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  1. I know that Norbert Tesar (former Crystal Food and Beverage Manager) is now with Viking. Patty
  2. You do get the real thing on the luxury lines (I know Crystal flies Maine lobster all over the world), but then again, you are paying for it! 😱😏😎
  3. I have considered and still have it in the back of my mind to do an Iceland land trip in the winter to hopefully see the Northern Lights, but trying to do that on the water, no way Jose!! Patty
  4. It appears that the OP was heavily into the Saturday evening cocktail hour when he started this thread and continued as the thread progressed!
  5. I know about Dream, but my thought is that "some" Asian passengers might be more interested in having a cruise with a more "Western" vibe. Who knows??
  6. With the Crystal ownership, I'm thinking, just possibly, that Symphony will be spending more and more time in Asia. As a wise man once said, time will tell. Patty
  7. The channel to the port of Galveston is not part of the Houston Ship Channel.
  8. No, I don't think so. Don't think very many book their flights through Crystal. That's something you'll need to have your travel agent get from Crystal. Patty
  9. I was a little surprised when I got that email, but I think it's probably a combination of the speculation already voiced. Yes, to the Glacier Bay slots, but other lines have done Alaska for years with no Glacier Bay. I think the Endeavor will most likely be doing Alaska in the future and can go places there the larger ships can't.As said, time will tell. I'm on the final Alaska cruise, Vancouver to Los Angeles, in September. Doing it because good friends asked me to join them. It will be my 6th Alaska cruise (2nd with Crystal)!! Patty
  10. You'd need to check the current prices as I've done 2 trans Atlantics with Crystal and can't remember the fares. One was Barcelona to Miami with stops at the Canaries and St. Marteen. The other was Miami to Lisbon with stops at Bermuda (2 days) and the Azores. So, yes, more stops, but not many. Crystal has unbeatable entertainment and lecturers compared to the other luxury lines. They can do this partly because they carry more passengers - 800 plus and 900 plus - on their 2 ocean ships.
  11. That's the Silver Shadow, Ft. Lauderdale to Lisbon? That ship carries under 400 passengers and doesn't have the entertainment and lecturers that I can get on a Crystal ship. I love repositionings on Crystal, but can't imagine doing one on a ship that small. Boring to me, but I hope you find it to your satisfaction.
  12. I've looked and those are never on enticing itineraries!
  13. My opinion is that family shouldn't consider leaving the confines of the good, old USA until they can "afford" passports for everyone. I am quite aware others disagree. Let's just hope grandma doesn't die or one of the kids doesn't fall and break their leg or any other of a multitude of issues and they all need to get home - and that they have a credit card with enough credit available to buy air line tickets for all to get home. Too many people save to cruise but never save to cover the "what ifs".
  14. And the reason many Americans don't have a valid passport is that they really can't afford to travel and are trying to do everything on the cheap.
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