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  1. We call her the Elephant Princess!!!
  2. Brilliant P for Portsmouth - love it!
  3. I could well have been cruising with the entire cast of Hollyoaks, anyone who has been on Love Island, TOWIE, Geordie Shore or any other 'reality' show and wouldn't have had a clue!
  4. We've just had ours for our cancelled Sept cruise to the Fjords 😞 You can apply for the refund on line, if you go to TUI's cruise home page - right at the top there's a Coronavirus section marked with a black explanation mark - there's a refund claim form in there.
  5. Portsmouth gets a few ships in but not regularly. Saga, CMV, Phoenix Reisen, Paul Gauguin and last year a few calls from Viking. There's a lot in Portsmouth and a great base but the port is just a bit far out from public transport and things to see, nothing would be walkable from the ship.
  6. Emma Cruises has posted a video about them returning to RCI and Celebrity, not sure myself why RCI want 2 small 20+ year old ships - especially a the moment! It all looks a bit bleak..
  7. Hi We're looking to go from LAX to San Pedro (not yet obviously!), can anyway give me a rough idea how much an Uber might be to help us way up options? Thanks
  8. We were due to sail today 😞 my main issue is there lack of communication. It was only cancelled last Weds, we messaged them on fb and asked and right up until the last day they were still saying it was going ahead, when we all knew it wasn't. Other cruise lines have posted regular updates and kept their websites up to date with apologies, updates etc.. I appreciate they are up against it and their staff are undoubtedly working very hard but communication and openness costs nothing.
  9. I've noticed she on the move, she is due to sail from Tenerife on the 17th and they STILL haven't cancelled this. I wonder where she's off to?
  10. Our cruise is due to go on April 17th (in just over two 2 weeks..) and we have heard nothing, on their facebook page they are still saying cruises after the 16th are going ahead - really?? Where is exactly will they be going?? We're not supposed to leave the house let alone go on a cruise!! Their lack of communication is very poor. We need to know what is happening!
  11. Since posting back in June we have become big fans, really loved your recent Regal Vlog's - thank you for sharing your travels. Mike & Andy
  12. There does seem to be a lack of 'something', she is incredibly large with a LOT of passengers and I'm sure there will be nice eating choices and day light, the dome looks lovely, but ships of this size on other lines, RCI, NCL, MSC etc all have features such as waterparks, boardwalks, lit up atriums etc etc. not saying this is the way P&O should go and I'm sure she will be lovely but there are a lot of people to entertain - and I'm not sure a quiz will cut it!!
  13. I always enjoy your superb reviews, very much looking forward to hearing your opinions on Edge. Lovely itinerary, have a great time!
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