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  1. Thank you for the information. We follow you getting on when you get off. Your cruise is the first one of the year round-trip Juneau so hopefully the staff at the Baranoff will know more by the second cruise. What decaff Keurig coffee do they have? Trying to decide if I should pack some. Any information you post will be greatly appreciated.
  2. We would not cancel. In fact that sometime in the next year vaccinations will no longer be required. I had a 3 generation girls cruise planned for Oct. 2021 that we had to cancel due to vaccination being required. Granddaughter refuses to get vaccination due to fear of future fertility issues. It is rescheduled for Oct, 2022. DH & I are fully vaccinated.
  3. Thanks for posting the link. We will be on that ship on June 24, 2021. Does anyone know if the have decaffeinated coffee for their Keurig machines?
  4. I think the website is having problems. My May 2022 cruise now says Default Itinerary instead of British Isles. Also when I try to do a mock booking for Oct. 2022 round-trip Rome cruise the website goes down and is not going to the page for prices and stateroom categories. It says to try back later or to phone them to book.
  5. I am not the person who you are responding to, but I would love for you to send me your document on the Haven. jebwine(at)aol(dot)com
  6. Seems like I read some where on NCL website that they charge half the fare price for 1 way flights. We were booked with return flights following b2b cruises and that's what they charged. We were getting ourselves to Tampa and NCL was going to get us from Amsterdam back to Dallas.
  7. For myself, husband, & daughter I am glad they are requiring vaccination. We have had ours. But our problem is my daughter and I have a cruise planned with my adult granddaughter. The granddaughter has read to much about possible long term fertility problems and refuses to get vaccinated. We now must cancel our Oct, 2021 cruise and try for a 2022 cruise hoping vaccination is no longer required. This is a graduation present for granddaughter before going to med school. Wish she would change her mind and get vaccination be she is firm that she will not.
  8. You can keep your air and cancel 1-way transfer or the transfer on both ends of cruise. If you booked through a travel agency they have to get the transfers removed from your booking. Some websites lump the air fare and transfers together.
  9. I received a statement from Medicare. It has the date that I received the vaccination, location received, and says coronavi (0001A) along with my name. I'll be taking it along when I travel and the card given when getting the vaccination. I know it's not legal proof but a second document showing I got it. Of course someone could easily forge it. But at some point people need to trust other people.
  10. They had Makers Mark which I drank daily. Sometimes they ran out but after the next port they had it again. I don't know about other brands.
  11. We have been on 4 American Cruise Line cruises and I do not remember there being ice buckets. There is ice for your use in the lounges along with sodas and juice, also coffee makers and snacks.
  12. Just checked NCL website and they have the exact same info for Categories SP and SB with the exception that it says SP is 409 - 452 sq. ft.
  13. Yes, Dawn now has Family Suites with or without Balcony. Without balcony is category SP, they are 409 sq. ft. in suite. With balcony are category SB, suites are 486 - 553 sq. ft. which includes the balcony. Balcony is listed as 58 - 110 sq. ft. This info is from my big box travel agency website. The Best Price one which usually gives extra perks & OBC. Of coarse the SB is more expensive than the SP.
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