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  1. Has anyone had a cruise start on a Monday? I just called Walgreens - they will do test on Saturday but lab closed on weekends. Anyone have an experience to share or suggestions?
  2. Hub App - On Mardi Gras the MDR food menu displayed once you clicked on “view menu”. On Horizon MDR wine menu displayed once you clicked on “view menu”. If you scroll down there is no food menu. Took me until the third day to figure out if you swipe right on the wine menu it displays the food menu. I guess they have more Tinder app users who sail on Horizon 🤣
  3. If you have only one internet plan purchased it can be used by any device, your device or someone else's, but not at the same time.
  4. We are doing our first back to back. I assume we don't have to disembark? Do we just go to guest services on last day and show boarding passes for next cruise? We have different cabins, can we move our luggage to the new cabin late morning? Can we take two bottles of wine per person when we board the first cruise? Can you purchase liquor on last day of first cruise and take to your cabin or are you flagged as back to back and not allowed to take it with you? I understand we will be test for COVID between cruises. Any other information is appreciated. Thank you
  5. Do you receive platinum status/benefits on the cruise you exceed 75 days or on the next cruise?
  6. We had the test done at Walgreens. Received results in one hour by email
  7. No questions. They asked for negative test report and I provided printed copy
  8. We used the Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 rapid test this past Wednesday. We have just boarded the Mardi Gras today.
  9. Has anybody heard the consequences of receiving a positive COVID test 72 hours prior to cruise for someone who is vaccinated? Is Carnival allowing you to get a refund or reschedule if you are unable to sail? I booked/paid under one set of rules and now they have changed the rules.
  10. I appreciate everyone's input, it has been very helpful. We have decided to book the broom closet and we believe we will have a brilliant time!
  11. Price is similar. Which would you recommend. Balcony and use Serenity Deck or Havana Interior Cabin to have use of Havana amenities? Also, cruise itinerary has 4 sea days. Would that affect your decision?
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