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  1. The beaches in Bermuda are nice. Not memorable though. My favorite beach will always be Carnival's private Island, Half Moon Cay. Just perfect
  2. If you paid in full....wait. If you only have a deposit.....cancel.
  3. I read that the MSC offered one free excursion per port so everyone will be able to get off the ship at no charge.
  4. CDC can recommend but the Governor of each state is making decisions based on what they think is best for their state. I doubt very much Cuomo is going to drop the quarantine he has in place for the 34+ states and the Virgin Islands, which quite honestly, I'm happy about.
  5. Yep, that's why I got a refund instead of a FCC. They lost my trust.
  6. When you book through a travel agency, NCL will not talk with you directly, ever, everything goes through the travel agency. Why would the poster think the refund would be any different especially when the travel agency said they would handle it?
  7. This happened to me, they changed my final payment date to April for my July cruise (in early March) and then a week later changed the final payment date back to March. When I called to complain they told me that I could have the extra 30 days to pay in full but if I decided not to go, I would lose my deposit. I did not like the way they kept switching things up and with no notice so I just cancelled and got my money back.
  8. Can you see through the window into the bathroom from the balcony?
  9. I cancelled my cruise on March 26 and I got back my deposit refund on 2 cabins on April 18. I am happy and surprised.
  10. You can still book a May16th cruise to Alaska on the website even though Canadian ports are closed until July 1st and Seattle ports are closed. You can not book Alaskan cruises with any other company until July 1st. NCL has no ethics what so ever. It's disgusting.
  11. Did you get your refund yet? Still waiting on mine and curious if other people are getting theirs
  12. Don't you worry your pretty little head about me saving some time, I will stay on this board or any other board as long as I want. Other cruise lines are afraid of going bankrupt and they have morals and a care for their customers. They're not trying to sell them goods they know they can't make good on. If that's the kind of company you want to deal with, so be it. Not me.
  13. Really? Is this the time to do this? Shouldn't they be trying to attract passengers? - NCL is the last to cancel cruises they know are not happening. - NCL is still booking cruises to Alaska for May even though they know they are not possible. Carnival and Royal are not booking Alaska cruises until July sail dates - NCL changes the PIF dates for July cruises to 90 days and then changes it back to 120 days and never informs their customers - NCL takes months to refund their customers money -NCL has offered customers 125% fcc but raised their cruise fares by 150
  14. I think you need to go back and read all the posts from the OP. I believe you missed a few
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