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  1. We were in the Grand on this sailing with late seating. The Grand is split between my time and traditional. It looked like the right side was for my time and the left side traditional. There was always a line for my time dining waiting for tables. Not sure long they were waiting. There wasn't many tables for 2, so I'm not sure how they give out tables. Hope this helps. Let me know if have anymore questions.
  2. We got off Oasis today, too. We did self debark and left the ship just after 7am. We didn't get to our gate at the airport until a little after 9 - and the TSA line only took 5 minutes at FLL. We ran into some of our tablemates at the airport. They said they were off the ship by 6:15ish and were through customs and to the airport within an hour. They could have made the 9am flight. So, get off the ship as early as possible if you don't want to wait in a REALLY long, slow moving line!
  3. I believe it's something like 90 days before. Check your cruise planner online for shows.
  4. I'm on the cruise right now. They had games on in the aqua theater and many of the bars for the great eight games. You will not have troubles finding the final four games.
  5. Our flight leaves at 6:30 tomorrow morning and we still don't have anything actually in the suitcase. DH and I have ran our errands to pick up things we didn't have (travel size items, sunscreen, etc) and we did some laundry last night, but nothing is packed yet. We usually would be packed by now, but our schedules have been crazy and with the holiday, there just wasn't time to pack early. Oh well, at least this will probably help me to not overpack! :p
  6. We're on the same cruise and leaving for Miami tomorrow morning. I guess I should start packing! ;)
  7. I'm glad you had a great cruise! DH and I will be on the Destiny in 3 weeks and we're really looking forward to it. Do you happen to have any copies of the Fun Times from your sailing that you could post?
  8. It's really a matter of personal preference. Do you like eating at the same time every night or do you want it to be flexible? Do you prefer to eat at 6:30 or 8:30? DH and I have always done late seating because we don't want to be rushed getting to dinner after our excursions. We like having the same people at our table every night and we don't mind eating late.
  9. I say go for it. DH and I have done 2 RCCL cruises and are now trying out Carnival (55 days!! :D). From what I've read, there seems to be more similarities than big differences. I can't wait to try out Carnival myself! If you do try RCCL, I would recommend the Radiance class ships. They're a little smaller, so they only have a rock wall, no Flowrider though. (I'm assuming you ment the Flowrider, not the Windjammer...that's the buffet). Which ever way you go, have fun on your vacation!
  10. We paid that...but it's for 12 nights in Europe. No way would we pay that for the Caribbean!
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