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  1. How do you reserve this? First day onboard at the restaurant itself??
  2. We are getting ready to sail out of SD and we are staying at the downtown Best Western. We are paying about $170 after taxes and they offer breakfast. I will be seeking out a grocery store of some kind near the hotel or port to stock up on bottled water! Hopefully there will be something nearby.
  3. Hi, Can someone tell me where the cheapest place to buy some bottled water to bring onboard our cruise near the San Diego cruise port would be? We are staying at the downtown Best Western too so if there is something close to that, that would be fine too. Please don't tell me to buy the package offered onboard. 6 bottles for $24 would cost way more than I am willing to pay. I only drink water and sometimes iced tea - so this is a necessity. Thank you.
  4. Getting ready to cruise on the Oosterdam in a week and was wondering if someone can tell me how easy it is to call home using our cell phones while onboard. It's been awhile since I've called from a ship. To not incur phone charges, we keep our phone in airplane mode, correct? Then take it off to make calls? We have verizon. First hand knowledge would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your help. (In the past, I've gotten different answers from my carriers that I don't know if I really trust their answers anymore.)
  5. I'm replying to my own post...cancelled this excursion through HAL! Will be going to the Melia ME instead for half the price and on a swimmable beach!
  6. We are doing this excursion on Oct 8th. Hoping for a fun time! Much cheaper than doing it through the ship AND you can swim in the ocean here. Not all beaches are swimmable in Cabo.
  7. I'm referring to magicians/comedians, etc. I saw the website a few years back but now I can't find it. It was great because you would know who was going to be on your cruise.
  8. Very helpful, thank you! $7 per day seems very cheap! Why would anyone not take advantage of this?! Means I can pack less!!
  9. I realize I can send out laundry using this list. What I am asking is in relation to a previous post where you prepay a daily cost for unlimited laundry while onboard. I'd like to know if that is still offered, and if so, which day will it be offered. I've been on past cruises where a brown bag is distributed midway through a cruise as well where you pay one price for as much as you can stuff in the bag. I'm looking for bulk options, not pay for one or two items.
  10. I remember awhile back there was a website you could go to in order to find out who will be performing on which ship and when. Anyone know what it is? TIA!
  11. Is the unlimited laundry offered on the first day of cruising? Does everyone in the cabin have to pay for this or is it per stateroom? Thank you!
  12. Has anyone ever been to the Solmar Beach Resort? By the pictures it doesn't look very spectacular. Plus it's on the Pacific Ocean side of Cabo. I just wonder if the ocean is swimmable there and if this is going to be worth it. I really enjoy a resort day when I have access to their pools/beach/etc. I booked this excursion through HAL before they listed which resort it would be at. Now I'm second guessing my choice. Any info from first hand experience would be appreciated.
  13. Thank you all for the replies. Sigh...I guess not much has changed. I wish the cruise lines would place VERY visible signs stating the no saving rules with times. Then it would be easier to point it out to the joggers. Oh well.
  14. We will be sailing on the Oosterdam next October to the Mexican Riviera. I haven't sailed on HAL in many years. Can anyone tell me if the chair hogging/saving has gotten any better since that time? I absolutely hate getting up to get a lounger next to the pool by 8:00 AM or I miss out. They always seem to be saved yet no one is sitting in them. It's vacation, I'd love to not have to get up there so early. Thanks!
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