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  1. In downtown Miami, you’re probably looking at between 200,000 and 300,000 points for three rooms for two nights. Things are less expensive towards the airport and in other areas. Coconut Grove, where the PP mentioned the Residence in is classic Miami. Look carefully at the hotel and check reviews.
  2. Agreed on land space. But Zandam and Rotterdam don't have to just sail off into the sunset. They conveniently come with kitchens and passenger accommodations.
  3. Guantanamo's a much better solution. You don't have any civilian distractions or interactions to consider. Everything is self contained and it puts absolutely no burden on local civilian infrastructure. No need for a local politician or law enforcement to worry or get involved. It needs to be a total package- get the passengers home, not released after quarantine into some other city, and not through normal passenger air services. No city needs the extra stress right now. Not Corpus, Houston, New Orleans, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville....
  4. here's my personal thought: I wonder if there's been consideration of using Guantanamo Bay. All funding to be provided by Holland America. Each country with people on the ship, plus the countries of registry for the ships, could fly medical and support staff to the base. Unused facilities could be adapted for passenger's use. Ship's crew would be responsible for all but medical services People would remain in isolation, either on ship or in land facility. As people cleared quarantine, Holland would fly charter flights out, dropping people off along the way, but
  5. If it's international, I wouldn't touch it for the world under pretty much any condition. In the current world of Coronavirus, the lines at airports seem to be smaller, but what additional screening, if any, that may be needed remains an unknown.
  6. What's your perspective of "moderately priced?"
  7. Please make sure you have the appropriate documentation and understand the regulations. Aruba has specific regulations about dogs coming in from the Dominican Republic. If you are visiting the DR first, be sure you're clear to take your dog ashore in Aruba. I don't think Curacao has the same set of regulations. Aruba can be pretty warm, so bring a portable bowl and paw protection. Curacao has more things that are walkable from the ship and, while warm, seems a bit cooler than Aruba (we were there in December 2019).
  8. Are you going to Alaska or somewhere else? While Alaska is the US and follows US law, other countries do not necessarily have the same kind of rules/regulations as the US.
  9. For Grand Turk- the Carnival-built port area is highly accessible (there are a couple of weird dead-/ends, and getting around the inside of Margaritaville could be a bit easier). There is an accessible tour tram- you may have to go outside the cruise port area gates to get it. They use a fold-over steel ramp and will help give you a push up the ramp and assistance steering down. If you haven't been before, it's worth it for an island overview. When you stop, be sure to go get some conch fritters! Th streets of Old Town San Juan are a bit rough, and curb cuts aren't alw
  10. winner! winner! Better than dinner!
  11. As I remember, the piers at Antigua and St. Lucia are not particularly long.
  12. On a holiday weekend and during early summer, parking can be challenging in the park. As long as the weather is good, the park should have a fair number of people there any given weekend. There is no free parking at any public beach- your parking is included in park admission or there are fees for lots (either an entrance fee or metered spaces). While there is a park concessionaire, I suggest visiting Quarterdeck at the Dania pier (south end of the park). It’s a local bar/grill, with a good, diverse, and reasonable menu (and it’s all pretty good- the burgers are a stand-out).
  13. Discounts on one day park tickets are almost never available. If I were interested in a top-tier attraction, I would be sure to use Disney’s FastPass+ system (free with ticket purchase) to reserve a time for the attraction. Note that Rise of the Resistance, the new Star Wars attraction, does not participate in FastPass+ and, for the foreseeable future, you must be in Hollywood Studios fairly early to get a ride time at any point during the day.
  14. the park is now called Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park. To access the park from Port Everglades (by road) go to US1/Federal Highway. Go east on Dania Beach Boulevard. Go north on Ocean Drive. You are there. it’ll take about 20 minutes if you go out the Eller Drive gate to Port Everglades and about 30 minutes if you exit on Eisenhower. I heartily recommend going an extra block and half south on Federal Highway and visiting Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor. It’s a very happy experience.
  15. Generally speaking, no. But you do need/should carry photo ID in addition to your ship’s ID card. You usually need it to get back into the port area, and you need your ship ID to reboard.
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