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  1. Trouble is that now they have an enormous backlog of FCC passengers.
  2. How about the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne?? https://www.thehotelwindsor.com.au/
  3. I have previously asked the question - hear and elsewhere - "what will happen when positive cases are found onboard a cruiseship" ? - I guess the answer lies in the situation that has happened on the MSC ship doing an "Around Britain" cruise. Refused entry to a Scottish port, she sailed along to the next English port. Britain = 3 different States , with differing Governments and attitudes. Here in Australia we have 6 different States - all also with very different approaches to Covid. The situation regarding cruises "around Australia" is untenable and unworkable - and will not become workable until the paranoia dies down - and I think that will take some years yet.
  4. Because , as PT Barnum once famously said - there's a sucker born every minute!
  5. They certainly wont be getting any of my cash for such a proposal - would you pay a deposit for an "off the plan" Apartment - in an Apartment building which may or may not be built in 2022???
  6. Just got an email from a TA for a repositioning cruise --- HELLOOOO!!!
  7. Has anybody actually watched the vid?? 🙂 - what are your thoughts on this new ship? - on her current inaugural cruise??
  8. I asked a young Indian Assistant Waiter why he had started working on the cruiseships. He said that he intended to work long enough to go home and buy a house. He said - where I live , no house no wife!!! :)
  9. As P T Barnum once famously said - there's a sucker born every minute! In this instance, I am thinking of those fools who would outlay real cash for a cruise at the moment, either deposit or final payment.
  10. A few days ago, the PM said that the International border will be closed indefinitely - regardless of the level of vaccination in Australia- until they get definite experience of how the vaccines cope with the new COVID variants.
  11. At age 80+, even the healthiest/fittest of people have a high statistical likelihood of dying at any time. For overseas travel, the cost of transport/evacuation of a body from say London or New York would cost a LOT!!!!! Insurance premiums are worked out from statistical data. https://understandinsurance.com.au/understanding-risk
  12. No - neither am I ! It has been widely reported that the vaccine neither stops you from getting the virus nor spreading it further. But it seems to me that many people are unaware of this or it's meaning - or are ignoring it and allowing their wishful thinking fantasies to guide their thinking. I am just wondering how this will affect Govt and peoples decisions when the reality of this fully sinks in. What will Anastasia do on the first time that a vaccinated health worker is tested positive - after having been out in the community???
  13. We were on that same cruise - had a great time - I made a blog about it here http://pacificpearltotahiti.blogspot.com/
  14. Les - We had to wait over 6 months before we got $36,000 back from Cunard and "the1st" TA last year - the only good thing about the drama was that I did not choose to rollover our cash into FCC. If I was religious , I would Thank God!! for that. I felt like I was in a race with the Bankruptcy Court as to who would get our money - me or them!!!! I wouldn't even consider booking anything and throwing cash onto the poker table more than about 1 week before the event right now . Tourist official said last week to make sure BEFORE you book a half price airfare in Australia that you can secure a hotel room at your destination - apparently hotels are short of staff and are not able to open all their rooms and hence room availability is very tight.
  15. I am interested in these latest two developments - to see where they lead and also what impact they will have. The first was this revelation https://www.smh.com.au/world/south-america/argentine-president-tests-positive-to-covid-despite-vaccination-20210404-p57gdo.html and the second is this WHO "ruling" https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/who-urges-against-vaccine-passports-even-for-international-travel-20210407-p57h0d.html So - closer to home - what will authorities do when , for the first time, a vaccinated health worker is discovered to be positive for Covid and has been out in the community for some time. What will Australian authorities do if WHO pushes harder on the idea of no required evidence of vaccination ( due to inequities, etc)
  16. Will you please stop speaking the truth and arguing logically when it comes to Covid19 - they will get you nowhere. Last year we had 6 deaths in Queensland - supposedly from Covid although they were very early on in the year and I am unsure that the medicos even knew who had Covid then and who did not. Meanwhile in the same timeframe we have 200+ road deaths in Qld alone. There was not one road/highway closure or cars banned from leaving the house in an attempt to prevent this carnage. It seems like Queenslanders have become numb to road deaths.
  17. From all the offers I have been getting by email from online TA's regarding future cruises - if I didn't know better, I would think that cruises are actually operating right now. Is there an alternative Universe somewhere ??
  18. Our last cruise was on Pacific Dawn in 2019. She was returning to Brisbane from Singapore after a refit (her last ever?) via Darwin (which we had never visited before) and Komodo Island . We had sailed on her a few times out of Brisbane and always liked her. We thought that after this refit she looked better than she ever had - finally all new "grass" on the upper decks 🙂 Most of the older ships we have been on are now gone forever - but somehow the thought of PD gone hurts the most. We have had 8 international cruises with Cunard , around- the -World with P&O UK , several on the big RCL monsters - but the inaugural visit to PNG on PD will possibly be the most memorable for us. Although trying to compare cruises is like comparing children - impossible 🙂
  19. Somebody in another Forum elsewhere posted that they have received an email from P&O UK regarding specific travel insurance requirements for a supposed upcoming P&O UK cruise . The email said " You must have: insurance with cruise cover, (do not assume you will have it - ask your insurer or check policy states this), £2million medical cover, covid 19 medical cover, medical evacuation cover, all known medical conditions declared and covered, repatriation cover and a policy that covers all countries you are visiting if you don't have full world wide cover and the policy covers full period of your holiday. It also states that you will be asked to provide and show insurance documentation before you can board or you will not be allowed to board for your holiday." Seems to me I can recall this kind of thing in the past in the fine print of cruise bookings that we have made - but as we did take out Insurance and nobody ever asked to see evidence of such insurance, it kind of faded into the background of our early cruising concerns. What say you????
  20. fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!!! The first set of cancellations of cruises which affected Aussies happened over 12 months ago - our cruise on Queen Elizabeth was cancelled on 19 Feb. It took 6 months to get our refund. It seems that there are some here who are either slow learners - or have allowed their enthusiasm to overwhelm their good judgement. I do however feel sorry for those people with the early cancellations who unknowingly at that time, allowed the cruise lines to offer them OBC and FCC and now have neither nor a refund ( although I do suspect that perhaps old-fashioned greed was part of their downfall. - A retiring Scotland Yard detective, when asked what makes for a good "sting" answered - a greedy person, the victim , not the fraudster)
  21. Thank you all for the replies so far - my wife has done very well , firstly with a double mastectomy and now completed the first 3 months of her chemotherapy. So far - apart from her now being balder than me - she has had no side effects at all.
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