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  1. Should say $900 CA, couldn’t edit for some reason.
  2. We won too! Same cruise. We’ve gone from GS to Crown Loft for $950 CA or $680 US. Very happy. We got the accessible one for some reason, 1742. Nice big room and larger balcony! Score!
  3. Yes they do! I bid the minimum on an upgrade from GS to 1 Bed Aqua (2018, shortly after the program rolled out). Went back in to modify and the min had dropped. So I dropped my bid. We ended up winning too!
  4. Where is the link to change my preferences? can't seem to find it on the site
  5. I won an upgrade from a GS to a 1 Bed Aquasuite a couple years ago. Just did the min bid too. This is when the program was just being rolled out, so I think that had a lot to do with my luck. Currently waiting on my UP to come thru for the 23rd of Feb. Not holding my breath.
  6. I've only done express walk off at FLL. We lined up just after 6 (there were quite a few in line with us) and we got off around 6:30. Customs was pretty quick. We were able to make a 10am flight at FLL.
  7. Wow. That's a lot to do solo, let alone with kids. I'd recommend being at the park 1 hour ahead of opening to ensure ropedropping FOP. I don't think you'd be able to do that. Customs, traffic, bag check, so many variables. Good luck.
  8. I've never done that, but just got back from 3 weeks at Disney--so I feel I can comment. By the time you get to your hotel and drop off bags (your room may not be ready til 4 or even later). You then have to catch a bus/monorail or other to the park, go thru bag check lines, ticket lines etc. It's a busy lengthy process. My advice (if you're asking) would be to get to the hotel, drop bags, have a nice lunch at the hotel and then go in. If heading to the Magic Kingdom you'll be in time for the afternoon parade. Hang around afterwards, as usually many exit the park at this time. If you ca
  9. I'm in the same situation. I think it means we're in limbo. At least not rejected just yet!
  10. Staying in a GS on Oasis in a couple weeks. Do they still offer complimentary wine and beer from 11-11?
  11. If we win our bid from Sky class to Star class do we get our pre-paid gratuities automatically refunded?
  12. If (big IF!) we win our Royal up bid from Sky class to Star class will they refund our pre-paid gratuities automatically?
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