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  1. seeriteR

    2014 Baltic cruise

    Aboard MS Eurodam June 14 from Copenhagen (overnight) and sailing to Tallinn, St Petersburg (overnight), Helsinki, Stockholm (overnight), Warnemunde, and Kiel before returning to Copenhagen on June 28.
  2. My introduction to Indian food was during our first sailing on Carnival. We were on Liberty in 2011 and sat at a table for 2 that was next to an Indian couple from Toronto who were on their first cruise. We quickly got acquainted. They both ordered the Indian food. When the waiter brought their orders, he presented all these large plates of wonderful smelling food that seemed much more than anyone could eat! When I commented on how good it smelled, Karan offered to share hers with me because it was more than she could eat. I accepted and was instantly hooked! The next night, I ordered my own. Since then, I have enjoyed Indian food in various MDR's on both Carnival and Holland America ships. Daily lunch at Tandoor on the Splendor was wonderful! I hope it is not going away.
  3. georgiacat, you can find information on the Carnival web site. Here is a link for the Fly2Fun page https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3110/~/carnivals-fly2fun-air-program
  4. Djptcp, A few months in Spain sounds awesome! Hope it works out for you! At this time, we are planning to stay only a week in Croatia before getting on board in Venice but we might also go earlier and spend another week in Germany. We'll see how things develop. There is a lot of time to plan! Maybe we'll see you on board in October!
  5. cellfree, You were on the Magic with us in January. I saw you signed up for the M&M on the Legend TA from Barcelona and also here on this page. We have a Roll Call going for the TA. Many people have combined it with the October 20 sailing from Venice to Barcelona to make it B2B. Come on over and check out the Roll Call. I created a spreadsheet for the B2B to help organize activities. Hope to hear from you! Jim and Pam
  6. seeriteR

    2018 VOV

    Voyage of the Vikings on HAL Rotterdam July 18-August 25 Boston to Rotterdam and return: USA, Canada, (Nova Scotia & Labrador), Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Canada (Newfoundland) and Prince Christian Sound twice!
  7. Good to know about the 1,000 points. Sounds like you get it with each order. I ordered 2 cards today. In the future, I'll order them separately to get an extra 1,000 points! Now that I used up all my points, I have to wait until tomorrow to begin adding more. You can accumulate up to 5,000 points per day. You get the maximum points even if your answers are incorrect!
  8. James, Thanks for your review and many pics. Looking forward to seeing the ship in person! bdpartrick, We're on Magic Jan 20.
  9. Excellent point. HAL is one of the few remaining lines that offers religious services on board - something we also appreciate very much. We attend the Interdenominational services but also an occasional Mass and Shabbat service. We had lunch with Father Roman and enjoyed being with Rabbi Eliot on excursions during our last cruise. Always mention this "perk" in the HAL comments after a cruise. They need to know it is appreciated.
  10. I'm always happy to hear of good experiences from other HAL cruisers. We fit into the same category as the OP and enjoy HAL ships, food, entertainment (mostly), passengers and crew. What stands out for us with HAL are the enrichment programs and being able to walk all the way around deck 3! So many other ships cut you off at the bow. We were just on the Voyage of the Vikings July 18 - August 25 on Rotterdam and loved every day, every port, almost every speaker, the food, the MDR, the Lido, the viewing area on deck 6 forward, etc. Was there anything not good? Well, there were some problems with the automated wake up calls and one evening with no cold water but hey, we didn't let it ruin our vacation. Sure, the ship is old but we just walked around the buckets collecting leaking rain water. (We were on a brand new MSC ship which had the same thing and worse that were worthy of complaint - and we did!) We still sail Carnival due to the price but our expectations are low. We let everyone else do their thing and have always been able to find a quiet place to eat, relax and enjoy the sun. Any cruise is a good one but HAL's are special.
  11. This was one of our favorite activities last year. The photos alone are worth it but the real thrill is to see how excited the kids (and some adults!) are. Most enjoyable Carnival experience we've had! Thanks for posting all the photos. Sent from my LG-M210 using Forums mobile app
  12. Hi Carolyn! After daily posting prior to our VOV on the Rotterdam, I have CC withdrawal and was happy to come across your post! The only time we have EVER used on board laundry was on the July VOV cruise when we were caught in the rain during our kayaking excursion. We returned to the ship dripping wet. Since the weather was cool, we had on heavy clothes and there was no way we could hang everything in our bathroom and wait for it to dry. So, we stuffed it all in a laundry bag and were surprised it all fit! We even had enough room to throw in 2 long-sleeved shirts as well. The bag weighted about 20 lbs and was dripping water. I called the front desk to request a laundry pick up and within 10 minutes, the bag was gone. Our clothes came back the next day fresh and folded. The shirts were on a hanger. Well worth the $20. So even with 700+ 4 and 5 stars on our cruise, the laundry service was excellent! This was near the end of the Noro crisis and may be due to the extra help on board. Never the less, we were satisfied. Jim
  13. Great, great cruise! Arrived on time in Boston. Immigration on board the ship was a breeze and this dramatically expedited disembarkation for us as we were among the first off the ship. We used Uber to get to our hotel in Revere where our car was parked for 38 days. We have only good things to say about the ship, food, ports and especially the crew. We did have some minor issues with our account and made about 6 visits to Guest Services during the cruise but they were all resolved. We met so many nice people on board and made some new friends. Hope to cruise with them again sometime! Our Cruise Critic M&M's really helped people get acquainted early. It made the cruise much more "friendly" to meet folks we knew in all the ports! We never felt like strangers! Also, special thanks to Fr. Roman, Pastor Pat and Rabbi Elliot for their kind words and continuing prayers during the cruise. We're happy we could share the experience with you! Happy sailing Rich and also to every one reading! Jim and Pam Sent from my LG-M210 using Forums mobile app
  14. We booked our VOV while on the Koningsdam in Dec 2016. It was nice to see her in port. She is much bigger than the Rotterdam! We spent the morning walking around Isafjordur. It's 47F, windy and overcast. Rain is predicted to begin at 1:30 pm. Hope it doesn't impede our scenic cruising at 5 pm. On the way back to the ship, we stopped at the bakery for 2 coffees and 2 donuts. Total was 1650 ISK, about $16.50 USD! Next stop is Greenland! Sent from my LG-M210 using Forums mobile app
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