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  1. I tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome on an iPad running iOS 12.4.1 and none worked. Using the browser to switch to the “Desktop Site” didn’t help, either. It DOES work on an Android 9 phone. You may want to contact HAL and let them know that you miss iOS support.
  2. Could be - but I think it rarely comes up for Canadian ports, because in most cases the ships can stay within Canadian waters between our own ports. The whole thing is kind of crazy...
  3. Yes - our situation was very different. I think the main difference is that these rules only affect USA ports (this is an America law) and our ports were both in Canada. I recall a number of passengers being denied embarkation in Los Angeles, because our cruise ship continued on to Alaska and then ultimately ended in Seattle (we disembarked the night before in Victoria). That would have meant their cruise started in LA and ended in Seattle. Those passengers had to fly to and embark from Vancouver (and weren't *very* happy about finding out at the last moment!). Having said that - I doubt you'd have to stay a night in Vancouver - I'd expect changing ships should satisfy the requirements of this (protectionist!) law.
  4. We're cheap - so we usually take BC Transit (Translink & BC Transit Victoria) when we have luggage with us - Vancouver to Victoria is about $25-$30 CAD (cheaper with a Compass Card). You get on a train next to the cruise terminal and make one transfer to a bus, that takes you to the ferry. For us - the BC Ferries Connector doesn't add enough value for the extra cost (YMMV). The Harbour Air service is great (and have great sales) - but luggage is $$$$ (if that matters to you). The V2V ferry looks interesting - but again, at a premium.
  5. Yes - I was trying come up with a way to say exactly that, without calling them "Americans" (which some consider an ambiguous term). Thanks.
  6. People from the USA that are visiting Canada as tourists do not require visas, for stays up to 180 days. The Government of Canada Immigration website indicates they don't care how a tourist arrives (car, bus, boat, plane or ??). So as long as you tell the border guard your intentions - I think you're OK from an immigration standpoint. So - it may be up to the cruise line if this can happen. On one of our trips a few years ago - we got off the ship in Victoria with all our luggage, went home, did laundry and returned with different clothes (Caribbean mode to Alaska mode), The head of security on the ship said "you can't do that unless you were approved" and I just laughed and replied "watch me". The border agent chuckled about it as well (but we knew the secret handshake!). Ten days later we disembarked in Victoria - the cruise line had approved it months earlier (being Canadian meant no issues with the border agent).
  7. We've been on a 31 day NCL cruise (2016), a 30 day RCCL cruise (spring 2019) and we're gonna be on the same 34 day cruise leaving from Vancouver on the Amsterdam. This will be by far the smallest ship we've been on! We found the food on the NCL cruise to have more variety and less "overlap", compared to the RCCL cruise. Our NCL cruise had *many* ports and very few back to back sea days. Our RCCL cruise had fewer ports and a 4 day and a 5 day stretch of back to back sea days - we survived them, but would have preferred the stretches to be shorter... The Amsterdam cruise has quite a few ports and the sea day stretches are limited to two days! We're *hoping* the food on HAL is good (and hopefully with as much variety as NCL). NCL is known for their entertainment and has never let us down, RCCL was better than we expected. We're not really sure what to expect from the Amsterdam when it comes to entertainment... The Amsterdam looks like it has lots of interesting outside areas to hang around - that should help us on the sea days! Have you found the roll calls for this cruise? I think there are 2 or 3 of them - the main one is the 35 day version, leaving from Seattle.
  8. I'd personally remember being arrested and convicted 30 years ago... I suspect your friend made it through because they either didn't get asked about arrests/convictions and/or they lied about it. I don't think it's complicated in Canada - a DUI is usually a felony here. If they weren't asked - more power to them. But if they are asked and they lie, getting caught means a ban from entering for a period of time (in addition to sorting out the original issue)... In your friend's case - the best resource of information is going to be an immigration lawyer - either at home or one located in Canada. A quick Google search would have indicated that a DUI conviction usually makes you inadmissible to Canada. I was recently in several countries with VERY different laws than at home - we made sure we understood what we needed to do and how to act. Not smug - just informed.
  9. Speaking as a Canadian - I personally don’t consider a DUI conviction a “low grade” felony... I consider it a VERY serious offence. If the conviction happened long enough in the past - I’m fine with a person legally cleaning it up, so they can visit my country. But I don’t want them them to skip that process or for it to happen “automatically”...
  10. That would be quite a sight - Madrid is 500km+ inland! Haha... But I see that the "forecast track" has been updated on MarineTraffic.com!
  11. I’ve heard on the newer ships - each “device” gets its own unique code, so it’s perfect for “sharing”... But I’ll know more in 31 days...
  12. And money from anywhere else in the world, other than Murica... It's also known as money that is hard to counterfeit...
  13. You can open the website with the Chrome browser (and confirm the translation), or use Google Translate (instructions here: Google Translate URL).
  14. FYI, from CIBC: "CIBC foreign exchange rates apply if you make non-USD payments on your credit card account. Transactions (debits and credits) not in the currency of your card are converted into the currency of your card no later than the transaction posting date, at an exchange rate that is 2.5% over the rate CIBC must pay."
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