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    CB Spa/Salon Questions

    I will be on the CB leaving March 16th. I wanted to do the couples massage for my boyfriend and I. Should I book now or will there be availability on the ship? Also, does anyone know which nights are formal nights? Is it the same for each cruise or do they mix it up. I want to have my hair styled that night at the salon and make reservations. And my last question, is there a sanctuary on the CB? I have heard there are massages at the sanctuary as well. Thanks for the help in advance!
  2. Julie89

    Caribe v. Aloha Deck

    When you said you asked for lounge chairs, did you request them ahead of time? Do most balconies just have regular chairs?
  3. Julie89

    Caribe #753

    I have heard a lot about these cabins in the back being really great. Is there ever a problem of fumes back there?
  4. Julie89

    Lido vs. Caribe Deck

    Also, the cabins that are left on the lido deck are at the end of the row near the pool area and the elevators. I don't mind some noise but has anyone experienced this to know how the noise level is?
  5. Julie89

    Lido vs. Caribe Deck

    I am looking at the Caribbean Princess for March. How would everyone compare balcony cabins on the caribe deck to the lido deck? Any significant pluses or minuses to either? Thanks! Julie
  6. Julie89

    Caribbean Princess Cabins

    Hello, I am thinking about going on the Caribbean princess in March and need a little help with balcony cabin selection. We are previous crusiers but always had an inside cabin. I have read previous posts and get the feeling that the aft cabins are great. I would probably like a balcony with some sun/some shade so I was thinking a partially covered one would be best. Are all the aft cabins larger, or is it just on the Caribe deck? Also, I have read things about a vent or fan being near some of the balconies. I can see that bothering me, so does anyone know where those are located so I could avoid them? I'm trying to figure out kind of a top to bottom list so that i can choose the best room that is offered. For example, if a caribe aft isn't available, should i go for any caribe balcony, or an aft balcony on another deck? I would love to hear anyones suggestions and opinions. Thanks so much, Julie