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  1. We got an up-sell email 4 weeks out to go from SS to Neptune for $539 USD per person. We declined.
  2. The only thing we needed kuna for was public restrooms. They were not free but only took coins so we had to ask a local to change a bill to get the necessary coins.
  3. I just wrote to One Touch as well. It’s death by a thousand cuts. For the first time in years we have no X cruises booked. We had cancelled our 2020 B2B. We currently have two cruises booked with other lines.
  4. I’ll ask him if Seagrams is ok. If not, I guess we will be shopping. He likes a Bombay Sapphire so I will suggest he ask for it separately with ice and lime (in a tall glass) as recommended. Thank you!
  5. Thanks to a long time discussion of tonic for G&T on the Azamara board, my DH has gotten a taste for Fever Tree tonic. He can live with Schweppes. Anybody know if either of those are available on Zuiderdam? if not, we will make an effort to buy some before embarkation. We have the SBP if that matters. TIA, Nancy
  6. That stinks. My last X cruise I caught a cold and had trouble sleeping. Watched a lot of movies. A couple more than once.
  7. We purchased the SBP for the two of us for our upcoming cruise. First time on HAL. With SBP, when you order your drink, do you have to sign each time? DH hates dealing with all the paper. He wanted the package because he loved Azamara and Paul Gauguin where it was just so easy not dealing with signing chits all the time.
  8. I’m now wondering about our cruise May 14, 2020 on Pursuit that appears to not be selling well. I understand that it was only recently put on the schedule what with the change to going to Europe early. But if I look at available cabins, all most the entire ship is showing available with only 1 to a few cabins showing booked in almost all categories. We will definitely hold off on getting our air arrangements until closer in.
  9. I wanted to give shout out because so many have been having frustrations with US Azamara reps over the phone. I was so pleasantly surprised at the quick, efficient and friendly service I received. We had a B2B scheduled for April 2020 that we had booked onboard X last November. My husband can no longer go due to a work conflict. So I called and talked to Christine at Azamara. We needed to cancel one half of the B2B and then move the other to a cruise a month later. She was quick and knowledgeable. She moved the deposits over to the new one and we were also able to retain our booked-on-board OBC benefits for the moved cruise. Easy peasy. Thanks, Christine.
  10. Seems odd to have a big promotion extended through today but no way to call them to take advantage of it. I need to move an existing reservation. Oh well.
  11. Just a note to be careful when using it. DH added it to his card. I logged in and tried to add it to mine and it said I couldn’t do that because it was already there. The two cards are on the same AmEx account, just different numbers. I purchased a beverage package using my card number. The charge posted as Holland America, but no $150 rebate. Turns out you HAVE to use the same card number you first added the deal on. Being the same account doesn’t work. No worries. I have to buy the other beverage package yet, so I’ll be sure to do it right this time.
  12. Used my AmEx today to buy one today. I’m hoping the spend $500 get $150 rebate promo for AmEx works. I’ll buy the other with a different card.
  13. I understand. I think we will go ahead and pre-purchase. Signature is coming out to $44.95 +15% per person per day for drinks up to $11. Elite $59.95 + 15% per person per day for drinks up to $15. It is very hard to find up to date information about what exactly is included for the extra. Any good sparkling wines in the Signature?
  14. I got a good deal on a signature suite this fall on Zuiderdam (October 2019). It has the restricted non-refundable deposit and a distinctive dining package. (Means we can’t cancel and rebook). This will be our first cruise on HAL, but we have cruised a lot of other lines. I’ve been searching the boards but haven’t found the answer to this question. My hubby would like a beverage package because he likes the convenience. It appears that it is cheaper to buy ahead of time instead of waiting until we are aboard. Celebrity has been sending out emails offering percentages off of cruise “enhancements” such as beverage packages, dining packages, shore excursions. Does HAL do that too? Should I go ahead a buy us the beverage package or wait until closer in? TIA, Nancy
  15. Are they ever going to fix the 20 thread fetch problem? I have to login to cruise critic every time I open the Tapatalk app. I can deal with that on my iPad. It's the only fetching 20 threads per forum that drives me batty. The browser-base UI on iPad is bad, IMO. I think switching to that new platform was a big mistake on CC's part. I'd rather use Tapatalk. Without Tapatalk, I do not read or participate in the forums any more.
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