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  1. When I go on the app, the specialty dining restaurants show the date I can book when I click on it. When I click on the 3 free restaurants it say Reservations are not offered. We are sailing on the Joy
  2. Do they ever upon the tours up to non-platinum members for a fee?
  3. You usually cannot reserve the Manhattan room. Also weird the other dining venue is called BBQ vs Q. Must have been a computer glitch.
  4. Love this perk and it also allows you to use a special line at guest services. These 2 perks makes it worth it for me. If NCL had these, I would gladly pay the price
  5. I Great review so far! In the first picture, is that the connecting door between rooms? Is there enough space to open and close the door? It looks like the bed is in the way
  6. Yes, since shore ex promo removed. Since I booked in September, the price pp has gone down $542 and I got an additional $50 shore excursion credit per port. Now there is an addition $40 pp decrease but I would lose one of my $50 shore excursion credits. I have 2 cabins, 4 people and 4 ports of call. I also got the additional Latitudes point per day. I have save a lot of money since booking
  7. My cruise on the Joy in July is still $40 pp less.
  8. Can name corrections be made during on-line check in or does your NCL cruise consultant need to do it?
  9. I assumed they were talking about specialty restaurants. Those menu remain the same. In addition to my post above.: You can also screen shot the menus and e-mail the photos to family members who don't have phones or who need bigger writing.
  10. My suggestion would be to find menus on-line, screen shot the menu and then send the screen shot photo's to family members. Hopefully those who have phone capabilities to do this can help those who dont
  11. You should be given a choice for a plastic glass to be used in hot tub. Regular glass is very dangerous and should not be used in hot tubs or pools. I really don't think spilling a drink in the water has anything to do with the rule
  12. Just remember, yes, the walk from the public bus stop is an "Easy" 1.5 miles walk but don't forget that if you walk to the glacier and back via Nugget Falls Trails that is another 1.5 miles and then another 1.5 miles back to the bus stop. If you walk any of the other trails in addition, more walking mileage is added. For some people, this is not a problem but for others the accumulative total is a lot and not as "easy" as some people make it sound
  13. Didn't realize. Very inexpensive excursion @$15 per person. Where does the shuttle bring you?
  14. It would be 4 ports. $200 per cabin. (I have 2 , $50 shoreX perks, would lose one of them) Now thinking I will leave it for now. If we don't do all 4 excursions, we only lose out on $10 per cabin
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