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  1. That's OK, until recent times with the spread of Starbucks, etc., all the British people I knew thought instant coffee was REAL coffee! 😲😍 Patty
  2. I have lived in the Houston area for all of my 73 years and have never seen fog in September.
  3. And that means it was before all inclusive!! 😲 Patty
  4. As Vince just posted, I have both dates on my refund from United Airlines for my cancelled flights for the June cruise from Lisbon to London that Crystal cancelled. I cancelled on May 19 and was told by United that it might take 30 days for my refund. That sounded good as 30 is 3 times better than 90!!! However, my refund to my credit card (the United branded card from Chase) was dated May 23 and posted on my account May 26. Of course, May 24 was a Sunday and May 25 was a holiday. Don't ask me how I got that lucky. As Vince has posted numerous times, there are just too many variables, not the least of which is I'm a special person (NOT!). This was a refund of what I consider a substantial amount of money, over $5,700. I will not be holding my breath waiting for the Crystal refund. 😎 Patty
  5. Just to make clear, this poster is talking about staying at a hotel near the airport, not in Galveston, and taking the shuttle between that hotel and the airport and taking the shuttle (probably the one from the cruise line) from the airport to the ship and the same at return.
  6. I know you know this, Roy, but for those who are confused, the distant foreign ports are those in South America (Cartagena) and the ABC Islands - Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Patty
  7. Not sure what I remember (shocking!), but I thought the reason the Symphony was not scheduled to be back in the US for the entire future schedule, as previously released, is that it didn't meet some environmental standards. Of course, I guess I could have dreamed that. 😲😜😏 Patty
  8. I just looked at Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder and that location was 4 days ago. Wonder where she is now? 😎 Patty
  9. Probably not as long as Steiner is running the spa. Actually, I heard Steiner changed its name, but I don't remember what it became, but it's still the same company. Patty
  10. That has me wondering if I might get a separate refund for the Crystal hotel I had booked for one night before my June 7th cruise. It doesn't matter as long as it is refunded by 90 days. Patty
  11. Thanks for letting us know. How sad. My fondest memory of Ken is out by the pool in the heat and humidity of the equator in the British judges robe, including the wig, doing the equator crossing ceremony. 😢 Patty
  12. Cruising, especially Crystal cruising, should be the ultimate in an activity using only disposable income. If you can't wait 90 days for your refund, perhaps you should have never committed the money in the first place. Crash helmet in place, waiting for incoming! Patty
  13. If all of your suggestions became law, the passenger cruising industry would cease to exist. I'm not all that convinced there will ever be a successful vaccine against Covid 19. I believe I've heard that the drug industry has never been able to develop a vaccine against any caronavirus. As said here often, time will tell. Patty
  14. Even though it is over an hour from Galveston to IAH, I can't imagine that a 2:30 flight would be difficult to make, especially if you are one of the first off the ship.
  15. I wouldn't risk $6,000 on Crystal at this point. I vacillate daily on my long term confidence in their continuing to be a cruise line that I'd want to sail. Waited until they canceled my June cruise and have a fair confidence that I will get the $6,400 they owe me in a 90 day time frame. I have final payment on my October cruise due the second week in June. Will almost surely cancel before the payment is due. I might (or might not) leave my deposit on that one with them as a FCC as it's under $1,300. Patty
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