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  1. We've always upgraded, we like going to the coffee port and getting a 'proper' coffee or a cold coffee / shake. I also like the bottled water that gets delivered to your cabin. I really don't think you 'need' to upgrade, there is more than enough available without it, but we just think it's not actually that much to upgrade to have a nicer experience. And because we've upgraded we always make sure we choose the most expensive wine on the menu - just because....... 🙂
  2. This was a UK cruise, I haven't heard about the protocols in the US.
  3. Thanks, I didn't realise that, I always thought it had to be both cabin occupants.
  4. We have recently returned from the Regal, this was our first time on a Royal Class ship. We found the Wheelhouse was tiny compared to the older ships and we could never get in, Crooners wasn't that big and always full, Princess live is shut off and the bar only has about 6 tables. There just seemed to be a lack of a larger lounge, I know there is the Vista lounge but very often you couldn't get in there as it was either full or there were theTier events. And I gather on the Sky they don't even have a Crooners! So where do you go for sit down and a drink of an evening??
  5. We were on the Regal recently this was not an option. Due to Covid restrictions you are not allowed to approach the bar, you have to wait for a server or use the App, so it could be a 'biggie'. I agree with the OP, it is annoying as the App knows you are a 'party' together, and if one person has the package then the other one has to have it as well, so Princess know anyone in that cabin is covered. I wasn't impressed with it at all, there were always drinks waiters wandering around shouting out names trying to find people.
  6. Excellent review, thank you, your observations and opinions would very much match ours. (HMS Brexit - that is priceless!!) We are a gay couple in our 50's and although P&O is not our favourite line we have had many lovely cruises with them and have another one booked. Like you we just avoid the flag waving!!
  7. I agree, we're just off Regal and anything booked on the App is meaningless once on board. You haven't 'reserved' anything, apparently you have just 'expressed an interest'! The staff in the bars don't even use them, they just write down your room number, and on deck there was always drinks waiters wandering around calling out names to try and find the owners of the drinks!!
  8. We have just returned from a 4 night seacation on Regal, our itinerary showed 0 formal nights but on the 2nd night there was a dress to impress night - not sure who some people were aiming to impress! but quite a few people did dress up, we had taken smart jackets and didn't feel out of place, there was a lot of ladies in lovely sparkly dresses, it was no where near as dressy as we have seen on Princess before but it was only a short cruise. For us it was a good excuse to spruce ourselves up a bit but still feel comfortable.
  9. We are sailing next week and the App is refusing to let us select a time, we just get an error and no one can / will help. We have had the boarding deck by deck email and we are in the second to last group which is so frustrating. We live very close to the port and like to board early as we have no travelling to do and hate hanging around. Our allotted time is 3 hours later than we wanted, we are Platinum and this makes no difference. No doubt at some point they will fix this but when....
  10. We asked Princess via social media chat as we are on a 4 night at the beginning of August and they said there will probably be a dress to impress night on the staycation cruises, but they did say that would be confirmed before sailing.
  11. We were book for the Aurora Christmas cruise which is now cancelled, I think its very poor that P&O have not offered an alternative and offered to move our booking, Christmas is a tricky (and pricey) time, they obviously don't want to do that as they will as the new ones will be prohibitively expensive. And I don't understand how Iona is still doing December cruises to virtually everywhere Aurora was going, so it can't be down to other countries restrictions which Paul Ludlow was eluding to in the video - in which he grinned and smiled all the way through whilst ruining hundreds of people's holiday plans!!
  12. I think it is entirely P&O's fault, we all understand the situation we are in, they should have only taken bookings up to the allowed, restricted numbers and restarted cruising safely and successfully. Then in the coming weeks when the restrictions lift a bit more open up more bookings. The phrase 'with caution' is quite rightly being used all the time. We all knew June 21st was not set in stone and in reality was almost certainly going to be pushed back. This is pure greed on P&O's part, of course we want to get back to cruising but we want it to be safe. P&O were obviously quite happy to have ships packed to the rafters with people risking the return of cruising.
  13. All the A deck balcony cabins have baths, some of the c deck ones are shower only. If you look at the deck plans on P&O it shows the shower only with 4 little diamonds, mainly to the back of c deck.
  14. Hi Peter We've been on Aurora a few times now, supposed to be on her for Christmas this year! I think the difference is the standard balconies are cut out of the hull, if you see what I mean, and the deluxe ones have glass outside so it makes it a bit lighter inside, the balconies do have chairs and a little table I think - we were on her for Christmas 2015 and didn't spend much time out there!! The cabins are pretty much the same, the deluxe slightly larger but they do both have baths. We did Oriana and liked her but I definitely think Aurora has the edge, although you are right, they are similar, she seems to flow better and the spaces are just lovely, the crows nest and Andersons are both lovely bars. She seems to have a lot of public space for a smaller ship. Hope that helps
  15. I really like seeing different photos of the same thing / same place at different times of year, in different weathers and different lights. Really enjoyable thread.
  16. We've sailed pretty much all the main lines but we have radiated to Princess, they seem to do things effortlessly well, freedom dining is a good example. The new all in pricing is really good too. The staff are just so well trained, friendly and super efficient. Princess just do things right if that makes sense.
  17. I'm beginning to forget there was ever a time we weren't in lockdown!
  18. I thought we were in lockdown and should be staying home?? Aurora was in Portsmouth yesterday for a supply stop.
  19. For some reason I can't stay logged in, everyday I go on Cruise critic from my PC and everyday I have to log in, its not the end of the world - just quite frustrating!
  20. We really like the Atlantic Spa on Fort Lauderdale beach. We find its a central location for bars, restaurants and shops along the front, not too far for a bit of shopping at the Galleria or the other way to Las Olas. It's an older style hotel but the rooms are spacious, there is a nice bar and restaurant and the staff lovely.
  21. The Sapphire is one of our favourites, we really like the size being that bit smaller and the restaurants are divided up into smaller venues with different identities which was lovely. A lot of other people say to go for the smaller ships for Alaska. At the moment I'd just be grateful to get on a ship!!!
  22. I also just get squares - click 'Boards' again it reloads and I get the blue dots but it always logs me out!! Another change for the sake of change that has messed things up!!
  23. We call her the Elephant Princess!!!
  24. Brilliant P for Portsmouth - love it!
  25. I could well have been cruising with the entire cast of Hollyoaks, anyone who has been on Love Island, TOWIE, Geordie Shore or any other 'reality' show and wouldn't have had a clue!
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