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  1. I noted this video when it came out in early September. Despite the appearance of the Title - it is reasonably positive - but halfway through the vid it starts to discuss the finance arrangements of Carnival and RCL - obtaining multi-Billion Dollar finances to last them until Mid-2021. I have also noted lots of people very positive - but wonder if they understand just how long the last pandemic went on 100 years ago ( years!!) .?? Is mid 2021, the reckoning time for the cruise Industry???
  2. I think I will rephrase my statement about using TA's in the future - I will not use an ONLINE TA in the future. With an online TA, all you have is an email address!!!!
  3. I don't have a dog in this fight anymore 🙂 - but I was watching a video about the cruise industry that said that the major players ( Carnival Corp and RCL) had gotten multi-Billion$ finances to last them through to the middle of next year with no income until then - also said that Carnival is currently burning through $500 million USD per month!!!! Meanwhile the clock is ticking!!!! This may eventually turn out to be a much bigger deal than FC closing up!! I know that many/most of us had no conception in March that we would reach October now with no resolution - another 6 months will soon tick by.
  4. Les - I don't mind getting the emails - I am just wondering who would be responding to them.???? I don't respond to Nigerian Princes who want to give me all their money either.
  5. OMG ! - all these emails I am receiving promoting/advertising cruises in the future !!! We have no ships here at all right now - and nobody knows when we will have any ( even forgetting about the little question of staffing) !! I feel like I am living in an alternate Universe full of enthusiastic wishful thinkers or perhaps a giant Ponzi scheme! !!!!
  6. I think you meant "small and expensive" ?? 🙂
  7. Almost nobody wearing masks where I live just south of Brisbane. Went down to the Gold Coast on Sunday - VERY busy (probably because school hols??) and no masks to be seen anywhere. This pandemic will just have to run out it's course (Worldwide) - this is going to take some years. We always knew that "flattening the curve" strategy was only ever meant to slow down the rate of effect of the virus to a manageable level but the success of this across the country have led many to believe that we can now adopt an " elimination - nobody must die " strategy. IMO impossible and unsustainable.
  8. Story told me by a person who hired a minimoke in NI. There is a Company which hires these mokes - I think there are only 3 of them and they are brightly coloured. The Moke was delivered to the hotel he was staying at and when he asked where should he return it , they said "Oh - Just park it anywhere on the Island - we will find it" TRUE!!!!!
  9. I would recommend not to look a gift horse in the mouth! - but also to stand by for a cancellation
  10. Which is why I chose refunds - rather than FCC . Took a long time for the refunds to eventuate, but I am happy that we went this way. The future is too unclear for me!!!!
  11. Cruising is only one aspect of this - it is the entire containment cum elimination strategy that is unsustainable. The reason that there will be no cruising for a long time is because the adherents of the containment/elimination strategy are currently dominant.
  12. I am thinking that another year or two IS a LONG time 🙂 Both in terms of the Financial viability of the Companies and the technical viability of the ships - ships don't like sitting around in the water doing nothing.
  13. There is a lot of "wishful" thinking affecting these future cruise bookings - plus of course all of those FCC's that have already been issued. We are seeing not only a second wave of Coronavirus - but also a second wave of cancelled cruises creating a kind of "compounded" FCC's situation - one FCC leading to another FCC which with sufficient blindness and wishful thinking will lead to triple compounded FCC's until THE END!
  14. What I was saying and continue to say is that these lockdowns/restrictions are unsustainable. I am also saying that the Coronavirus IS a big deal - in fact, much bigger than many/most can comprehend (as illustrated by the number of people on our Planet) and the current view of trying to hide under the bedsheets and hoping it will go away is unsustainable. This view alone will be enough to prevent any cruising for many years to come- so therefore be very wary about booking (and paying for) future cruises for a LONG time.
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