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  1. Cunard have been playing poker with their customers for months now - they are waiting for you to blink. They have lost me forever!!!!
  2. I think that there is a bit of a play on words going on - either intentionally or unintentionally, I don't know. I keep hearing 60 days from............. but I can never get my question "FROM WHEN?" answered. From date that refund is requested, from date of cruise departure, from date of cruise cancellation, but now a new one has emerged "Refunds to Agents are 60 days from when refund is processed" , but when will refund be "processed"?? 🙂 . I once watched a dog chasing it's tail for 10 minutes - and I thought how small things amuse small minds - and then I realised that I had been watching a dog chase its tail for 10 minutes!! 🙂 I think I am watching that dog all over again!!!!
  3. " "Cunard are refunding agents in 60 days from when the refund is processed." ' - but WHEN is the refund processed????
  4. I don't think any Cunard customers have received funds yet - Princess customers seem to be being handled the best.
  5. Just read a similar post to this - over on the Princess CC forum. Princess has of course a lot more ships than Cunard - but the thread over there is 106 pages long. They are talking in terms of "Pauses" = pause1,pause2,Pause3, etc - and it seems like refund money has started flowing from pause 1 ( whatever pause 1 actually is I don't know. My cancelled cruise was cancelled on 19 Feb - ancient compared to the subsequent monthly "pauses" that Cunard later announced - but still no sign of any money to me 😞
  6. I am thinking that the Carnival Corp cruiselines are refunding based upon cruise departure date - and not cancellation date. This past week I have noted some people with cruises which were meant to depart in March saying that they have received refunds. This makes my May departing date ( cancelled in february) still with possibly months to go before receiving any refund
  7. Similar thing happened to me. It seems like the TA's have a "normal" routine when it comes to cancellations - BUT cancellation routine is for when the passenger cancels the cruise- not when Cunard cancels it. Frankly I really do believe we will not get any refunds - Cunard cancelled my first cruise on 19 February - just how long do they need?????
  8. Was that a full refund of the Fare?
  9. BUT - what "Princess" was that making that statement - UK, US or Australia . My understanding is that there is no "Princess Australia" - there is just one office which handles all Carnival Corp business. I don't believe that I have heard from even one single Aussie who has received a refund of their FARE from any of the Carnival Corp brands!!
  10. Even before all this happened, I was starting to realise that I was booking trips which were too long and involved and that I was booking them too far ahead. At 73yo, even though I am fit and overall healthy, unusual health conditions have been starting to come up unexpectedly (lost an eye last year) and this year all of a sudden , my Doctor suspected that I may have colonic cancer ( which proved to be false) - BUT this "scare " happened just when I was due to pay $20,000 final payment to Cunard after already having committed $6000. Decided to take a gamble and commit - and then 3 weeks later this thing called coronavirus came along. Decades ago , overseas travel was enjoyable for me - then over the past decade or so it became less enjoyable because of Worldwide mass tourism - and I am thinking that perhaps it is now going to get even less enjoyable. Can't really imagine an enjoyable cruise now- social distancing in the theatre, bars, restaurants, tender boats, etc ?????
  11. I have learned two things about this situation - one is to never deal with a TA again and the second is to only pay by Credit Card!!! I did the worst of both.I paid a TA by Bank Transfer - direct to their account - and in Australia 😞
  12. My cruise was cancelled by Cunard by email on 19 Feb - with promise of a full refund. I have not heard a single thing from them since!! Without this forum, I would have known nothing about how to apply for a refund or even that I had to.
  13. 60days?????? My question remains - 60 days from when??? 60 days from the date of the email Cunard sent me on 19 February cancelling my 38 day 06 May Yokohama to Alaska or 60 days after they implemented a web based "application for refund" form a couple of months later - or 60 days after the cruise was meant to start on 06 May - or 60 days after the cruise was meant to finish on 12 June . ????
  14. The WHO has already implied that "perhaps" this virus will become endemic - as are many other viruses/diseases that humans are subject to. It has taken a long time to "defeat' polio, smallpox, etc and other conditions like influenza and conditions caused by the obesity epidemic will take us out. Just for a bit of perspective - if nothing else " We can't do much about our own Government - but we can control our own paranoia if we apply a bit of perspective to our situation. In 2018, 30860 deaths were registered in Qld. In 2019, 5 people PER WEEK died from Influenza during the flu season. So far this year, 71 people have died on Qld roads!-- and a total of 6 people have had their deaths "attributed" to coronavirus since Jan 1 this year . So make sure you wash your hands and stay away from sick people - the flu season is upon us now and the impatient morons who want to get to where they are going by yesterday have returned to our roads in force!!!!! Personally at age 73, I have little fear of contracting coronavirus." Or , on the other hand - A MONSTER IS ATTACKING OUR VILLAGE. TO DEFEAT THE MONSTER , WE MUST DESTROY THE VILLAGE!!!
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