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  1. I'm certainly hoping that we don't have to worry about anyone being critically ill. As I have read, they expect anyone who has been vaccinated to have mild cases, in the rare case of being infected.
  2. Sorry, you might have a looooong wait; I'm at day 349 and stiiiiiiill waiting! Patty
  3. My situation exactly. April 28 will be one year for the majority of my outstanding refund still due. Patty
  4. There are many words you can use to describe someone who becomes a billionaire, but I don't think delusional is one of them! (Know you know that!!😜) Patty
  5. Checked my credit card this morning and no!! 🤪😛🤔 Patty
  6. Like the Bahamas cruises, they might not be giving a B2B discount, but if you've got the money, I'm sure they will be happy to take it!! Patty
  7. I suspect that Crystal picked Antigua because $$$ was involved!! Patty
  8. I said that a $75 bottle of wine is not on the included wine, but that many think the included wines are good.
  9. Please be aware that this poster will post negative stuff about Crystal whenever there is a chance. I certainly don't think Grey Goose and the like is "basic". No, you're not going to get $75/bottle wine included, but their selection is quite acceptable to most.
  10. It sounds to me like all the parties involved playing "chicken" with each other. I don't see the majority of Carnival cruisers going on cruises that leave somewhere other than the USA. Patty
  11. I disembarked a Disney ship in Puerto Rico in Jan, 2019 and stayed to visit the island for 3 days. Had no problems what so ever. Patty
  12. Just a thought, but if the Symphony also left from Nassau, since they will already be there, where could they go on a 10 cruise that returns to Nassau? Patty
  13. Texas is now vaccinating all persons 16 and up, so by the time the Bahamas cruises start, teenagers could be included. As to those younger, time will tell. Patty
  14. Just where it has been for the past year, anchored off the coast of Malaysia. Sad! Patty
  15. One person's opinion. That has not been my experience on almost 40 Crystal cruises over 13 years.
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