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  1. There is nothing on your booking that tells you about formal nights, only the standard RCI information about dress codes generally, and this clearly stated there would be 2 on an 8 night cruise. I even asked the question on our roll call and was told it was 2.
  2. We like to dress up and enjoy formal nights, we have recently returned from an 8 night cruise on the Brilliance. We flew to Barcelona with Tux, waistcoats, shirts etc for the formal nights but we were very disappointed there was only one in 8 nights. To be honest if we'd known there was only going to one we wouldn't have bothered lugging it all the way to Spain!! It does seem like they are phasing them out - which is a shame.
  3. We're on Magellan in December, first time with CMV, can anyone advise what their set up is for Bruges? We've done P&O before and they offer transfers to Blankenburge station. Do CMV offer the same and if so do you know how much? I see there is a Bruges transfer available in the excursions but I'm just weighing up my options. Thanks
  4. Well done! I like it when a gamble pays off, so glad you made it, thanks for updating us.
  5. We're all dying to know - did you make it??? We were on your cruise and kept wondering!
  6. We love these covered mini suites, have had them on the Crown and Sapphire and we've never heard any noise, the venue is normally empty by 11 ish anyway. As Colo Cruiser has said - make sure you note for NO upgrade or they'll just move to an uncovered one nearer the middle which they would deem a higher grade - they are absolutely not!!
  7. Absolutely the right decision, it is basically an inside cabin - just more expensive!!
  8. Just come back from a short cruise on Aurora and thought I would just give some info on the new cabins - someone sometime may find it useful!! The cabins are quite spacious with 2 windows but they have been quite unimaginatively done. There was one comfy chair by a coffee table but there was plenty of space for a sofa or 2 nice chairs, its just dead space. The bathroom is standard but obviously new. D189 could not be used for a wheelchair user as there are two steps down in the corridor to the door. The deck plan doesn't show it but there is a door that blocks the Glass house and it is marked as 'No Entry Staff Only' from the Glass house side so no one walks past the cabins which is good. There is absolutely no view from the windows at all, they let in very little daylight as there is a very large overhand and you can't see anything around the lifeboat as it almost completely blocks the view - a tiny view of a slither of the prom deck and a teeny bit of sea! We have had obstructed cabins before and liked them but this was the darkest and most obstructed we have had. It was absolutely fine for a short break, it was nice to have a feeling of space and nice to have a brand new bathroom. Both cabins also suffered with some noise from a staff service area above and we could hear quite a lot of noise from Carmen's on one night but this stopped at midnight. This isn't a moan about the cabins just sharing my experience.
  9. We sort of follow Cruise with Ben and David as they can be entertaining but I have to agree with Clay Clayton, you don't get any form of balanced view as they literally will not say anything negative at all in case they miss out on some freebies!! We do also like Chadcruisers, I think they're from Toronto and their videos are quite good.
  10. Thanks very much, I did wonder if it was to do with location, I've had a little study of the deck plans and see what you mean about the portholes.
  11. Never cruised C&M before and need help with the cabins, we're looking for a Ocean View that can be a double, can anyone shed any light on the differences between; Standard Twin Plus Ocean View Superior Twin O V Superior Plus O V Premium Twin OV On the website all the photos are the same and the standard is slightly larger than the Premium! I'm confused! Can anyone advise on the differences? Thanks
  12. Looking forward to following along, we are on her in Sept! Have a great cruise.
  13. Thanks for your reply, we've had obstructed windows on Arcadia a couple of times and loved them! We do like Aurora but I get what you mean about feeling enclosed. But thanks for pointing me to FAQ's - bingo! - they do in fact have photo's of the views from the cabins, they are large windows but they are all pretty much blocked by lifeboats, there seems to a good bit of light coming in from the top though - good enough for what we paid. Thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks for the replies, I had a flick through my photos from the Aurora Christmas cruise photos to see if there were any of us in the glass house and I think you are right - it's going to be a bit dark!!
  15. So we've just been allocated our cabins, D189, D191 and D193 and I was a bit disappointed to see they were obstructed, however, they are shown as 'larger' cabins and we are all together which is a bonus. I know they are new cabins so this may be a long shot but does anyone have any info (or dare I ask photo's??) on these cabins. I wonder just how obstructed they are?
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