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  1. Thanks for the reply. We booked our Crown cruise with a website travel company that I would prefer not using again. I will wait for the credits to appear and hope our preferred cabins are not booked. Princess must be overwhelmed with credits and refunds! Thanks again. We haven’t cruised in years and admittedly are not very good online.
  2. We were scheduled to leave Monday on the Crown and have chosen option one. Our Crown cruise is still showing up in our documentation. Do you wait until the new cruise credits all show up on your account to book a new cruise? Should I book it on line or call and book directly. There appears to be a select few cabins on the future cruise we are interested in. Thanks everyone.
  3. Is the cancellation period now 48 hours? I thought it was 72. We are suppose to sail Monday on the Crown and we are still debating about it.
  4. Please double check but think the Governor of Hawaii has put a sixty day hold on cruise ships coming in.
  5. Please excuse my stupid question but I am an old grandpa that knows nada about this stuff but I do love my movies. My wife has an internet package only for her phone not the iPad that I would want to watch a movie on. We do have amazon prime so could I watch everything on that site or do I have to download them? Thanks for your help!
  6. Relax enjoy and have a wonderful time!
  7. Perfect thanks to you both for the response.
  8. Sailing on the Crown and trying to decide on the drink package. Does anyone know if Prosecco is included or if it is even on board??? Thanks
  9. Keith one more dumb question. I am assuming the ships plan only works on board. What about while in port. Can I use the phone for pictures, etc. without a problem. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the help! We are on the Crown Princess for a ten day cruise. Been quite a few since we have cruised and things are certainly different! Again appreciate your help.
  11. OK I am apologizing in advance for this,post but I am completely confused. Please help out this technology poor grandma with this internet/phone business. I have an iPhone and my carrier is At & T. I have never signed up for an type of international package with them. Was planning on getting the internet thru the ship to allow me to text with family etc. but after reading the above post and looking at carriers website I am fearful I will be charged by my carrier whenever I turn on my phone to use the ships service. Grandpa doesn’t want to go get any package so if I get pay for the se
  12. On our first Princess Cruise a few years ago we were herded into a large room and were not allowed to board until our deck came up, which ended up being at 2:00. How do you avoid that?
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