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  1. This hotel is close to Port Everglades. It’s got some weird, fairly dim lighting in the interior hallways, but the rooms are clean (but simple). I wouldn’t worry much about walking along 17th Street, from a harassment perspective, but don’t walk too close to the curb because of traffic. For the same/similar price, I’d stay at the Holiday Inn Express on 17th if space were available, but I would stay at the Four Points again, if needed.
  2. And I’d prefer arriving Fort Lauderdale, especially on Southwest or JetBlue. Easy access to the rental car offices. I’m not particularly a fan of American in Miami. I always seem to get the gate st the end of the concourse.
  3. We will be either at 15th Street, the “new” Quarterdeck that replaced Cordova Road, or Quarterdeck Dania Beach for happy hour. OP: given that you’re staying in Dania Beach, I’d vote for Qdeck Dania Beach. Its just a little less of a drive and I never mind a bit of a walk on the beach. if you have kids, skip the key lime pie and go to Jaxon’s ice cream parlor.
  4. Dockside @ 15th Street Fisheries (downstairs) may fit your bill nicely. It’s on the water, not far at all from the hotels on 17th Street, and within your price range. The restaurant is pictured in the Southwest Airlines ads featuring Fort Lauderdale. You can feed the tarpon just outside the restaurant (always entertaining for kids). https://www.15streetfisheries.com/menus ( use the menu in the upper left to select the downstairs/dockside menu).
  5. Accessible cabins on Liberty have door widths of 28 inches. I would expect a width of about 24 inches on a standard stateroom. as far as crowding the stateroom- it depends a bit on the size of the stateroom- there are several different sizes and configurations. Regardless, I would expect it to be a pretty tight fit.
  6. I destroyed a brand-new heavy duty rollator several years ago on cobblestones and other non-flat surfaces on a Mediterranean cruise. I weigh 170 pounds, so I wasn’t overburdening the equipment. Loose gravel is not your friend.
  7. Between Southport and The Boatyard, Southport has much less overhead (well, more, quite literally, if you read the ceiling tiles which advertise local businesses or convey messages 🙂 . Southport is muuuuch more casual. I wouldn’t think twice about going in there wearing anything that might be considered a shirt and could be considered a shoe. Or flip flop.). The Boatyard has a higher standard for dress- a clean shirt. 15th Street Fisheries should also have them (they have in the past). It’s at the end of 15th street- go just past the Southport Raw Bar and hang a right. It’s at the end of the road on the right. It has a nicer view than Southport or the Boatyard. It’s the building on the water that’s lit up in the Southwest Airlines internet ads promoting Fort Lauderdale flights. It’s locally-owned (a friend, actually).
  8. You’ll need to be a bit more specific as to what ship and what itinerary. There can be quite a bit of variation, and I would expect there to be some change based on what’s available and when contracts expire (and whether they are brand-specific).
  9. I’d second the limited choices for Chinese food in Fort Lauderdale, especially in the 17th Street area.
  10. Are you looking for normal offerings or a more formal Christmas dinner?
  11. Anne- I’m sorry you had a fall and ended up in the hospital. Do reach out to your credit card company. You may have some insurance through them that will help, at least a little bit.
  12. There’s a Walgreens, Total Wine, Publix grocery store, a Winn Dixie (maybe), a liquor store, various small stores, and a Ross. There is not a Macy’s or other similar department store. In addition to serving the port, the stores serve a rather affluent area to the north.
  13. The only challenge may be getting to Brightline in West Palm Beach if you are flying In. While there are buses that go from the airport to the Tri-rail station, Brightline May require you to take a lift/Uber/Taxi.
  14. I was also on the K last year. The previous poster understated the event at the mid ships pool. The crew had set up a stage and the band from the Rolling Stone Rock Room came up and played. The captain welcomed in the new year with a toast. The deck was quite crowded.
  15. Last year, New Year’s Eve in the Pinnacle on the Koningsdam was the second worst meal I have ever had. Anywhere. And it wasn’t just me. The two other couples at our table left during the meal. They served a poorly constructed appetizer, bad, cold, pork tenderloin (not even beef), and a desert a 4 year old could have made- a few berries in a pre-made chocolate shell. We really wished we had gone to the MDR. We did let the manager know of our experience. I hope they do better this year. We’re going to be on the NS and plan on dining in the MDR.
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