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  1. Hi Mr M, I cant directly help you but if we stop at any large city in the world, for about £6 or $10 I always buy a DK top 10 guide, it is basically as stated, a top 10 of virtually anything you are likely to want to see or need. It is not a substitute for a professional tour but we find it is a great starting point for an overview. It may be worth buying one on line.
  2. Gitmo, sounds like you have done well....... I hope you have a Hawker's licence!!
  3. I feel I want a fair price, I have a good relationship with my TA and although there is often someone who offers a better price I personally do not think it is worth changing agents. Over the years and many cruises I find that staying with a reasonable agent who has looked after me, for me is the best deal. I have only had a problem on a cruise once, maybe because my agent is dilligent and checks everything they can before I depart or maybe my agent is just lucky but when I did have an issue it was over a $500 OBC, this was not on my account when I checked in, I e mailed the agent on the day , they confirmed they had organised it with SB but somehow it was missed, the $500 was refunded to my credit card that day, which proved an issue as SB then credited me with the OBC! So for me a reliable agent I know is worth an average price.
  4. Hi SKP, I don't know what Interline is but I can only say how I found prices, maybe I was lucky! For me as I said I feel prices are lower these days. I know that Hong Kong - Singapore is not popular at the moment but Seabourn's offers in that region are so low they are almost paying us to go!
  5. I do understand what people are saying and I am sure the comments are fair criticism. I was on Seabourn recently after a 4 year break and I accept some bits were "missing" but I still felt that it is a luxury product. Every cruise line, at all levels are cost cutting as they all try to remain profitable. The one thing I feel needs to be said is that the cost of cruising of this standard has never been lower, there is over capacity in the luxary sector and that means prices have to be competitive. Before I booked our recent cruise I found that prices are generally quite a bit less today than 4 years ago. We all understand that the price of staff, food, alcohol, security and general overhead has risen over the years. The only way the cruise lines can do this is by cost cutting across the board. Maybe I am wrong but if Seabourn suddenly change back all the cost cutting items and put up prices, yes many of us here will be happy to pay more, but not all of us. This will mean that the ships will be sailing with less occupancy and in time the line will cease to exist. To my mind we all need the global economy to improve so there is more demand, prices will firm up and then the companies will have to be more competitive with their product offering which I feel will mean standards will improve again as the passenger will demand it when paying a premium. I feel this has to be taken into account....................
  6. I am another that likes to donate to the crew fund. I think that there are so many crew members who genuinely try to exceed your expectations where do you stop. To us the Crew Fund is a way of showing appreciation to everyone including the Deck hands who will always smile and say good morning when they are maintaining the ship. That said we do like to do a little something extra for our room stewardess, it tends to be a little card and something half way through and a private "thank you" just before we leave. I have never ever felt any gratuity was expected by anyone, and I have never felt or noticed that any passenger had received better service than anyone else just because I had even suspected that they had "tipped" If you feel that you have been well looked after, a Crew Fund donation is appreciated but not expected, your call.
  7. We absolutely love staying at The Betsy at South Beach, which I think is about a 25 minute drive from the cruise terminal. We just feel it has a unique ambience that very few hotels have. For us a couple of nights pre cruise could not get off to a better start than a couple of days at The Betsy.
  8. Hi Rols, thanks for your reply, you mentioned "We just had this thread last week" I did a search for "MDR Breakfast" and nothing came up. If you get chance can you post the link. I do try to look up the answer myself as it is not right to ask people the same questions over and over again especially within a week!.
  9. I have been searching through previous posts whether breakfast is still served in the MDR daily. Some say it is and some say it isn't! It is 4 years since we sailed and on our previous voyages we have always found the MDR open for Breakfast, however reading recent posts the situation seems debatable! Can anyone tell me the definitive answer as Mrs RL loves a quiet breakfast in the MDR. Thanks
  10. I have done this a couple of times and quite frankly it is not an easy trip with luggage. May I suggest that you look at getting a price from Rome Chauffeur or Rome Cabs, they do fixed prices that I felt are reasonable and are quoted on their web sites. The two companies are different but seem to work together and are totally reliable. For me in my mind we have spent so much on the trip, a little extra on the cab is money well spent compared to the difficulty or getting to Rome by public transport especially in Italy. Let us know how you get on.
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments, I did not mean it as a discussion thread but more what people have observed. We are due to go on our next trip soon and as it is 4 years since our last Seabourn cruise which is quite a long time for trends to change slightly I was just wondering if the dress code has softened. Up to my last cruise I would always wear a jacket or sport coat every evening if we were dining in the MDR. For this trip I may drop the jacket on some evenings and wear a formal shirt and classic trousers with or without a sweater or cardigan that will still look smart. Personally I would never wear a Hawaiian shirt either on Seabourn or even in Hawaii. We Brits in general don't do casual well!
  12. People watch...........no one looks at me......I am a rotund Danny DeVito double...............however you may look at Mrs 787..........she is Christie Brinkley's more attractive younger sister.
  13. We are just looking to start cruising with Seabourn again after a break of 4 years. When we last sailed normally in the MDR I would wear a jacket, sometimes with a Tie. I do think generally dress has relaxed slightly so would smart trousers with a shirt and stylish classic sweater / cardigan be acceptable these days? I do still believe on Formal nights a dark suit with a tie is appreciated.
  14. The sentiment is correct but of course this will add costs to the cruise line. I am unsure how this will work, will we be given 1 each time we leave the ship or allocated one per voyage. Just out of interest has anyone ever seen water in recyclable tins, just like a can of coke?
  15. I just feel we have to put things in perspective, sure both are simple basic champagnes but it is what you get with all inclusive, if we want extra quality alcohol we have to pay extra for it. I understand that some cruisers feel that standards may have dropped over the years, which may be true but one thing is certain prices are definitely much lower, I do not feel we can have everything.
  16. Hi Machotspur, I see your in the Cotswolds, so are we. If you want to ask me any questions about The Eden please feel free to message me. I am sure you will adore your stay.
  17. Our personal preference is to get straight home after a cruise but we do love a few days pre cruise in the area. Rome has been mentioned a few times above and The Hassler and The De Russie are special places to stay. Personally we adore The Eden, it is just tranquillity in perfection and always our first choice pre cruise or for a few days in the eternal city.
  18. It is amazing how we are all different, I personally would probably just wander over to a supervisor after we had finished, explained that I was a little disappointed in the event and left it at that. In my view this is not really a major crime and as the op's husband is a professional pâtissier what is he even bothering to spend time going into detail with the waiter. My view is just forget it, enjoy your vacation with some great friends, let him feel a little awkward every time he sees you and let him realise that you are above it. Remember, you are the ones enjoying your fabulous holiday and he is just working. If you feel better booking with another line for this reason that's fine, but remember are you sure that the other line would be any better, if we are honest it probably won't be.
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