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  1. This is exactly what I think and this was predicted a year ago when they started handing out 125% credit. They've just moved prices to cover the 'credit' in the near term although I still think they'll try to keep them higher than previously longer term too. I think all the current fares will 'sell' as there's a lot of people with credit they have to use plus a lot of pent-up demand to cruise. We're not expecting to even look at cruising for a year or two until supply and demand level out.
  2. Don't know when they'll re-start cruising. I would have felt safe cruising at any point since the whole thing started because I've felt that the risk to us at our ages were negligible. I take more risk cycling on the roads here. I would agree for many people who are older than us it's a legitimate concern. The only 'risk' which would have bothered me is being stuck on the ship due to docking limitations, not from the disease No I would not cruise if I had to wear a mask. Since that became mandatory here in Singapore I've barely left the house (except to exercise) as I loathe wearing a mask. I cannot imagine enjoying a cruise or any other leisure activity having to wear one of those things. If ports wouldn't let passengers disembark I wouldn't expect a cruise line to go to them. Nope if I couldn't fraternize with other passengers I wouldn't cruise and if dining was just the two of us every night that would remove one of the main drivers for cruising which is to meet people from around the world. As the world begins to open up we will take vacations to the first places which don't impose mask, social distancing or quarantine restrictions (and when we can return home without similar quarantine issues). That to us is what will make leisure activities actually enjoyable; when cruises are like that, we'll be back on a ship the next day.
  3. Don't know why they bother with the V1, 2, 3 .. they should just call them $, $$, $$$ and $$$$
  4. All those are plausible suggestions, although as suggested by a previous poster they seem more geared to hoping nobody gets sick during a cruise than nobody gets sick as a result of a cruise. I still feel that having few people in total be together for longer periods at a time reduces the overall expected number of people who catch the virus as a result of cruising. Mix more total people, add more chances people catch things. Since we're constantly told that the virus can spread asymptomatically and that 14 days is actually quite long and the majority of people get sick long before that, if someone gets on a ship with covid the best I can come up with is that in 7 days they only infect the first round of people and you don't get 2 or more generations of sickness. I do believe that if someone does get on the ship sick but before the virus can be detected, in most cases they'd be infecting others long before the week is done. I'm definitely of the view that you shouldn't mix groups on ships, the cohort which gets on stays on until the end of the cruise and you don't have a mix-it-up turnaround day in the middle, I remain unconvinced that restricting the length that group is together to 7 days actually reduces the total number of people expected to get sick by virtue of the fact they cruised.
  5. yes that was one less-than-charitable thought I had. That it's not really about stopping the spread, it's about ensuring it happens somewhere else.
  6. Can anyone explain the rationale behind limiting cruises to 7 days? You put a group of people on a ship and if 1 is sick it's going to spread, ok I get that. How does changing that group every 7 days reduce that risk? Seems to be it would increase the likelihood of eventually getting an outbreak, more total people, more chances one is ill despite the pre-boarding testing. Conversely if you board a group of people and nobody is sick, keeping them all together for as long as possible sounds like a good idea. I would understand not selling pieces of cruises so you don't have guests arriving and leaving at different points thus increasing the mix, but having one group on for 2 weeks sounds like a better plan than having 2 groups on for 1 week each.
  7. As one currently imprisoned in Singapore I wouldn't get your hopes up for any changes in entry requirements here in the foreseeable future, by which I mean perhaps H2 2021. Singapore has managed to hammer out reciprocal travel arrangements for dignitaries to about 4 different countries with a list of preconditions which would make your head spin and it's possible, just possible that some kind of tourist bubbles with other Asean countries might happen late this year or early next (Malaysia probably the most possible as it's the closest); but I don't see general tourism restarting here any time soon. HK I don't know about. They kind of have less reason to open up to the world as they aren't so reliant on tourism in the first place. I'd give a Seabourn cruise between HK and Singapore in Jan 2021 about a 1% chance of happening.
  8. That's a number which has been suggested however there's no actual proof that I've been able to see at this point that says that's true. Seabourn already has low passenger density, they may have to make some adjustments but I'm not sure it will be that bad. I think prices increasing are indeed, as someone already wrote, because of supply and demand. The demand is from the huge number of passengers who have future cruise credit and need to use it up by a certain date. It was predicted back in March/April when they started offering 125% FCC with a limited term that cruise prices were going to rise to reabsorb some or all of that 'free money'. I expected to see just-before-sail prices a full 25% higher than they were the last few years.
  9. Perhaps I wish I were more like NorthByNorthwest but I haven't gotten there either. I also particularly hate wearing a mask and since wearing them became mandatory every time you step out of the house our routine has adjusted to avoid stepping out of the house any more than necessary .. which proves to be not very often. The fact it's 90F and 100% humidity here every day probably doesn't help there much, it's quite unpleasant. so we'll start cruising, or going to the cinema, or eating out or any other leisure thing when the adjustments made for 'safety' don't basically ruin a large part of the experience. Some of the suggestions I've seen for what the new cruising might be to me sacrifice a lot of the fun of it so we'll be taking a wait and see approach to what actually happens. Masks are a particular bug-a-boo for me, perhaps way more than other people, we all have things we're more or less concerned about; but let me ask, if the new cruising required you to don a mask as you left your suite in the morning and wear it around the ship whenever you are in a public space, sunbathing by the pool, at trivia, lectures, on any and all excursions, only removing it when you were sat down eating .. would you still cruise? I wouldn't. I feel like a lot of people wouldn't but I could be very wrong about how much other people find it annoying. This isn't a question by the way about whether people think they are effective and should be worn, only a question about whether having one on all waking hours would affect your enjoyment of the vacation.
  10. We'll only be waiting until restrictions on travel are lifted, rolling lockdowns are a thing of the past and we can vacation without masks by the pool or a ban on dining with people outside your 'bubble'. That applies to any vacationing, not just cruising, but at soon as going away is possible and actually likely to be fun, we'll be on the first plane or ship. Currently that feels like it might be a way off yet when even visiting a shop or having a meal out is a miserable experience .. but that will eventually change.
  11. Just look here https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/news/pause-global-cruise-operations.html to see the current state of cancellations. Different ships are subject to different cancellation schedules and currently the cruise you're talking about is the first one Quest is due to sail (its pause finishes November 6th). Until international travel returns to some kind of normal, which means quarantines are lifted, planes start flying regularly and you don't need to sit on a 20 hour fight wearing a face mask (only to then spend 2 weeks on a ship not wearing one), we're staying home and supporting any local restaurants which actually are still around to re-open here after what will be more than 3 months shut.
  12. Perhaps domestic flights are less affected but international travel has all but stopped. Examples, our flag carrier, Singapore Air has 96% of flights cancelled, Emirates was down below 2% flying last I looked, BA, all flights from Gatwick cancelled until further notice and most other routes flying once a week, EasyJet, none flying, RyanAir, none flying. Many countries currently have quarantines on returning residents and absolute bans on non-residents. I can't actually think of the nearest country to here I could fly to at all, not Malaysia, not Indonesia, Thailand, Australia or NZ. Even if I found one I could go to, I'd face 2 weeks quarantine at a government facility at my own expense when I returned. My sister-in-law just returned from Sweden, it took her nearly 2 weeks before she found a flight which wasn't cancelled before it took off and that ended up going via Doha, 6 people on the plane to Doha, 4 from there to Singapore. There is a skeleton service flying to bring residents home worldwide with a couple of flights a week but for the most part international flights are completely suspended because there are vanishingly few people who can enter many countries right now.
  13. in normal times you can have them refunded. I had one refunded when it was coming close to expiration and it was clear we wouldn't be use it before it did. These days .. I have no idea how long it would take to get one back.
  14. Well while getting on a plane, especially for a flight longer than a couple of hours, requires the passenger to don a mask I'm sure that I and many other people will be staying home. The last flight I took was 22 hours home from NY and had I been required to wear a sweaty face covering for the duration, I'd have swum home. Flying will get back to normal when and only when people are able, and feel safe, to gather together in numbers for an extended period without such measures. That may be a vaccine, it may be herd immunity, it may be people just deciding en-masse that enough is enough, I have no idea, but until then, I shall confine myself to the 721.5sq.km of Singapore. It is fortunate that we flew and cruised and travelled as much as we did the past 20 years, if I have to take a break from travelling, I can live with it. Forward staycation (and no need to board the cats!).
  15. You can read it on seabourn’s own site https://www.seabourn.com/en_US/news/pause-global-cruise-operations.html yours is already cancelled.
  16. we were on the next cruise afterwards and the CD and ACDs didn't change between those two cruises. The allegation in that complaint is completely impossible.
  17. I did read carefully before I posted yesterday and did not see refund mentioned. Either I am starting to have senior moments, or the wording was updated. Certainly agree it says it now.
  18. I read it but .. can they? I'm sure they can offer FCC, they can even prefer FCC however I would have thought, at least in many jurisdictions around the world, that if you buy something and the seller says they cannot deliver it and cancels it, refund of your purchase price must be an option.
  19. We loved it too, much preferred it to the TK grill concept. There were to be fair lots of complaints about how stale the concept was at the time but I think a lot of that falls at the feet of Seabourn who left the same sequence of menus to rotate, let the decor get a little dated and rested on their laurels. I find it odd that a business which relies on repeat customers rolls out a concept and then doesn't continue to change it to keep the experience fresh. R2 was certainly popular, we were always happy to take a cancellation or an early table to get in an extra reservation and there were many cruises that pretty much never happened. So their eventual response, instead of inventing a new concept and rolling it out, was to partner with a celeb, spend vast amounts converting the space and kitchens and roll out a restaurant with a fixed menu. I think they'd have done better refreshing R2 and holding onto at least the name, which harkened back to the little sisters, and if they wanted to have a celeb chef name, limit it to a daily special in the MDR, one preferably done somewhat better than the occasional TK special they now seem to be giving up on. Personally I've never had a problem with the food dreamed up by Seabourn's chefs, either on land or in the galley and find the whole celebrity idea a total distraction.
  20. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5322/?et_cid=3328640&et_rid=16714348&et_referrer=June 2008_Boards Mailing no letter required.
  21. I think the Australian one is based on the one they released here in Singapore a month ago. However the take up here hasn’t been more than 20% as far as I have read so far and the estimate is you need about 80% to be effective. I’m assuming that if we ever get to the point the lockdown here is relaxed having a running contact tracing app on your phone is going to be mandatory before you’re allowed to enter a mall or anywhere else you may find other people. edited to note that if this is based on the current Singapore app, iPhone restrictions on background apps mean it’s not that useful unless the app is the front foreground app ie you switch back to it after using any other app. im waiting for the joint Apple and google framework which they are rushing out which should work much better on all devices and has pretty good privacy built in.
  22. I think it's a lot different actually. I expect that the staff who laid the table have been taught proper hygiene techniques as were the staff who touched the cutlery beforehand. I certainly trust that a lot more than the handle of a spoon which has been grabbed by 50 passengers before me as they ladled out food. No guarantees in life, however I feel that being served food by trained staff is something not to be that concerned about however the shared implements used in buffets are a very easy vector for things to spread between passengers whose standards of hygiene differ. Since SARS a few years ago we have taken to carrying a spray bottle of alcohol-based sanitiser when we travel. I cannot claim I always remember to use it after heading to the breakfast buffet many hotels we go to have or getting back on the coach after a visit, but I certainly try to.
  23. I certainly hope nobody's thong has ever slipped into the salad 😄, neither the British nor Australian version. I don't see a lot of people picking food out of the salad with their fingers, that would not be nice. However I am always surprised to see people carefully picking up bread and rolls with the tongs, tongs which many others have touched, and then sitting down, picking up the roll and eating it with the same fingers they were handling the tongs with. Basically if you are serving yourself from a buffet with shared serving spoons in the mashed potato, shared tongs in the salad, orange juice from a jug which everyone has picked up etc, your hands are now contaminated with whatever everyone else had on their hands so keep them away from your mouth, away from your face or spritz them with alcohol solution before you eat. This is why I prefer to have my food served to me. I come to the dining room with clean hands and there are far fewer opportunities for them to become contaminated.
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