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  1. bazzaw

    Hand sanitiser aversion

    True!!! BUT Norovirus is the BIGGIE and hand sanitizers do not touch it!
  2. bazzaw

    Hand sanitiser aversion

    Whenever there is a Norovirus outbreak on a ship , I always ask the question "why is it that on a ship with say 3000 people onboard, only 300 got Norovirus?????" I believe that these are the very people who do not WASH their hands regularly and rely on sanitizers.
  3. bazzaw

    Hand sanitiser aversion

    I would like to see these hand sanitisers banned entirely!!!!!Why?? - because they do not protect against Norovirus (which is a virus, not a bacteria) and therefore give people false assurance that they are doing the right thing before entering an eating place. There is only one way to battle Norovirus and that is to wash hands regularly and thoroughly, especially before eating. The matter of washing hands after toileting is of course another important matter to combat e coli poisoning.
  4. bazzaw

    Recent St Petersburg experience?

    Same for us in May this year - friends were on a Princess ship last month and had problems getting off.
  5. bazzaw

    Pride of America Cruise

    We did that cruise a few years ago - thoroughly enjoyed it. It is quite different from any other cruise we have been on ( and we have done 24 so far) . It is a "fun" cruise - the fun starts before you even join the ship while waiting in the terminal before boarding. It is a VERY Hawaiaan cruise - unlike other cruises which simply visit Hawaii , this one IS Hawaiaan and there is a big difference between the two. It is possible to be just a bit disappointed with Hawaii itself if you think that you are just going to walk off the ship into a tropical wonderland. In most of the ports , you really need to do some kind of tour to get you away from the port. Considering that Hawaii is just a bunch of little islands :) - it is a big place which is very untropical around the commercial ports.
  6. bazzaw

    Must see in each Baltic Port

    It's not the nudity itself - it is the juxtaposition of nude old men with nude children!! Don't know about Norway - but I can imagine an artist in the country where I live approaching local authorities for some place to display his sculptures - which seem to mostly consist of naked old men and children :) I don't think it would fly at all!! :) On a similar note I am always amazed that Gaudi was able to start his Cathedral in Spain in the 20's - given the Conservative nature and Catholicism of that time. I am also not sure that would fly elsewhere today either. :) But regardless- Vigeland Park is a must see in Oslo for all IMO . It was a wet cold and windy half day ship's tour in May that introduced me to him - would love to go back with more time on a nice day.
  7. bazzaw

    Must see in each Baltic Port

    Of all the places I have been to in the World, one I had never even heard of but proved to be one of the most memorable. You have to see it to believe it - but you may not be able to understand it. I am certain that it could never be created today in the current PC climate Vigeland park in OSLO http://www.vigeland.museum.no/en/vigeland-park
  8. bazzaw

    Touring independently in St Petersburg

    We have done the 2 day "all inclusive" TJ Tours twice now - once was 8 years ago and this time only a couple of months ago. We HIGHLY recommend them. On both occasions we were cruising with Cunard line.
  9. Yes - I have used Insure and GO also but as you say we don't know about claims. I am not that concerned about cost - but rather can I even get insurance before I decide to make a booking??? It seems like now I have to see if I can even get insurance before I make a booking???
  10. It was all so simple some time ago - I would see a great cruising deal, book it and pay the deposit (sometimes the whole thing) and then go and arrange some travel insurance. That was in the days when I had no "pre-existings". In those days , I saw many people who I wondered how they even had travel insurance. In fact, I suspect that they didn't - because what travel insurance company would accept them??? But today, I have "pre-existings" . I have found cover/acceptance of my Atherosclerosis for our last trip - but now I also have Central Retinal Vein Occlusion ( which basically means " almost" blindness in one eye) - probably associated with the atherosclerosis but in reality , the medicos really don't know. So anyway - it seems now that I will somehow or other have to find travel insurance BEFORE I book any travel!!! This will be something new for me - and wondering if any others are in this boat???
  11. bazzaw

    How Long to Disembark in New York

    There are really 3 delay areas when disembarking in NYC - 1. getting off the ship 2. Getting through Border Control and 3. getting a taxi outside. Our disembarkation time was 10:30 recently so quite a long wait there considering we had to be out of our cabin by 8AM, then took an hour to get through Border Control (we were not aware of the trick of using the porters ) and then another 30 minutes to move up the taxi queue.
  12. bazzaw

    23kg or 20kg ?

    We recently used National Express coach to get us to Southampton - they quoted 20KG so that is what we packed to. It has to do with O,H & S regs. Flying to the UK we were allowed 2x23Kg and Cunard obviously doesn't weigh anything.
  13. We have done privately organised tours with TJ tours twice now and recommend them highly. I am not sure about "St Petersburg on your own" - either legally or practically. My understanding is that the only way you can do anything "on your own" in SPB is if you have a full visa obtained by yourself before you leave home. The visas obtained for you when doing either a private shore tour or a ships tour are dependent on you staying with the tour guide at all times. From a practical point of view - SPB is a huge city with long distances between the major touristy places . I don't know how practical it would be to do anything much on your own even if you had the appropriate visa. Underground trains info is all in Cyrillic.
  14. bazzaw

    Cruising demographics

    Two recent cruises on QV and QE had over 1300 Australian passengers on each ship - and over 1000 on a transatlantic QM2 voyage.
  15. bazzaw

    Arriving into NYC

    A tour and lunch at the Brooklyn Brewery???