. (Why would I reveal my bid or the category when others might bid $1 higher after reading this post?) Does anyone know if you get all the perks of the category cabin if your bid wins the upgrade? What about points?
  4. Thanks Grandma Cruising! I asked my travel agent and she said that it was limited to 2 bottles per stateroom, like Celebrity. I told her I couldn't find any evidence of this. Mainly I don't want to get embarrassed at check in. I'm not trying to beat the system, we simply like our own wines better. Can anyone comment on whether they have successfully brought on more that 2 bottles? (We sail out of Barcelona; are some ports tighter than others?)
  5. Hi all, we too are going on our first Azamara cruise after several on Celebrity. I like the fact that we can bring wine on board. It doesn't seem to specify any limit (other cruises it was one bottle per person). Anyone care to comment on that? (Our cruise is on the French Riviera out of Barcelona) Also, our cruise comes with a "standard' beverage package. I see that "Ultimate is $21.95 per person per day, so my question is if my current package includes the cheap stuff, and I want to upgrade, do I pay the full cost of the drink or the difference (e.g., let's say my package includes drinks up to $10 and I want a $22 drink, will it cost me $12 or $22?)
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