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  1. After many, many days on Seabourn, lots of them in Asian waters I'd have to say that .. no .. there isn't much of an attempt to serve Asian cuisine aboard and on the occasions they do it tends to fall rather short. We've had a couple of passable Thai curries on board, when ordered specially, and I've noted before that the Indian food can be good, but for the most part it's better to enjoy the European food they do very well on board and try out shoreside restaurants if you want a local fix. I feel Seabourn should give up on the Chinese and Singapore nights in the Colonnade as they are embarrassingly bad. Enjoy Seabourn for the food they do best and their great use of local ingredients and produce in European style meals. If you want Thai food, spend a couple of days in Thailand, similarly for Chinese or Singaporean food. I agree that if Jes is the head chef asking for a special Thai meal a day ahead will yield something very passable although, with the greatest respect to him and the galley crew, a hole-in-the-wall stall in Bangkok will give you a much more authentic meal.
  2. If anything is a first in this post it's The Retreat being booked out for an entire leg. Seems the hopes of many of us that it will get converted back into useful deck space will remain dashed.
  3. I got the US$ version of that set sail email and it's dropped again from US$3,999 to US$3,499. That's starting to get insane. As we discussed earlier in the thread this is not a popular cruise (which is why we've last-minuted it twice) but it's dropped from US$4,299 down to US$3,499 with goodies thrown in. Again I wish we had 17 days vacation left this year .. we'd do this one again. The disclaimer at the bottom of the mailer we received says, amongst other things "All offers are capacity controlled and may be modified or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply. Seabourn Reserves the right to correct errors." Now what we need is next summer's cruise we want to take to start dropping to the level this year's eventually sailed. With that one we're getting to the point where if the fare does drop more we may end up just paying it to the airline as those fares tend to rise.
  4. We're +1 for the suggestion earlier in this thread that you use the cabinet opposite the end of the bed. That's what we do. The thing is incredibly thin and it's hard to think of much else could reasonably be put in there. It ends up being pretty handy as you can grab a pair of shoes as you pass the bed on the way out the door.
  5. This has been a complaint about Seabourn I think as long as I've been reading these forums; that they are always the last to put their schedules out. I think that indeed many/most people do not (cannot?) book 2-3 years out and Seabourn retains flexibility by waiting until about 18 months out before committing to theirs. There's another thread from a few weeks ago complaining, quite fairly I think, about Seabourn having radically changed a load of itineraries people have already signed up for, and I don't mean Cuba, these voyages were next year's med if I remember correctly. So my thought about "what's going on with Seabourn" is that they've decided, hopefully with evidence, that what they lose from the passengers who book 2-3 years out is more than gained back in schedule flexibility and concentration on selling a more limited book of cruises and not having to make too many post-booking changes to itineraries which costs them. Or, put the other way, if they saw there was overall more revenue from putting out cruise schedules further ahead, they'd do it. I do have to point out however that, despite releasing schedules later than everyone else, you can almost predict to the day where the ships are going to be every year and there's remarkably little variety shown which makes even us (who always book about 2 months before departure) wonder why they bother.
  6. You can often literally 'follow your nose'. Some people seem quite generous with the washing powder and the smell of lemon-scented suds often extends down the corridor. So aim for the strongest scent and when your eyes start to water, open the nearest door.
  7. Yes it's just for the TK special nights and I'm not entirely sure why they require reservations but we have never yet failed to get one, the Colonnade is large enough for the people who want the special, as far as I can tell. Earth and Ocean. On our cruise, which was nice and sunny and great weather for outdoors it filled up within 30 minutes of opening, however people ate and left and freed up tables so if you want to go closer to 8, you probably can. I would suggest just asking the host what a good time to arrive would be, they pretty much know how demand ebbs and flows and will help you to find a table.
  8. We had two of them on our cruise too, a lot of people similarly noticed.
  9. no it's USD, I always look at the main site as they don't have local (Singapore) pricing.
  10. You win! it just showed up on the 'Set Sail' with a new low price of $3,999. And it is 3 months out as you correctly guessed. Sure wish I had 17 days vacation left this year, that's a great price.
  11. I'd avoid that suite if I could, the location around the ship is quite good, but we've visited one of those and the veranda really is cut off, if you don't use it or don't mind, it may work for you. I've never been bothered by noise from the pool deck when in a suite underneath it but we're early risers so tend to be up before all the clattering about starts. My feeling about that suite is I'd never select it myself, if however I was on the V guarantee option and got assigned it, I'd live with it. That's a possibility for you too, if you take a V2 guarantee the worst which happens is you end up in 746 which you're thinking about anyway and you have a better than average chance of getting something better elsewhere on the ship. Thus far we've been lucky with the guarantees and have never been assigned anything less than a V5, we won't always be lucky if we keep doing it but we're fine with that and the savings from the guarantees pay for more more cruise days.
  12. I'm assuming Ross Roberts as it was on our trip into Shanghai and pretty sure he didn't get off until Kodiak. He certainly wasn't invisible during our 2 week leg, he was everywhere, saw him on deck, at any and every event, at trivia, greeting guests getting on and off at port, up at tea most days doing needlepoint and chatting to any and everyone who stopped by,we wondered when the guy ever got a break. Similarly Dave his assistant was always running around and he stopped for a chat many times. Yvonne, the other ACD, less so, but she was there. The captain, he was less visible. We did see him a little and he attended the events he had to attend and always seemed a little uncomfortable speaking and ran off afterwards. There were definitely officers in the main dining room every night hosting tables, lots of them. To the point we noted on our comment card that we saw many hosted tables and never received one invite the whole cruise, despite always enjoying them and indicating at the start of the cruise we'd be happy to receive some.
  13. Definitely will not be able to delay your disembarkation until afternoon, last disembarkation is port-dependent but usually is around 0900 or 0930. You will have to be off the ship by then. Unless you're flying with an airline which operates a continually staffed counter because they run flights all day long from the airport, you'll usually not be able to check in until about 3 hours beforehand. Even if you are flying such an airline, you still may not be able to check in *that* early. You could consider booking a day room at the airport hotel, you can either rest up there until check-in or leave your luggage there and go exploring, near the airport. Or do it the other way around and see if you can find a hotel near the cruise port, check in there and leave luggage, explore, take a shower and head to the airport for checkin. We often have late afternoon flights after cruises, we tend to just go to the airport and wait it out, check in then wait it out some more. For a 1715 flight we'd either do that, or if we really wanted a bit of comfort, book the day room at the airport hotel.
  14. I started this thread a year or more ago asking about the itinerary via Manila. We didn't do it in the end, timing didn't work out but it's still on our list.
  15. Yes we're looking at that - the piece of Australia we haven't visited. Hoping the cost reduces a little in the next year.
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